reading goals for 2021

You may know, that I give myself a book budget every year. It is not really to keep myself from buying to many books it is actually more the other way around. I tend to not buy what I would like to read and read books I can borrow or come by on a deal instead. Not always a smart move. So when the end of 2020 approached I had quite a bit of money left and I decided to buy all the books I had on my wishlist and that I did not receive for Christmas. So my reading goals for 2021 will include a lot of those purchases.


eBook organization – helpful tips and tricks

eBook organization – helpful tips and tricks craftaliciousme seeking creative life

After we talked about snatching up those eBook deals it’s time to get some organization done. I didn’t start this right away. After a while I realized I am having a ton of books on my kindle but can’t really find what I am looking for. Or what I am in the mood for. Today I share my eBook organization with you – there might some helpful tips and tricks in here that you can adapt. Let’s get started:


eBook deals – how I find my next freebie

eBook deals – how I find my next freebie craftaliciousme seeking creative life

You know I am an avid reader. Have been since my childhood. However in the midst of my life – late teens through my twenties I somewhat forgot that joy. It all started when the husband gifted his old kindle to me. That is when I realized what a wonderful tool an e-reader is. It is also the time I started hunting for those kindle eBook deals. Because suddenly there were books for free at my fingertips. Today I share my secrets on how I find eBook deals online.



craftaliciousme Books I read in October seeking a creative life

October flew by didn’t it. I wanted to finish two more books but I was too busy. As we are right into the second wave of the pandemic and things are unsre I have been focusing on working on my paid projects and so reading fell a bit to the way side. I was just so terribly tired at night. However I have a few books I read in October and those I want to share with you.