I started in a slow Saturday over here.

Sleeping in, drinking a coffee while reading an article in an older flow magazine and just enjoying the stray snowflakes outside.

And my thoughts went back to last week and it was a happy one.

First of all: SNOW. It started with a photo tour through the park on Sunday morning before breakfast. I spent hours trying to capture birds and snowflakes. And then more snow on Wednesday where I walked to my appointments just to be on the dancing snowflakes.

winter in Berlin

Then second: I took a ton of pictures. I am not sure if I have mentioned it here on the blog but I started a photo class at the community college in November. Every other week we get homework and have to work on a project. This past week and was trying to catch up on 2,5 tasks. We just started with architecture photography and here is one of the many shots I took.

Berlin Architecture

It was a beautiful day out. I ones again realized how happy it makes me to be outside, walk and look directionless through my neighborhood. I also managed to get in a ton of steps which made me pretty happy too.

And then I took time to cook myself some lovely meals this week. I am usually too lazy or have to make something we both eat. This week I came up with an awesome Shrimp Pak Choi Risotto. Stay tunes, the recipe will appear on the blog.

As you can see my week has been blessed. Hope yours has been too.

Now of to Denise to check out more happiness.

Happy Weekend


What To Do with old Calendars { RECYCLE QUICK TIP #10 }

Hello there,

I just realized it’s been ages since my last recycle quick tip.

Last year I was lucky to win one of Annette’s calendars. Well 2016 is over and I really thought the calendar was too cute to just hand it over to the trash bin. So: What to do with old calendars? I asked myself.

What to do with old calendars

While I was writing down my goals – one being to write birthday cards to every person this year as I have been doing back in 2015 – an idea struck me.

Why not make postcards…

Well the how to is too easy but still here it is:

  1. find an old postcard for measurements
  2. get out a craft knife and cutting mat
  3. Figure out what part of the calendar you want to use
  4. cut away What to do with old calendars
  5. draw the backside – remember to meet legal requirements, you don’t want your card to be returned to you.
    Here you find German requirements.
  6. write postcard and make someone happy

What to do with old calendars

Well that’s what I did with my calendar. I also have a couple nice photo calendars which will be put into frames.

What your you doing with old calendars? Let me know in the comments.

Happy Wednesday,


I’ll be adding this quick DIY to Herzblutprojekte and Wow me Wednesday. Go check them out to find more inspiration!

Park life #1 – 2017 Photo Project

2017 is already a few days old. All the goals have been set and the christmas candy ate. And on a whim I decided to add another photo project to my list.

This will be my second attempt at Tabea’s 12tel Blick. In 2014 I gave it up after three months. So this year I am hoping I’ll follow through.

I decided on a series about park life. The idea struck me after watching a class at creative life last fall. Back in fall I tried to spent at least two hours in the park. Now with winter around and more to do I don’t take es much time for a walk as I would like. So this project comes in handy.

My first picture is this view:

park life january

The second one is a different area of the park:

park life january

The pictures have been taking 20 minutes apart. It started to snow and I thought it quite amazing how different it was.

Looking forward to taking the rest of the months throughout the year. Now let me know which view I should continue. I am not sure and don’t feel like doing both.

Happy Monday,



Wow… Am I glad 2016 is over? Kind of! I really hoped for an easy year but it all was mäh and if I had to give 2016 a title it would be “Struggle Juggle”. So I am ready for 2017 and I really have my mind set on making something out of it.

Happy New Year

But lets have a quick look at my 2016 resolutions and do a tiny evaluation before committing to any new goals.

I chose a word last year: LOSE.  My gut feeling was it is too negative and it never left me. Therefore my first goal of “Losing anger and negativity” was basically doomed. Why didn’t I start by turning it around in my word choice and going with GAIN instead of LOSE? However I did quit a job but than lost another one. It seems like a cycle I am not able to break. Not giving up hope though.

My second resolution of losing clutter was pretty successful though – mainly physical clutter but also some of those crazy thoughts were sorted. My migraine… well another topic. Deleting my feed reader was freeing in the beginning but I felt like I have lost a bit of touch with all of you. I just didn’t know where to go and read. So, not doing it this year.

