Planner Love :: The hunt for the perfect companion

When I was in school I used to have a planner. But it was more than a planner. It was a diary, planner, timer – all in one. I remember that I loved leafing through it in boring classes, that I drew doodles, that I glued quotes into my planner and that I really really didn’t like anyone touching it or going through it. I mean it was personal. But I also remember that everyone wanted to have a look.

I kept all those planners. They are all up on a shelf unter my desk – the one I am currently sitting typing those lines.

Planner Love since 2000

After school I downgraded my planners and for a couple years I used a tiny one from moleskin. I always asked St. Nicholas to bring me one so I had enough time setting everything up.

But then I realized I actually don’t use it anymore and put everything in my phone anyway. So the planners got smaller and they are almost unused.

Last year however I felt like I need one of those diary planners back in my life and bought a “Ein guter Plan” through crowdfunding. I only used it to journal my three happy things that happened and about three sentences about the day. I liked the mindfulness chart for every day and drew up a few more bullet journal inspired charts.

While I liked the planner I feel like it is not quite what I need. First I thought I will start a bullet journal but lets be honest: I probably won’t make it far.

So I am looking for a planner that is my perfect companion. One that has pre-printed most of the things I need but enough space to individualize it.

Planner Love

I am currently looking at the following planners*:

Klarheit – Life Coach and Planner

Size: A5
Color: white and black
Price: 34,90 €

What I love:
– Coaching section with 32 pages for reflections, goals, action steps
– unfold-able 12 month timeline to plan out goals – would work hand in hand with the goal setting from the “Unravel your year 2017” book
monthly review to stay on track and reflect on successes
weekly goal setting
– after 6 month there is a section to reflect and regroup
– 40 blank pages
– the company blog shows how to use the pages and gives ideas

What I am missing:
– the book cover looks a bit boring and seems not of as high quality as similar products

What I don’t need:
– I don’t care that I can number/date the weeks on my own. I guess if you only use it in weeks you work the 52 weeks last longer than a year and might be helpful for some people.

Starryday Planner

Size: A5
Color: black, mint, pink
Pages: 224
Price: 16,90 €

What I love:
– weeks start with a “dump list” for all tasks
– entire page per day with top 3 tasks to get done, timeline and task manager for ABC prioritizing as well as a section for notes and a habit tracker
– seven extra habit tracker page

What I am missing:
– the planner only has 26 weeks… I am a bit confused by that so I guess you need two to get through the year.
– I am not really impressed with the used font/layout. It’s just not my style and a bit cheesy in my opinion.

Business Planner by weekview

Size: A5
Color: white and black
Paper: 90 g/m
Price: 24,90 €

What I love:
– lots of lists for goals, projects, tasks with overview pages
– monthly overview pages for project planning with ABC tasks
– habit tracker per month
– quarter project overview
– ABC prioritizing for the week, timeline, upcoming week preview, note area
– goal setting pages
– lots of sticker, labels etc. available

What I am missing:
– I am not impressed with the layout. It seems bold and uninspiring.

What I don’t need:
– the goal setting pages are set for 2023 – too far for me

Planner / Workbook Pink Edition by Jo & Judy

Size: A5
Color: rose/gold
Pages: 256
Paper: 80 g/m
Price: 28,90 €

What I love: 
– the project section for every week
– clean and feminine layout and colors

What I am missing:
– lists, trackers, coaching…

What I don’t need:
– The address book pages – its all in my phone so no need for that.
– The budget page that is next to the project page. I have my finance in order and I usually have a pretty good overview so this wouldn’t help me much.

While the design of Jo & Judy is the most impressive the structure of the planner just doesn’t work for me. The business planner might be a bit too much for what I plan to use it for. And the starryday planner is only half a year (I really can’t wrap my mind around it).

So I guess the Klarheit Planner is my best choice. But I am open for suggestions so please share if you have a better option!

Happy weekend,


*Some links in this article are affiliate links. Meaning if you buy through this link I get a small provision. This would help me cover some of the costs for this blog. Thank you, I really appreciate it.


Challenging myself and being creative #100daysofcraftaliciouspatterns

Do you follow me on Instagram? If so, you might have seen I challenged myself for the last months and drew a little pattern for the last 100 days. Here you can check them out #100daysofcraftaliciouspattern.

I followed Elise on her endeavor of doing 100 pep talks and it was just so inspiring. Then I listened to her podcast about her journey. Immediately I knew I needed to start my own project. I could feel it in my gut that it would be right and somehow I also kinda knew I will manage to write the #100 on one of my paper slips.

And I am so glad I started my 100 day challenge. It was tough at times. I made a tiny list of my take aways. Because who doesn’t love lists…

  1. 100 different patterns is tough. I felt like I was drawn to paint similar patterns more than once.
  2. Circles, dots and triangles reappeared often.
  3. I like the bold pens better than the really fine ones.
  4. The drawing took place mostly right before bed. However that was more because toward the end it became a chore…
  5. The best patterns were created when I didn’t pressure myself (surprise right here, no?) and when I wasn’t tired and wanted to head to bed.
  6. Sometimes I felt like I didn’t give it my all.
  7. When I didn’t come up with an idea/inspiration I leaved through a magazine or looked around my craft lab.
  8. Sometimes inspiration hit me totally unprepared. Like my migraine inspired pattern – one of my faves.
  9. I came across a ton of interesting Instagram accounts during this challenge. Separate post to follow.

So here are my top ten patterns.

100 day challenge my top 10

And apparently those top three were the most loved on Instagram.

100 day challenge top 3 instagram

What is your fave? And have you ever done a challenge like this?

Happy day to you,


PS: I just realized I must have messed up the count because I only got 98 pictures uploaded on Instagram and missing #15 and #58. Mhm… so did I really do the project or did I fail?!

