100 things in 1000 days – my personal bucket list

When I started blogging back in 2013 (say what?!) everyone was doing this bucket list thing. Trying to achieve 100 things in 1000 days. So approximately 2,5 years. Sounds achievable, right? I was always intrigued to start my own longtime bucket list but never really did write it down. Of course some of those things have been in my head for a while. Some have been already crossed off that would have made a list in 2013. Some might never get crossed off. However with heading straight to a milestone birthday (in 3 years) I think it’s perfect time to attempt this thing.

For now the list is still a work in progress. So my start date is not yet set but there is a little room to wiggle. The end date will be June 3, 2022. Ok, lets get started:

Adult Things

1. Get my retirement plan in order. I do have a few things set up but it’s not sufficient and it needs re-adjusting.
2. Write a will. Not because I plan on leaving the living soon but to make it easier for my loved ones in case of worst case.
3. Set up a personal directive for medical emergencies. Again to make life easier for loved ones.
4. Get new pots and pans.
5. Get serious about buying a place preferably at the waterfront.
6. Decluttering and moving towards a more minimalistic life.
7. Go to a “unverpackt laden” – store selling from bulk containers and you bring your own storing containers and only buy what you need.
8. Get craft-lab aka home office set-up.
9. Decide what to do with my wedding dress.
10. Figure out the next step in business.

Travel & Fun Things

11. See 10 new places. High on the list are Iceland, Edinburgh, Venice, Norway, Greece, …
12. Do a weeklong guided photo trip by myself.
13. Go kayaking
14. See northern lights. 15. Visit the Bauhaus museum in Berlin.
16. Get a motorboat license.
17. Go mini golfing.
18. Go ice skating on a frozen lake.
19. Read at least 125 books including the Bible and the Quran.
20. Go to drive-in movie.
21. Stand in a field of peonies.
22. See a firefly.

Craft & Make Things

23. Make kombucha.
22. Make a DIY statement necklace. Ideas been stuck in my head for ages.
23. Make apple strudel. Want to do that for 20 odd years.
24. Make a jewelry stand.
25. Make our wedding album.
26. Work on or ditch book idea but make decision. 3 ideas by now…
27. Dye fabric with natural colors.
28. Try if the vintage camera I inherited still works.

Personal Things

29. Improve fitness and get in shape. And loose weight on the way.
30. Eat sugar-free for three month and figure out effect on migraine.
31. Feel more self-confident.
32. Learn to listen.
33. Have a no spent month each year.
34. Fine tune clothing style more.
35. Learn Spanish.
36. Make new friend.
37. Remember my blood type.
38. One secret one.
39. Another secret one.
40. Host a Friends Giving Dinner and manage to cook a turkey.

Wow it really took some time to craft this list. You would think there are ton of things to make that list but when you consciously think about it a lot falls to the wayside. Anyhow. I am exited to get started. What you think? How much will I manage to cross off?

Happy day


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