Summer List 2016

Hello you, hello Summer,

After I did pretty good on my Spring Bucket List I feel like I need a Summer list too.

Summer List Summer Waves

Hoping for lots of fun experience this summer:

  1. Enjoy the heck out of my balcony.
  2. Have a day trip with hubby, maybe even a weekend trip.
  3. Make a big batch of rhubarb lemonade too last till fall.
  4. Visit grandpa and enjoy the garden.
  5. BBQ with friends.
  6. Go to a drive-in cinema with hubby.
  7. Making ice cream. I am thinking almond caramel or lemon buttermilk or one of the million recipes.
  8. Eating fresh caught fish while sitting at the sea, river or lake.
  9. Riding my bike to work every day.
  10. Meeting friends in a beer garden. One from far away…

I am liking summer. I love seasons. I couldn’t really live in an area were every day is kinda the same and a blurr. How about you? Do you have a summer list? What fun things are you planning? Let me know maybe I need to update mine a bit.

Happy Summer,


At the moment #2

A year ago Bine had her Schreibzeit series going. One topic was: At The Moment. As I loved it very much I figured why not make it an annual thing.

Sun over croatian coast at the moment

… At this moment:

.I think: I might have found a job I actually can stand for a while, which is inspiring and makes me happy. I don’t want to jinx it though and it’s been only three days. But keep your fingers crossed.

.I like: Green asparagus. I could eat it all day every day. And I have this huge craving for ice cream. I need to get my ice machine ready to try out all those yummy recipes I have been collecting on my Pinterest board: yummy icecream.


.I don’t like: Waking up to my neighbors smoking. It seems like overtime we open our windows they decided to have a smoke. And then it just stays in the air – in our apartment. It sucks and its the worst during summertime. The times I question being a tenant.

.I feel: Pretty good. The last days were happy. I had lots of time for myself. I took a whole spa day and it gave so damned much that I decided to do this every three months. Falling asleep to the sound of leaves and feeling the wind on your skin. Nothing beats that in my book for total relaxation!

.I wear: My pjs but beside that more self sewn clothes. I made some palazzo pants and a maxi dress. I also have a couple t-shirts and I am planning on doing more. And of course flip flops. It’s this kind of time!

.I need: A (tiny) house by the sea. Or some sort of water.

.I’m annoyed by: Too many things I cannot change. So I need to stop being so annoyed by it.

.I want: To be able too eat ice-cream all day long and still look like I just dropped out of the gym.

.I hear: Too much. I am still believing the silence is one of the most underestimated things. I love not hearing anything for a while or just one sound and not the bustling noise of the city. Don’t get me wrong it is nice to but you can’t just turn it off.

.I’m making: Yesterday I made two earrings really quick as I was missing the perfect piece for my outfit. Usually those are the best makes. But then again so many more ideas and not enough time to do it. Or maybe it is just a priority issue…

.I eat: Asparagus. Strawberries. Veggies. Yoghurt. Ice cream.

.I drink: Homemade iced tea. I mixed myself some tea and its perfect for iced tea as it has a spicy punch to it. Also lots of infused water. I am drinking lots lately and it feels great!

.I smell: Summer.

.I miss: The sea. We’ve been to Croatia lately and the smell and the sound of the sea is so calming. I am missing clean air to breath.

.I regret: Not living closer to certain people. But between the Caribbean, U.S. and Australia I am pretty much centered here in Europe…

.I dream: Of a happy work life ahead of me. Of my creativity coming back of being more inspired and of daring to pursue my dreams.

.I think: Life is good. Its a nice feeling for a change.

Please feel free to join in. I would love to hear about your “At the moment” experience.

Happy Sunday,


Monthly Thoughts #2

Even though I thought this little series is going to be a monthly thing it turns out it’s gonna be a bi-monthly one (if at all…). The last couple months have been exciting and boring and slow and hectic… If that makes any sense at all.


