November Celebrations – Monthly Recap

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How is it that we are already entering the last month of this year? Time does fly once life is happening again, right? I feel like time has been running through my fingers. I had so many more plans for this year but here we are. Only 31 days left to get them all done. And that does interfere with my plan and my need to relax and do nothing but craft, read and be merry if I can help it. But before saying goodby to 2022 lets do some November Celebrations and set a few goals and intentions for December.

How I incorporated my word CELEBRATE and set intentions in November

Lots of online time this month – not very surprising participating in an online challenge.


Celebrating another successful NaBloPoMo

celebrating NaBloPoMo sparklers

Time is a weird construct. Don’t you agree. 30 days posting sounds like a lot. 30 ideas. 30 times finding time to sit down and write something. 30 times to find a picture to go along with your words. And then those 30 days are over. Pouf. Gone. In an instant. No time to post all the things piling up in in the draft file. No time to say everything, show everything. No time to read all the posts. And just like that I am celebrating another successful NaBloPoMo with my fellow bog friends.

Going into November I had no idea how to juggle the full schedule ahead of me. The additional posting to the blog. I definitely underestimated the amount of blog reading coming my way. I am still working on reading all the posts and I am sure it will take me a bit more time. But I will do so. Promise.


Packing Shoe Boxes for Operation Christmas Child

Packing Shoe Boxes for Operation Christmas Child

And here we go again. I have not one gift for my family or friends for Christmas but I do have three shoe boxes filled with gifts and candy for three children that are not as great off as I am. Packing my shoe boxes for operation Christmas Child is a wonderful way to start get into the Christmas spirit.

And as some of you already know since 2018 my youngest sister and I are volunteering at the Christmas factory. There are two Christmas factories here in Germany. One is located in the south of Berlin and so we usually pick a day and a time to do a 4-hour shift of helping to sort through all the donations, check the items if they go through customs and to pack it all up so it can be loaded to the trucks.


Hosting Friendsgiving – a dinner party

hosting friendsgiving

My friends, while I am typing this the dishes pile up on the dining room table, the drink glasses are scattered in the living room, burned candles line the balcony and I need strong coffee today. A lot. My heart is full after hosting Friendsgiving yesterday. I don’t have many pictures to share because I was either busy or enjoying my friends and families company. To sum it up all in one word “flawless”, “perfection” or “success” pop up.

But let’s take you a long and share a bit of my first time hosting Friendsgiving. As I said previously I am not much of a dinner party hosting expert. I don’t mind having people over but hosting big events is a bit more than just opening the door.


My Christmas Wishlist 2022

Christmas wishlist 2022

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Last year I shared my Christmas Wishlist and it was lots of fun to actually sit down and think about the things I would love to receive. And even better I did receive a few things I had put on there. So maybe I need to let the universe know what is on my current Christmas wishlist so that again a few things find their way under the tree.