Good morning,

In the past two years (2015, 2016) I’ve been writing about my “every day life on a random day” and I figured it’s time for a follow up in 2017. I haven’t really mentioned what has changed in my life this year and this might be for a mother post. But as of 2017 I am no longer an employee but decided to dare try the life of a freelance. This is way I have started commuting even longer ways. One thing I swore I’ll never do again for a job. No comments please… This week I was in Düsseldorf.

6.47am – already awake even though I could sleep some more. Scrolling Instagram and reading blogs.

7.30am – I get up and make some coffee, go back to bed and read more blogs

8.00am – Time to get up and get going… go to the bathroom, wash dishes, pack my suitcase

8.45am – drop off keys at my Airbnb host. Also I have a little present I give her.

9.09am – upps I’m running late… I kind of lost time chatting with her. Of to the tram I go. I am pondering if I have time to stop by the bakery for breakfast and get something for lunch too since I have a meeting over the lunch hours. I decide against it in the end otherwise I miss the bus too.

random day morning

9.30am – I am at the office turn on my two laptops (yes because one isn’t enough!) and check my mails. Then get a coffee. A collogues is stoping by to ask a favor as she is not fluent in German. And another one stops to tell me something about budges. And then a third one for even more random things I don’t know anything about. Guess my desk is very cool today.

10.50am – ok let’s get something to eat before the day gets too long and my mood crappy. I run to the bakery across the street. A freedom I would have never done when being employed. How come?!

11.05am – I am heading over to the content factory aka the photo studio where I will spend the next 3,5 hours producing photos and content. Of you want to see want my current day job looks like check this account or this one.

2.30pm – time for another coffee before heading to the next meeting. Meeting partner runs late so I work on some presentation. A collogue brings by some products I can take home to try. Don’t say no to that.

2.50pm – meeting and munching cookies that I bought for the shooting. You might spot them in December.

3.30pm – back to working on some more content for February and briefing the graphics department about image retouch of our shooting we just did.

5pm – shoot I knew something was going wrong just when I was getting ready to leave the office, why is uploading videos to Instagram such a pain

5.40pm – last time in the Düsseldorf office this year so I better say good by to everyone before leaving even though running late. Again…

5.50 – time to head to the train

6 pm – train got canceled, good thing I always go with enough spare time. I might have a tiny panic phobia here

6.25 – finally at the main station and some time to get snacks and the bi-weekly Starbucks. Today I go with Chai Latte. I somehow can’t go with Coffee Nut Latte yet.

random day evening

6.35 – quick call to my sis. Lots of hello yells from my little nephew who turns two in February

6.45 pm – the train starts moving… close to 5 hours of travel time ahead. I open my laptop and start working. Still trying to figure out the video upload with a crappy connection. While simultaneously booking hotel rooms and writing blog posts and sipping chai latte

8pm – just passed Dortmund. Starting to get hungry. Lets have dinner.

9.30pm – I am in Hannover. When I am here I usually get restless and just wann be home already. Next stop is already Berlin. Yeah!

9.50pm – ok I think I stop working now for good. Shopping for my favorite tea as they always have some cool Black Friday sale and I need to desperately stock up on tea as I have nothing left. Also get the pictures for this post ready.

11.00pm – I am tired and I want to be home now. Only minutes though and I text Mr. ❤︎ that he can start the car and pick me up.

11.20pm – I’ve got the best husband ever because he picks me up every time I come home from Düsseldorf. Even when it’s after midnight.

11.45pm – finally home. Talking and doing laundry.

00.20am – ordering my tea because I couldn’t from the train.

00.35am – scheduling Instagram posts, work work work. Today is really crazy but I rather do it today and be done with it. Tomorrow is my free day.

00.50am – Finally in bed after a really long day.

Well, now I am interested what your day looks like so please share.

