YELLOW MELLOW at the Wish Tree {color me happy}

Wonder what this is?

yellow tags wish tree berlin

Here is the story: I want to share an idea I really really love.

A few weeks ago I came across a wonderful post from Julie. Julie went along and nominated a tree within one of Berlin’s parks to be Wish Tree.

wish tree berlin

I only heard about wish trees being part of weddings. But really why not have a full-sized one in a park for everyone to interact? The Wish Tree is such a success and Julie asked for help in supplying tags. I only live 800 m away so of course I dropped some of.

yellow tags wish tree berlin

If you are in Berlin. Go and visit the tree. Directions are on Julie’s blog. If you are not living in Berlin – why not find a tree who’s life mission is to become a Wish Tree?

yellow tags wish tree berlin

Have a wonderful start into this months. Happy wishing, Tobia

P.S. Hop over to Bine to check out the entire yellow collection of this month color me happy.

Berlin is FRUITY ORANGE {color me happy}

trash bin in Berlin

I am so behind with the photo challenge color me happy. This month is all about Fruity Orange. The other day I was running errands in Berlin and realized how orange everything is around me. So with no further ado here are some expressions:

orange trabant in Berlin


orange trabant in BerlinOn the other side of the street (as you can see in the windows reflection) it looked like this:

orange hostel in Berlin

Around the corner …

orange Berlin… and even the means of transportation.

orange bicycles in Berlin

Have an orange day, Tobia


LOVELY ROSE creatures in Berlin ◊ color me happy ◊

lovely rose creatures / pink pelican at Tierpark Berlin

I have been sorting my pictures to take part in the monthly color me happy blog event in the beginning of this months. Now we are almost done with June. However I still want to post them. Rather late than never.

lovely rose creatures / pink pelican at Tierpark Berlin

The pictures have been taken while strolling around in Berlins Tierpark with a college friend and her daughter.

lovely rose creatures / pink pelican at Tierpark Berlin

We had a wonderful fun spring day and enjoyed the weather (yes there was sunshine). Our plan was to use our cameras while chatting. And the little girl was kept interested as well.

lovely rose creatures / pink pelican at Tierpark Berlin

Looking forward to more days like this one. More lovely rose impressions here.
You all have a great start into July.

Enjoy your weekend, Tobia


SPARKLE BLUE to calm my mind {color me happy}

sparkling blue styrofoam balls

Coming back from THE HIVE (europeans blogger conference in Berlin) I’m still totally flashed. I hear blue is good to calm your mind. So while I sort my thoughts and impression I show a few SPARKling BLUE pictures.

sparkling blue styrofoam balls

I plan on turning them into some jewelry so stay around to see the result.

sparkling blue styrofoam balls

You might wanna stroll over to Bine and Andrea to check out the other contributions to this month’s color me happy SPARKLE BLUE.

I’ll be back with some more insights on the conference.
Love Tobia

PURE PINKe Inseln ◊ color me happy ◊

Jeden Monat aufs Neue gibt es ein Thema bei Bine und Andrea. Dieser Monat steht ganz im Zeichen von PURE PINK. Und bevor der Monat vorbei ist, gibt es hier noch meinen Beitrag.

Ein kurzer Streifzug durch mein Bilderarchiv ergab das:


Wisst ihr was das ist? Nein, kein pinkes Seerosenblatt.
Eine pinke schwimmende Seerosen-Insel für Enten.


So etwas verrücktes habe ich im Chinesischen Garten in Vancouver entdeckt. Der ist übrigens nicht nur wegen der pinken Blätter interessant. Tipp: unbedingt eine Führung mit machen. Super spannend!

So und nun schlender ich mal rüber zu den beiden und schau ob es noch mehr Nachzügler gab oder ob ich einzig allein auf weiter Flur stehe…

Schönen Nachmittag euch noch