Collection of Wall Calendar 2018 {Freebies}

In recent years I have come to appreciate having an analoge calendar hanging above my desk again. Sometimes it is just necessary to have a quick glance at what date the next Friday will have or how many weeks there are until June. Don’t you think?

A couple years ago I won a Annette’s calendar. Last year I found one on the inter webs. This year I was looking for another inspiring one and figured why not share a few of the calendar 2018 freebies I came across (just click the headline for the downloads).

Typography calendar by

I was lucky enough to attend a workshop with Sofia and it was so fun. This year she is giving away her typography calendar for free and only asks for a donation for the red cross. I really like that – the calendar and the concept. And when you print it you learn a tiny bit of Swedish throughout the year.

#Letteringkalender2018 Varsågod att ladda ner den gratis detta år! ❤️ Och istället för att betala mig hoppas jag att du kan tänka dig ge en peng till #RödaKorsets insamling för människor på flykt! Via länken i min profil @fialottajanssondesign eller på hittar du både nedladdningslänk och länk till min insamling på Röda Korset. Jag hoppas vi kunde få ihop 2000kr för att hjälpa andra som fått lämna allt och inget har! Kalendern är enkel med enbart datum och veckonummer. Rutorna är så stora att du kan få rum med både viktigheter, vardagsprogram och festligheter. Slit kalenderns med hälsan, endera själv eller ge bort den som julgåva. Ge en inbetalning + utprintad kalender åt den som redan har allt! 😊👍🏻❤️ Tips: skriv ut på ett lite finare papper. Paketera i ett snyggt eller enkelt kuvert i A4-storlek. Lägg med pappersklämmor så de kan hängas på väggen. Har du klämmor med magnet blir det perfekt att hänga på kylskåpet! #kalender #calendar #2018 #livet #life #almanacka #lettering #handlettering #freedownload #give #gratisnedladdning #gratis #praktiskjulklapp #donate #ge #julklapp #julgåva #hjälp #help #julfrid #free #åretsjulklapp #julklapptilldensomharallt #bokstavsillustratör #letteringdesigner #sofiebjörkgrennäse #fialottajanssondesign

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Minimalistic calendar by

Filiz shares a new calendar every year. This years version is a minimalistic one.


Botanical calendar by

Jenn actually shares three calendars: one blank one where you can draw something yourself or leave it very minimalistic, one is a botanical print calendar and one is watercolor flower calendar. I might use the blank one and draw something.

Blotchy calendar by

Here is another cute calendar. I love the blotches all over. Looks cute and messy but oh so sophisticated… If it is too much there is a minimalistic version too.

Puh, es war nicht immer einfach aber es ist geschafft 😊 Mein Kalender 2016 Freebie ging heute online (und kurz wieder offline weil ich noch einen Fehler gefunden hab 🙈) Jetzt muss ich mich auf meinen morgigen Workshop vorbereiten – da kam heute ganz spontan was rein geflattert – ich werde euch morgen Abend mehr berichten 🙋💕 schreibt ihr auch noch in Kalender oder verlasst ihr euch lieber auf die Technik @julesmoody @mohntage_blog ? ____________________________________ #Kalender2017 #printables #grafikdesign #sprenkel #interior123 ##MadetoCreate #craftsposure #abmcrafty #creativelifehappylife #creativityfound #makersmovement #makersgonnamake #diyblogger #lifestyleblog #blogger_de #germanblogger #pursuepretty

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Watercolor calendar with quotes by

I came across this fun watercolor calendar and while I do not speak Spanish the blog seems fun. And the quotes are in English.

Monthly Printable Calendar 2018

Colorful calendar by notiezblock

This is a very colorful calendar and while it will not be hanging in my office I still think it is cute and wanted to share with you.

Free Calendar Printable for 2018 – Wonderful Illustrations by Notietzblock

Ohh so many out there. Do you have a favorite one? Lets see it. I haven’t printed one yet but I will before the year is over.

Happy calendar hunting,


P.S. If you are looking for more calendars Claudia’s collection (in German) might be of interest to you!