Happy Friday,




Best Traditions I Grew Up With

It is storming outside, the fall leaves are dancing in the wind and my coffee warms my hands while I was reminiscing in childhood memories. I realized I had some fun traditions I grew up with and wanted to share today:

1. Die Fete | The Bash

Every Saturday after my dad’s birthday we celebrate “Die Fete”. BUT it is not just a birthday party it just kinda happens to fall close to my dad’s birthday. It originally started out as his party I am sure but it is much more now. Since my dad’s college days he invites his friends and companions to this bash. Every single year! In 2018 it will be the 30th+ time. And since it is such a fixed date most people have it marked and will show up. Everyone makes time for it. And if something comes up they know next year they have another chance. I think my parents have created a really great way of staying in touch with their friends, introducing new people in the mix as they grow older and even having been matchmakers too. And even though I am over 30 now and don’t live at home there is still one guy bringing candy for the kids.

traditions and memories

2. Der Rundbrief | The (Family) Newsletter

And this brings me right to the next tradition. Every year before Christmas a newsletter was sent out. Again mainly my dad writes about what happened the last year in the family and shares his thoughts with his friends. The very end of the letter always ends with the invitation to above mentioned gathering.
I always loved those letters and since they have been written since I am alive I can basically read my life in them. Since I moved out I receive my very own copy.

But I am even more happy that Mr. ♥ and I started to adapt this tradition the year we got married. Now he sits on December 23rd and writes a wonderful letter of all the things happened to us that year. The things we are grateful for, the things we struggled, the people we miss. It is a wonderful way to connect. Unlike my parents we do sent it out via email though.

3. Adventsstündchen | Advent hour

My love for advent and Christmas was ingrained early on. My mom used to sit us down during advent and craft with. We would light the advent wreath, would have a plate of cookies, sometimes listen to some music or play the piano or flute and make little project. Like straw stars, paper stars or lanterns. We would learn poems, sing songs or think about the Christmas play. Make Christmas presents for friends and family or bake cookies. It was always such a magical time and one of my most treasured childhood memories.

4. Weihnachtsspiel | Christmas Play

For many many years of my life I was performing Christmas plays. And I am not talking about the native plays you do in church though I did those too. No we had pretty specific schedule on Christmas Eve and when who got presents. And while we got ours after church and before dinner my parents got theirs after the Christmas play performed by my sisters and I after dinner. It all started during Adventsstündchen where my mom asked if we didn’t wanna sing a song for dad on Christmas. Once we got older we decided to do those little things on our own. We were putting lots of thought into those plays – even though often we only started the day day before Christmas. I remember one time we were doing the play in English (I started having english class only 6 months earlier!), one was a quizz show with a modern and the old Santa and yet another one where we traveled around the world. One of the funniest one was actually a native play we did where my little sister (only 4/5 years then) played every single role but Maria & Joseph. It was hilarious with all her wardrobe changes. Too bad that I cannot remember them all. And no there are no tapes just memories.

5. Dads Stories

You could put down our intensive vacation travels as a tradition too. Mostly twice a year summer and winter we would go exploring the world. And usually not twice to the same place – only exception would be skiing areas. But as much as we loved the vacation we were always specially excited about the newest story my dad would tell us. It was always a story related to the area we would visit or a topic that was relevant. So there would be a story about marmots when hiking in the Alps and one about mosquitos when we were visiting the Mecklenburg Lake District. There was a story about wolfs and foxes and tunnels when I was hiking in Poland (1988) with my dad and only years later I would discover that he actually told me about the political conflict. I so wished I would have wrote down all the great stories. They were so entertain but always had an educational aspect.

Looking back on those traditions it seems like I had no chance than to fall in love with this time of year. Many of them just revolve around the Season. Or maybe even back then my little self absorbed those the most as it was important to me. Who knows.

But I am curious if you have any traditions that have stuck with you. That always keep coming back to you and that hold warm fuzzy memories. Please share, I’d love to read. And if you decide to write a blogpost too make sure to link it.

Happy strolling down memory lane,


Sleep Envy – Sleep Habits and such

Hey there,

It is 3am while I am typing this. This might explain the title “sleep envy”. Right now I envy people who can sleep at night…

Let’s differentiate: I am probably the record holder in falling asleep. Just going to bed makes me instantly tired so that I can hardly keep my eyes open. I can even fall asleep while walking if I feel tired enough. Not to mention just dropping into a slumber on the couch. If I decide it is time to sleep I sleep.

Unfortunately though I have the lightest sleep too. The neighbor next door coughs. I am awake! Hubby comes to bed. I am awake! The window is open and a car drives by. I am awake! There are funny noises. I am awake! You get the picture.

sleep envy

It is really annoying. And the reason I often sleep with earplugs to get some rest at all.