PPS: And since this is another DIY and pattern project I will link up with Muster Mittwoch, Wow me Wednesday and creadienstag.

Spring List 2016

Hey there,

Just when I thought, with all this sunshine the last days and my first lunch break in the sun without a jacket, I am all set for spring and write my spring list it starts raining…


BUT spring is around the corner and officially starting today so here is my list:

  1. Making Easter Eggs in this traditional technique of the Sorbians.
  2. Fixing my bike and taking a ride. Done that but it was an errand ride.
  3. Have a lunchtime walk to this cemetery I want to check out for probably 10+ years. Did not manage… sad.
  4. Quitting my job. Did that and it felt/feels so liberating.
  5. Take a vacay with hubby. I am thinking Mallorca (never been there) or maybe Italy (at one of the lakes). Suggestions are welcome. We went to Croatia and it was fantastic!
  6. Meeting friends I haven’t seen in a while. I did.
  7. Sewing a maxi dress. I know exactly how I want it to look and I already got the fabric but I can’t seem to find the pattern. Done!
  8. Doing a detox week. I am feeling like getting rid of junk in my life. I am so happy I finally managed to do it. I feel so much better and really need to do this once a year.
  9. Doing some more home improvements. Still working on it but its going places.
  10. Going to a wedding in the botanical garden. My stupid boss didn’t let me go.
  11. Having a family reunion. Oh it was fun. S O  M U C H  F U N!
  12. Going on an photo walk with myself. I did in Croatia a couple of times.

Writing this list I had a picture of my spring-like cake pops stuck in mind and I really want some now.

Anyhow, who else is doing a list? What are you looking forward this season? Please share I want to expand mine a bit more.

Happy spring,


Monthly Thoughts #1

Last year I was setting goals at every start of the month. When December came around I was a bit tired of it. While I loved taking every month into consideration on how I wanna spend it I felt like it was too overwhelming and in the end superficial. Now in January I just lived without anything to hold myself accountable too and I somehow missed my monthly goal setting. So I came up with a new monthly challenge for myself. You are welcome to join in and write down your thoughts.


What I learned:

Life is all about surprises. You think you know someone and then suddenly a certain situation reveals a new side of this person. Nothing bad, nothing good just totally different and it sheds a new light on the whole relationship and how you see the actions of this person. Did you ever have the feeling to see a person for the first time even though you know each other for years and years? Its a funny feeling.

If in your gut you know a situation is bad it most likely is. I had a bad feeling about my current job from the start but now six months later I still can’t convince myself it’s not that bad. I wonder why I put up with it…

What I discovered:

A lot of new TV series. We watched Game of Thrones, The American, Shannara Chronicles and Arrow.

I still don’t really now where I am headed in life. When does it make click? When do you know for sure?

What I couldn’t do:

I wanted to be more understanding and be more patient. Some situations require to have this trait of character and I am having a tough time with it. I am trying though.

What I am proud of:

I knitted a hat in one evening. My mom was much amused as I whispered instructions to myself the entire time.

What I can let go of:

The need to find a new job immediately. Unfortunately not…

What I was curious about:

 Yoga. I know it’s lame. For years I thought I don’t need to follow this trend but curiosity finally caught up with me and I popped in a DVD and gave it a try. I felt good afterwards even though I understand about 10% of it. I am considering taking a course… Maybe Pilates though.

What I lost:

Unfortunately I wanted to lose something I don’t need anymore. In reality I lost my drive the last two month. I needed a break. I needed time to just pass without high goals. I needed time to breath and to pause. Admitting this has taken off some of the pressure to have life figured out. I am hoping next month I will feel more motivated and ready to tackle those life goals, personal challenges and everyday hiccups.

On the other hand I was a bit more practical and got rid of stuff I have stored  for ages always thinking I could do this or that with them. I don’t. And admitting I will not get around to them within the next two years I really don’t need to hold on to those things. When I actually will be able to do them I most likely will have gathered the supplies again or they are available anyways.

So I think I honored my word of the year alright those past two months. Hoping to be picking it up in March.

How do you keep track of your goals?

Happy day to you,


When there is nothing…

I never really thought it’s going to happen to me. When I read all those posts about writers block and missing motivation about blogging I really couldn’t relate. But now looking at my very rare posting habit I wonder if I might have underestimated this…


It is not that I have nothing to say. My list of possible blogposts and ideas is long. It might not grow as fast as some other times but it is still growing. So I don’t have a problem there. At least not yet.

I rather lack motivation in putting it together. There was supposed to be going up a blogpost on my 2. Anniversary about Finnish food. I wanted to create a tradition in putting up a Finnish recipe every year… I actually made the recipe and took the pictures. And I had them edited in time. But there where no words. I am missing my words.

This post is my very humble try to get back into spilling words. Back into communication with you. I know its just babbling so far.

I have a theory… When you have very routine jobs and tasks during the day it is either you will be more creative in the evening to find some balance. BUT I dispose that it could also pull you deeper into this lack of creativity. I Think I read in the book “The Creative Habit” that creativity is a muscle that needs to be trained. If you don’t do it, its harder to get back to it. It could be compared to exercising physically. I find this thought interesting. And I feel it. It seems kinda what is happening to me currently.

It feels like life just flows around me while I am sitting on a log watching everything passing, being part of the world but at the same time so distant. Everyone out there knowing this feeling? It’s not that I am depressed or unaware. It just is. And it is a weird feeling. And I know I could snap out of it every second. But then it is also quite nice to not care.

Funny thoughts… But writing them down and sharing is my first step in writing again. So come back because I intend to post my Finnish recipe this Sunday. Remind me if I miss out.

Happy Friday everyone,