Every Day Life on a random Day in 2015

Sometimes I struggle with my life. Sometimes it seems like I am just running out of time. And I wonder how other people manage. So this is a post about a random day in my life, all the things happening. I would love to know how your day looks like. I believe everyone of us struggles and I am sure everyone of you has some great ideas to handle stuff. We could  learn from each other I am sure.

I once read somewhere of a person who lives by 8 hours of sleep, 8 hours of work, 8 hours of fun. While I like this concept I seriously wonder how this is gonna work with the regular full time job of 8 hour. When to get there? When to do life chores like washing, cooking, grocery shopping and paying bills?! My day doesn’t really leave me with fun time. And I don’t have kids…

caught within

But let’s see what I struggle with:

6.39 am: I wake up by some crazy sparrows out the window and am a bit mad I still got some time to sleep. Trying fails, so I grab my phone and make my round through Instagram, emails, Facebook and the weather app

7.00 am: the alarm goes off, I decide I could stay in bed a tiny bit longer and read a few blog posts.

7.15 am: high time to get up. Short visit in the bathroom and off to get coffee. Unfortunately the dishwasher needs unloading and all the dirty dishes a new place

7.25 am: finally coffee. With my cup back to the bathroom and getting ready

7.40 am: getting dressed

7.45 am: a bit of time to clean up, write emails, sitting on the balcony…

7.55 am: I better get ready to leave the house

8.03 am: leaving the house – too late so I miss my train and my commute time will increase by hopefully only 10 minutes

9.18 am: clock-in at work

9.20 am: first tea. I usually drink Earl Grey with milk. I don’t like the coffee at my work place – maybe it’s a good thing

9.30 am: first checking emails and all social media accounts, answering weird question most likely trying to figure out what language they actually talk in…

10.30ish am: starting with project work. Currently I am working on a website relaunch, a photo shoot, a movie shoot, a communication and an event concept. All fun but all need time to think and ponder over

11.25 am: damn it, I forgot breakfast. Greek yoghurt with agave syrup and another cup of tea it is. And on I go with my work

1 pm: time to get some lunch. Not much variation. 3 supermarkets and a little concession stand with homemade down-to-earth food.


1.30 pm: when not eating at the kiosk, lunch at my desk and a bit of newsletter reading

2 pm: most likely some meeting in the afternoon or on with project work always interrupted by people walking in, my boss and I chatting away or a phone call

5.30 pm: oh it’s actuall end of work day but I finish up something

6-6.30 pm: leaving the office, looking at a commute of 60-90 minutes

7.30-8 pm: finally in my neighborhood, most likely running some sort of errand

8.15 pm: home! Been 12 hours since I was gone. So great to be back. Jumping into comfy clothes and realizing I need to do laundry

8.30 pm: starving! Red beets with feta cheese go into the oven and I jump under the shower

9 pm: dinner and finally sitting down

9.30 pm hubby gets home and we talk for about an hour about work and stuff sometimes we need to get some paperwork, online shopping or what not done

10.30 pm: I almost fall asleep or already have and need to get to bed, cleaning up the kitchen, loading and starting the dishwasher, hanging laundry or folding clothes

11 pm: I really need to go to bed, bathroom time

11.30 pm: finally in bed and surfing social media and blogs for a bit

Midnight: falling asleep

It’s not exciting. It’s not always very challenging and it’s not all bad. But it is long. I wonder what a day will look like in a year and what changes.

But now looking forward reading some of your daily routines. Feel free to drop a link in the comments.

Happy hustling,



May 19th and 20s have been my reference.

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  1. I totally get that you feel like your day is so long that you hardly get any “down time”. I often feel the same (although I am lucky enough that I have a very short commute!)
    San recently posted…Currently | MayMy Profile

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