And then there are nights when I wake up for no apparent reason – like today – and I am wide awake in the middle of the night. Knowing this might happen I usually don’t really open my eyes, don’t turn on lights and just walk around in the dark to avoid completely waking up. Sometimes I fail. And then I am done. Because falling asleep then is not at all easy anymore.

Those nights are the ones when I envy all people who sleep like the dead. Who do not hear anything. Like hubby who sleeps right through a fire alarm. For me it takes a 100 paged in a book. 500 Instagram accounts to scroll, sitting on the balcony, walking through the apartment, (stress) eating or writing blog post. Often I “waste” 2 hours of my nights rest before finding sleep again. And then it is usually not very peaceful.

Is anybody else suffering from this? I once read that this phenomenon is also considered as a sleeping disorder and can be triggered by certain things you eat/drink. And it was actually kind of true for me. I slept more restless when I had black or green tea in the evening. I always thought tea only triggered falling asleep but as I said no problem there. But besides that I still don’t know what it is. And I’ve had that my entire life. I can hardly remember nights were I didn’t wake up once. Those are really rare and worth mentioning. And even when I tell hubby very proud he often says oh you were awake when I came to bed…

I really really wish I would have a better sleep. So if you have any ideas I look forward hearing them.

Happy resting,


Little Beech Nut Bells in Red and White – Tutorial

creative DIY_beech nut bells decoration

Yes, I think the Holiday Season has started for me. Today I want to share another tutorial for this those cute beech nut bells in red and white with you.

I really don’t know how I came up with the idea. I think I was talking one of my walks through the park or my favorite cemetery and just saw those beech nuts lying all around on the ground. Don’t they look like little calyx or bells? And then weeks later I was shopping and came across those festive little red bells.


Suddenly a picture popped up in my mind and I just had to do it. But let me tell you. It is not that easy to find beech nuts early in November. They were hiding right under all the wet leaves. Of course I had to go hunting for them when it was drizzling and muddy.

Anyhow I did found some. I put them on the radiator to dry and to open them up a bit more. The rest was pretty simple.

creative DIY_beech nut bells tutorial

  1. I painted the beech nut white. I used regular acrylic paint.
  2. Got my little bell.
  3. I used silver wire and made an eyelet on one end (for the bell) and a knot on the other end.
  4. I painted the wire a hot red with nail polish as I think it looks better.
  5. I assembled the wire and the bell.
  6. I heated up the glue gun and gave a good amount of glue in the beech nut and stuck the wire knot in it. Sometimes I had to adjust the length a bit so it looked good. I just wrapped a bit more wire around the know until I liked it.
  7. I glued some ribbons on as well. If I do it again I might choose white and smaller ones but hey it is very festive and Holiday like.

creative DIY_beech nut bells detail

What do you think? Would you hang them on your tree? I would. Maybe not red and white but white and silver (who would have thought HAHA).

Happy crafting,


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One of those days…

Argh today is one of those days…

I am sitting here and I “need” to write a post. I am in a somewhat crappy mood. I should be at “home” right now (home as in my second home aka Airbnb in Düsseldorf) and enjoy a hot bowl of soup. Instead I am stuck in the train. First I missed it (because it departed 20 min earlier – wtf) and then there were technical issues that made us stop and stand on the train tracks. I am tired and my back hurts from 6+ hours of sitting and working on my laptop in an unhealthy position. Not the best circumstances.

I am a “happy-day-blog-writer”. I can write blog posts like crazy when I am feeling good. Then I cranck out 3 or 4 posts a day without a prob… But when I am tired and uninspired I have a really hard time to even open the site. Then I can have a list of ideas and I don’t care at all. I guess I am trying to keep the negativity out of here.

How do you handle it? Are you pushing through even though you don’t feel like it when having a plan? I mean this is not limited to blog post writing. I have to admit I do struggle. I often have lots of plans and a whole notepad full of to-do lists but then I often decide that I need rest and don’t do anything. It would probably be better to just get it out of the way and be done with it. I guess it is all about balance.

Thinking of balance. I leave you with a nice and calming photo and hope you had a wonderful day.

creative balance blue ocean

Happy evening,