What I learned:

I learnt some new sewing skills, new English vocabulary from this latest book series I read, how much I was missing asparagus on my plate, that I usually don’t get everything done I put on my to-do list…

What I discovered:

I put up with a lot of bullshit and I later wonder why I actually do it. I need to take my side more and articulate how far I am willing to put up with stuff. It’s work in progress…

What I couldn’t do:

live a healthier lifestyle. I don’t know when it got this tough. I eat my veggies, I drink more than 2 liters, I increased my daily steps and still I gain weight, have knee and back pains and feel yucky. It’s very frustrating.

What I am proud of:

I sewed my first pair of pants. I never dared to as the patterns usually don’t fit. Well these pants are to loose at the waist but for summer it’s ok. Wore them yesterday and love the feel of them. I also started my maxi dress and so far it’s the first sewing project were I had hardly any seam to unravel and redo it. I am actually proud. My wardrobe grows with things I made myself I am not embarrassed of. 

What I can let go of:

I can finally let go of a very toxic person in my life. I knew from the beginning this person was not good for me but sometimes you are just stuck. 

What I was curious about:

books! I have read my share of books for this year already. The last weeks I read like 6 or so. They were easy and quick reads and not all that well written or deep but they had new “worlds” I wanted to discover and that is already a good book, no?

What I lost:

I believe I lost some of the sadness and negativity I have seen last December when looking in the mirror. I’d say my eyes looked more awake with life. 

Well, so far in my little retrospective. Will you join me in the fun? What happened in you world? Please share…

Happy life living,


Spring List 2016

Hey there,

Just when I thought, with all this sunshine the last days and my first lunch break in the sun without a jacket, I am all set for spring and write my spring list it starts raining…


BUT spring is around the corner and officially starting today so here is my list:

  1. Making Easter Eggs in this traditional technique of the Sorbians.
  2. Fixing my bike and taking a ride. Done that but it was an errand ride.
  3. Have a lunchtime walk to this cemetery I want to check out for probably 10+ years. Did not manage… sad.
  4. Quitting my job. Did that and it felt/feels so liberating.
  5. Take a vacay with hubby. I am thinking Mallorca (never been there) or maybe Italy (at one of the lakes). Suggestions are welcome. We went to Croatia and it was fantastic!
  6. Meeting friends I haven’t seen in a while. I did.
  7. Sewing a maxi dress. I know exactly how I want it to look and I already got the fabric but I can’t seem to find the pattern. Done!
  8. Doing a detox week. I am feeling like getting rid of junk in my life. I am so happy I finally managed to do it. I feel so much better and really need to do this once a year.
  9. Doing some more home improvements. Still working on it but its going places.
  10. Going to a wedding in the botanical garden. My stupid boss didn’t let me go.
  11. Having a family reunion. Oh it was fun. S O  M U C H  F U N!
  12. Going on an photo walk with myself. I did in Croatia a couple of times.

Writing this list I had a picture of my spring-like cake pops stuck in mind and I really want some now.

Anyhow, who else is doing a list? What are you looking forward this season? Please share I want to expand mine a bit more.

Happy spring,


Sorbian Easter Eggs {Tutorial}


I have a confession to make: I am not big into Easter decorations at all. Heck I don’t even own Easter decorations. Usually it’s just a pot of flowers and that’s about it.

I grew up with a one simple decoration. Every year we would cut some birch twigs and put them in a huge vase. On Saturday before Easter we would then hang easter eggs to decorate. And as I grew up in a area in Germany where there is a minority called Sorbs living, most of our eggs where made in their traditional way – at least that’s how I remember.

sorbian easter eggs tutorial

Since last year I was having the urge to give this craft another try. I remember we did it as kids but the eggs probably looked horrible. Maybe I can find some on this year’s Easter bouquet.

The sorbs have four different techniques for decorating their easter eggs but I only know how to do the wax batik technique. Wax is applied with special quills to the eggs shell and in various usually very detailed and complicated patterns. Then it is dyed. Different colors can be achieved by dying in many different steps and in-between applying more wax.

To make Sorbian Easter Eggs with the wax batik technique a bit of preparation required though.


I recommend doing this technique on blown out eggs. It is time consuming and it would be sad to have them broken on Easter morning. However it’s up to you but make sure to boil them before starting to craft. Usually the eggs have stamps on them that need to go. With a bit of soap and a brush or sponge you usually get it off. You could also use nail polish remover but you really need to wash the eggs carefully afterwards otherwise the dye will not stick.


