My Christmas Book Collection

my christmas book collection

I have had an other post planned but I don’t feel like writing that. For some reason I feel like talking about books today. I know lot of you reading a long are also avid readers. Last year I talked about 25 things about me as a reader. I enjoyed writing that post. Back then I mentioned that I kind of collect Christmas books. The other day I walked by my book shelf and tipped all the one a bit so I could see them and know what to read in December. So why not share my Christmas Book Collection. Maybe you find some gem you would like to read or gift to someone.


October spendings 2022

october spendings money

There used to be a time when I tracked all my spendings – every month. For years. After I earned more money and didn’t need to budget this closely anymore I got a bit lazy about it. And some time in the past couple years I realized I have no freakin clue were my money goes. Well, I do somewhat as I need to set pricing for my freelance business and see if my hourly/daily price covers my spendings. So I know round about what I need to earn and I know my big spenders. However the nitty gritty in-between, the moments money seems to fly out of your wallet those are the moments I couldn’t pin point.



everyday life on a random day HHLA Speicherstadt

It is a random day in Germany. A random day in my life. Well, maybe not random random. I don’t business travel very often but then often enough that it is a day I want to log down. I believe life happens in those moments that pile up during the day. Those are what we call living. Of course our brains are wired so we most likely remember the heartaches and hardships. Even more important to capture smaller things. Happy moments. Nuggets of celebration. I am and sure they are hidden in the profane looking days. So today I share the every day life on random day in 2022.


Goodbye Things – Some thoughts about minimalism

goodbye things tortoise collection

Do you know how much stuff you own? When we started moving at the beginning of the year I was not sure how much stuff we had. When we had the first movers come by to estimate prices they said its about 80-100 boxes. I thought that was a lot. I order 50 and soon had to re-oder. And while at the beginning of packing I truly tried to say goodbye things I soon at to realize that I am far from living a minimal lifestyle. Ever since I have had some thoughts about minimalism. And majorly inexperienced on how to achieve it.

Because let’s face it. I do have way too much stuff. Just in my craft lab I packed 39 boxes. So my goal was to once we had moved I would go through everything and minimize and say goodbye to things.

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Book Talk October 2022 – What I read

october book talk

October has probably been my busiest month work wise in a a while. So reading really was a challenge at times and then a live savior in other moments. Leaving it all behind and diving into the story. Again audio books became a thing since. I can listen to those while trying to stay in top of household stuff and maybe taking one of the rare morning walks. Glad in the end there is something for the Book Talk October to post.