Christmas tree decorating habits

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. Lot’s of people have there Christmas tree already put up. In Germany maybe not als long as in the US. In my family the tree was brought to the house late on the 23rd or in the morning of Christmas Eve. For us it has always been a real tree. And those need to unfold a bit before being decorated.

When I grew up my mom used to decorate the tree. Usually after she was done with preparations in the kitchen and when my dad took over to prepare his part of the Christmas dinner. (but that is a story for another day.) We children didn’t get to see the tree until Christmas Eve after church. What was usually early evening.

Our tree was rather traditional with some silver balls, wooden toys, straw stars and some chocolate rings with sprinkles (who knows which ones I mean?!). Also there were some more wrapped chocolate figurines. And we had real candles. We had the tradition of undecorating the tree after New Years when we were allowed to pick one of the candies daily from the tree.

I do not know how long this practices lasted. There was a year when I had an idea for a different decorated tree and suggested it to my mom. That was the year when tradition changed and my mom and I started to decorate it together. The “new” tree was decorated mainly by natural things: dried fruits, pinecones, nuts, cinnamon sticks, star anise and such. What we kept was the real candles. Instead of the Christmas balls we used apples. My parents still do that and when I spent Christmas with them, that is the tree I am seeing. And often it is still my “chore” to decorate.

natural christmas treeTo be honest I can hardly remember the first version of the tree and I doubt my little sister knows we once had a different tree.

As you can see the concept of changing up the Christmas decoration yearly as some people do is rather foreign to me – not that I don’t admire that.

So it comes to no surprise that in my own home and with my own tree I also follow the same theme year in and year out. My tree now is always silver and white. Over all it is a rather simple version of a tree. It all starts with white and silver balls. (We received those as a wedding gift by my aunt to be always reminded of snow. I thought that was one great gift.) And then I add my real candles. I have never had a tree with electric lights and wouldn’t even know how to get them on there. In the first years I created one new ornament every year and added them to the tree. I am now at a point were I do have enough and can’t hang all. I do collect some cute little ornaments like my silver bells or my little pottery trees.

white silver christmas treeSince we are usually spending Christmas Eve and Christmas with family I decorated my tree on the 23rd. But I will not light candles before Christmas. It just doesn’t feel right.

I usually take down the tree around January 6th. Often I am a bit lazy though. Because one disadvantage of using real candles is that it will make a huge mess. I have to clean all my glass balls and the candle holders and often the floor. It’s not done in an hour. But it is worth all the trouble to me.

The whole tree decorating business is quite different with everyone. I know a lot of people who do it like I have done all my life and the tree is only being put up Christmas Eve. But I feel like in recent years the trees are being decorated earlier and earlier. Some beginning of Advent some when ever it suits.

I got a real cultural shock when I spent my year in the U.S. and was rather perplex when right after Thanksgiving Dinner a big box was open, a fake Christmas tree unfolded and ornaments put up. It was so weird seeing the tree 5 weeks leading to Christmas. What I really enjoyed though was all the presents being collected underneaths. I liked that tradition a lot and adopted that. What really blew my mind though was when Christmas Day right after everyone open the presents the big box was put out again and the tree put back in the attic. I was really dumbfounded with that. For me Christmas was just beginning and here my host family was done with it. If someone asks me I often say that I didn’t really had a Christmas in 1999.

It is so interesting how everyone is having so different traditions and rituals. So if you have a few minutes to spare please let me know how your tree looks like and when you are putting it up.