Feathers are your drawing or better stamping tool for this craft. It’s important to get feather from the wings and goose feathers* are recommended. Then you cut of most of the thin hairlike thingies left and right of the bone of the feather until you have only the tip left. (Sorry not sure how that is called in English but you hopefully know what I mean.) Now you cut your shape. (I just read that a cutter is better suited than scissors… Well next time…) For basic patterns you would need a triangle, a drop, diamond and a arrow shape. The dots are made with the heads of a pin.
tutorial sorbian easter eggs quills and tools

In the picture below you can see what kind of (traditional) shapes can be made with those basic tools:

basic shapes for sorbian easter eggs

Once you have the quills you need the wax. It is important to use a mixture of regular candle wax and bees wax. The bees wax makes it more flexible to apply and also easier to get off as it melts faster. You also need a tinplate spoon. I used mine out of New Years Eve lead-pouring kit. Then set up you station by curving the spoon in a 90° angle and pushing it into a flower pot. Place a tea light underneath and add a bit of wax to the spoon. Now you are ready to go.

tutorial sorbian easter eggs wax station

How to do Sorbian Easter Eggs.

Your first egg will probably look horrible. Its ok because it’s to learn how the quill works. It is important to work fast and with a steady hand. Not always easy.

  1. Put your quill to the wax and make sure its fully soaked (first time) or fully melted (after already using it). You can see tiny little bubbles.
  2. Now press the quill to the shell and remove immediately. I found it to be practical to remove the tip by slightly moving it towards your body (always making sure you don’t mess up the pattern). If you let the quill rest too long the wax will melt and then you have to jerk the quill away and usually this results in tiny wax drops all over the egg shell.
  3. When you are done with your pattern you can dye your egg. Use only cold dye otherwise the wax will melt. If you are planning to do a two colored egg you only need to have it in the dye a very short time. Otherwise the difference is hard to see.

The following picture shows the steps for a simple wax batik egg with only one dyeing:

tutorial sorbian easter eggs 1 color1. your cleaned egg // 2. wax is applied // 3. after dyeing // 4. after wax is removed

And here you can see the steps for a two colored egg.

tutorial sorbian easter eggs1. your cleaned egg // 2. first coat of wax applied // 3. after first dyeing // 4. second coat of wax applied on dyed surface // 5. after second dyeing // 6. after wax is removed

You get the idea. You can go with multiple dyeing rounds when your pattern requires it. My brain however can only think ahead two rounds.

4. Once you are done with your egg you can start to remove the wax. We used to do it over an gas flame but this time we put the eggs in the oven. Preheat oven to 50°C/120°F, put paper towels on your grate or baking pan and add eggs for about 3 minutes. Wipe of melted wax with an old rag. Tada and you just made your first Sorbian Easter Egg.

How to do patterns.

This is the hard part, something coming with practice I guess. However I found it useful to divide up your egg by either going in a circle from top to bottom or by making a line at the thickest part of the egg. This gives some direction to help with the symmetry. And symmetry is key when it comes to Sorbian eggs. For more complicated patterns I thought it was easier starting from the middle and working your way out of the pattern. I saw online that some people predraw the patterns with a pencil. I don’t understand how this works as you can’t get it of once the wax is covering it. Maybe after dying but that requires the dye covers the rest of the predrawing. Well you figure it out and let me know.

Here are a few patterns I have tried:

sorbian easter egg 2 colored blue by craftaliciousme

sorbian easter egg 1 colored by craftaliciousme

sorbian easter egg 2 colored by craftaliciousme

sorbian easter egg 2 colored red by craftaliciousme

If you need more inspiration and ideas follow my Pinterest Board.
Follow Tobia’s board SPRING :: EASTER on Pinterest.

I found this craft amazingly meditative and I am really hooked. I am pretty sure we have a few more days of scrambled eggs ahead of us.

What do you think, will you give it a try or is it too complicated for you? How do you dye your easter eggs?

Happy wax dipping,


PS. If you want to read a bit more about the traditions and helpful tipps check out (only German)

*affiliate link (more info here)