And while I didn’t write as much as planned I did journal (almost) everyday and kept a gratitude log. I also spend a lot of time learning new craft techniques. Taking a class for  glass bead making as well as a goldsmith jewelry making class. Many hours I spent watching photo classes at creative life and I took another three at the local community college. And I managed to finish a 100 day challenge where I drew 100 patterns. So am happy about this goal.

Overall I wasn’t doing too well with the vagueness of some of the resolutions.

So lets see what I have planned for my 2017 Resolutions!

First of, I have another word: B E C O M E. Or rather three: BECOME LIGHTSOME and BECOME VENTUROUS! I did Susannah’s email course again (I can really recommend if you want to start the practice of choosing a word.) and I realized my personal life calls for a different word than my career/business life. So personally I will try to be more lightsome and lighthearted while some things in my job life really need to change – therefore venturous seems right, motivating and encouraging. Hope they serve me right.

Due to those word choices I also divided my resolutions into different areas for 2017. I will share a few with you:

To achieve a more lightsome and lighthearted life I will:

  1. spend one day each quarter at the Spa just with myself. I’ve done that in 2016 twice and it was so refreshing and such an energy booster.
  2. declutter my life further. Currently thinking of a 100daysofdecluttering challenge where I put 100 items out for sale. Also I need to clean up the computer and I started working on organizing my photo library (far far far from done…) And I finally want to finish the craft lab.
  3. try to reduce the migraines by listening to the signs my body provides, eat healthier and evaluate food triggers. Also I might finally try yoga for real.
  4. not look at the phone for the first ten minutes after waking up. I bet this will be the toughest one and I know I won’t be able to every day but maybe start with one month.
  5. connect to people by writing postcards for birthdays, drop a comment on a blog, call a family member, visit more often.

I am going to be venturous and I will

  1. start something new. No more details here but I have big things in mind.
  2. try to sell my first picture and upload a few more.
  3. sign up for a personal photo challenge and see it through. The topic I have in mind is “Reflections”.
  4. push my Dawanda Shop further and make some sales.
  5. commit to participating in the NaBloMo. I’ve followed San the last two years and will finally join in.
  6. hopefully attend another blog conference and meet some of you nice people.
  7. dare to start another creative 100 day challenge.

I feel that 2017 will bring change. Hope it is a good one. And once again I ask: Who else is doing resolutions? And are you sharing them somewhere? Love to read your goals.

Happy New Year


I will link up with Annettes Herzblutprojekten.

My 2016: Four Years of Blogging

Hope you all had a lovely Holiday with your loved ones. I sure did. And I had lots of time to relaxe, reflect and recharge. I also took time to think about the blog.

4 years of blogging

I am a bit amazed that this site is up and running for four years now. Compared to others I am still tiny but it is something I have created and nothing less to be proud of. And because I like reviews I will reflect on year four just like I did on year one, two and three. Even though it will look sad. I had no energy, inspiration and enthusiasm to put into the blog and I went AWOL for two months.

My attendance at the Blogst conference in November gave me a boost and I hope to carry momentum into 2017.

Lets see, there have been 25 blog post – not even half as many as last year. In November you could read most of them. I loved my spring and winter list. Your all time favorite posts are still the mood boards, the potato bread and catching up is my little Christmas Tree and the collection of Advent & Christmas ideas. My favorite post was probably the Sorbian Easter Egg Tutorial and one I really enjoyed was my favorite books post. One that really surprised me was the love I received after I told you about my favorite Instagram accounts.

I appreciate everyone for stopping by and reading my blog. And I am really happy when you leave a comment. So thank you San, Elisa, Jutta and Sandra for being among the most regular commentators. I know comments are decreasing and conversations shift to other platforms. Instagram (155) has been my favorite. Most follow on Pinterest (324), Twitter (243) and some on Bloglovin (39).

craftaliciousme bestnine2016

I am excited that among my most liked Instagram pictures are two of my products and one of the drawings made in the 100daychallange. The soup recipe is on the blog too and what kind of planner I am using can be read here.

However, I did not come close to my blogging goals. I really hope I will be able to share more here in the next year. I would love for you to continue stopping by and leaving comments. Maybe tomorrow when I share my annual New Years Resolutions.

Happy New Years Eve