Wishing you a wonderful Merry Christmas and the best of times with all your loved ones,


And this was November

Wow… November is gone. NaBloPoMo is over and I blogged everyday until last night. That’s when real life finally caught up with me. Long work hours, some personal stuff and after sitting 30 minutes in front of a blank screen I just decided why force it. I don’t have to prove anything. Just writing 29 days in a row is such an achievement that there is nothing to be ashamed of to finish off a day early.

morning thoughts bed

Look at all the posts I wrote:

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There were days I found it difficult to write specially when it was late. But only because all the post I had planned or in my mind were requiring a bit more time or some photos I didn’t yet have and light was gone. So I have a long list of posts I wanted to share that didn’t see daylight yet. But I will share them eventually. The Egg Sandwich post was an idea from 2 or 3 years ago…

Would I do it again. I wouldn’t say no to it. It was fun. But it is time consuming and I also have to admit that my plate was/is a bit too full currently. So I am glad that I can take a breath and don’t need to show up here daily. But maybe I will. Definitely more often. *fingerscrossed*

For now I will enjoy my couch and relax a bit.

Happy evening,


Fruity Warm Breakfast Oats – 6 Variations

I like warm breakfast. It doesn’t really matter if it is winter or summer really. For me something warm to start the day is just comforting.

I discovered this recipe in a detoxing book. There it was said, that the human body was actually build to eat more soups, mashes and purees and especially in the morning. It was some argument about looking back in history that all the ancient civilizations and most all of the indigenous people up until today have done so. Just think about millet gruel, oatmeal gruel, bread soup…

Anyhow, I am not that fanatic but I found the thought interesting. And the recipe about warm oatmeal was sounding pretty good too. Of course I pimped it a bit and it is not really detox (I think you were supposed to cook with water but I think that is the most disgusting thing there is).

Here is the main recipe and then I have a few variations for you:

❤︎ 3-5 tbsp rolled oatmeal
❤︎ milk, enough so that the oatmeal is covered
❤︎ cinnamon – lots of it (it’s supposed to tame appetite… I just love it!)
❤︎ fruit of choice – my go to is apple and specifically Pink Lady as they taste the best here

Fruity Warm Breakfast Oats apple

Put oatmeal and cinnamon in pan and cover with milk. Let simmer until milk is almost gone. While it cooks prepare your fruit. I usually stir in the fruits and let sit on the hot stove for a bit as I like it semi-warm.

I sometimes swap the apple for pears. I always wonder if there is something better than cinnamon to go with pears…

Fruity Warm Breakfast Oats pears

Then of course as soon as the season of strawberries rolls around this is my go to and I sometimes add a bit of mint or basil:

Fruity Warm Breakfast Oats strawberries

Then I also love love love red currents. This needs additional sugar though. I sometimes use plain brown sugar other times fancy coconut flower sugar:

Fruity Warm Breakfast Oats red current

When I make a bowl with blueberries I usually add a bit of vanilla:

Fruity Warm Breakfast Oats vanilla

And then when fall comes around I really love plums and cinnamon.

Fruity Warm Breakfast Oats plums

Tomorrow I will try a new version with grapefruits. What is your idea? And will you give it a try?

Happy breakfast,



Winter Bucket List 2017

It’s gotten really cold. Not below zero yet but it’s this wet cold that creeps in every layer of clothing and leaves you shaking. While it is not very comforting it has a message. Winter is coming. So i figured it is time to write down my winter bucket list 2017.

creative winter bucket list

  1. Spread some “Random acts of kindness” in the upcoming season where everyone is just hectic and stressed. I currently think of: smiling to the cashier, meeting the postman half way, let an old lady in front of the line in the post office, etc. something like that.
  2. Dance in the snow
  3. Ice skating. It was on the list last year bit it wasn’t cold enough. Fingers crossed.
  4. Sew a lot: finish the dress, make two sweaters and there is this tote idea in my mind for ages.
  5. I want to read a few more books this year.
  6. There will be some binge watching over the holidays. Definitely GoT, any other recommendations?
  7. Starting my vacation with a spa day all by myself.
  8. Write Christmas Cards and then our newsletter.
  9. Bake two new cookie recipes. And maybe finally tackle the Stollen recipe.
  10. Enjoy the season. Take a few minutes in the morning while drinking coffee and just look at the decorations, the snow, people watch from the window or admire the Christmas tree.

I am sure there will be added a few more things to the list. Right now I am a bit tired so I leave it at this.

Happy winter start,