Starry Night #8 * Ribbon Star * DIY Advent Calendar

The last couple days we’ve decorated the inside but what about the outside? This is the perfect DIY for a shed or barn. And if you don’t have one use a door or a wooden board.

A Ribbon Star!

Ribbon Star

You need six nails, a hammer and a ribbon.

Pretty simple huh?
Put nails in for every peak of the star. Than wrap ribbon starting by laying on the top nails (the ones that are level) and wrap around lower nails before making a bow on top. Unfortunately mine was a bit short but I still like it.

Ribbon Star

I accidentally nailed mine to a tenants door but they really liked it and asked if I would leave it. Of course! I actually think about making one on every door on the property. How great would that look and it is a different approach to the traditional wreath (at least in the US). Here in Germany I always feel like no door decoration at all.

So would you all leave a comment/link of your door so I can get inspired? Still time to do something!

Happy crafting, Tobia

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