My 2013: color me happy – photo challenge

one year of blogging

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. The big eating battles are over, time to gather your strength for New Years and getting ready for 2014. Those days in between years – as I call them – are somewhat special to me. I love end of year reviews.

This is a post I’ve been looking forward and working towards since the beginning of the year.

The color me happy photo challenge by Bine & Andrea was somewhat a tip over the edge to start my blog. I was planning to spend more time on taking photos in 2013 and so my goal was to have a picture up for every color. Always having in mind the overall overview picture at the end of the year. And here it is. And I am loving it.

my 2013

However I have to admit I didn’t take every picture this year. My white advent wreath in January was shot on a lovely winter day. In February I struggled with the color scheme – no red in the middle of winter. So I took an older picture and wrote a blog post quite important to me. I felt like a blogger for the first time. I spend lots of time researching for this post and it is probably the one I spent the most time on this year. My March pictures were taken just for this post. But I just realized it is the only post on jewelry – and I consider myself a DIY jewelry maker. I need to change this in 2014 and show you more on that topic. For the April picture I had to go back and dig through my archive and relived a bit of our Vancouver vacation in 2012.

The sparkle blue May picture is a jewelry project. I haven’t finished it yet. Never got around to it. So sad. In June I took you to a stroll through Tierpark Berlin and was reminded how much fun I had there. You got a glimpse of those flamingos. The fruity orange theme in July was a fun little project. For a few days I had my camera always in my purse and realized how much orange this city is showing. It sure opened my eyes and I think I need to make more of those trips through Berlin with a topic in mind. My August picture told you about a wonderful idea. I was really hooked and surprised how long and well it was being used.

In September I showed you an archive pictures of an abandoned place. This was my very first photo excursion and I just got to know my camera. My friend and I felt quite adventurous climbing through those buildings. When it gets colder outside I love hot chocolate and in October I shared my Grandma’s recipe. In November I started my first little blog series and showed you advent wreath ideas. And the in December we were right in the Christmas topic and you also got a glimpse of Mr. ♥.

This was my little review. I have been thinking about a new challenge I want to participate in in 2014. I really love the idea of 12tel Blick and hope it will be hosted in 2014 again. But I will look around a bit more. If you have a suggestion let me know.

Have a great Saturday, Tobia

GLITTER GOLDen Christmas Time {color me happy}

glitter gold

Time is flying by, today is already the 2. Advent. My apartment is sparsely decorated. We have an advent wreath made by Mr. ♥ (not the one I showed you – that one was for my parents).  And I dumped all the remaining decorations in big glass jars. Well I put a bit more effort in it but it’s decorating for slugs… That’s it. The rest is still laying on the floor… I might show you a pic another time.

Well you would imagine the December theme of the color me happy challenge would be easy. No not really. This is no golden girl. There is hardly anything gold here. No jewelry, no decorations no candle sticks. Good thing I am such a magpie and keep everything for crafting purpose.

glitter gold

So here is my version of glitter gold (minus the glitter) – little jingle bells collected from chocolate easter bunnies and santa clauses. Took me quite a few years to come up with this collection (I would NEVER eat sooooo many at once… tststs).

glitter gold

Do you have a lot of gold in your household? It seems like my generation is more into whites, silver or popping colors. Or is it just me and my environment? I would never consider hanging golden christmas ornaments on my christmas tree. Or buy myself golden candles. Or even jewelry – it’s just a no go for me. Or maybe I just think there is not a lot of gold in my house… Note to self: open your eyes and find more gold in your life. Yep that’s what I do. What are you up to?

Enjoy your Sunday. Enjoy the season. Enjoy the weather. Tobia

Forest inspired moss wreath {advent wreath ideas}

moss wreath inspiration


well today I show you my wreath of 2009 – my moss wreath!

Usually I start to collect my advent wreath ideas around October. The whole wreath mania started about 10 years ago. I was invited to an incentive where I learned how to a tie a fir wreath. Ever since I’ve made my own unique advent wreath. A few years I had a traditional wreath and just decorated it differently.

traditional advent wreath

But than I wanted to be more creative and started experimenting with different supplies and ideas. So I came up with moss. I have seen some moss wreaths on the internet and at our florist.

moss wreath

 photo credit: wreath made of moss rocks by Sharon, moss wreath with ribbon made by Leah 

Then one night at my grandmas backyard, while walking over the lawn, I had this squishy feeling beneath my feet. I was walking on moss. And my idea was born.

moss wreath

I cut a huge tiny square right out of the lawn. I had two pieces which nearly covered the entire form I used. I didn’t want to puzzle smaller pieces. I like the clean look. I put it on the radiator to dry. Make sure it is really dry. When I worked with mine it wasn’t and it made gluing tough.

moss wreath

I don’t have really good pictures because in 2009 I never would have thought to show my moss wreath on the internet yet alone on my very own blog. So sorry for the crappy look today. 

Anyway. I love it. It has been in my house, my parents and this year I’m giving it to my friend for the season. What are you doing with the wreath you make? Does it end up in the trash after the season? Or do you have a swapping party with friends?

Looking forward to you comments. Love Tobia

PS. This post is submitted to November’s color me happy challenge over at waseigenes.

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Vanilla HOT CHOCOLATE { color me happy }

vanilla bean

Oh my … it is the last day of October and I just remembered the color me happy photo challenge. Haven’t linked anything yet. Last year I’ve ordered a million 50 vanilla beans.

vanilla bean

I used them for baking, I’ve bottled vanilla sirup, keep a supply of vanilla sugar and I’m still having plenty.

vanilla beanLately I’ve been drinking more hot chocolate. I’m a little weird special when it comes to hot chocolate! Blame it on my grandma. I’ve always hated milk. As a child. And today. But only when it looks like milk. So a glass of white stuff just gives me chills and turns my stomach. My grandma – being the cunning woman she was – invented semolina soup and “real hot cocoa”. Until today I only drink it when it’s made her way. By now I’ve figured out her secret recipe.

vanilla bean

I usually use (for a very big cup) 3 tsp cocoa, 1 tsp brown sugar (you can use more but I don’t like it that sweet). Boil milk. Mix some of the warm milk with the cocoa. Make sure there are no lumps. Add remaining milk. Voilà and done. Now comes “my invention”: add seeds of vanilla bean! Didn’t see that one coming, huh?! My vanilla hot chocolate!

Puh that was close. More chocolate can be found here.

Love, Tobia


LAZY GREY abandoned place {color me happy}

beelitz heilstätten abandoned place

Today I want to take you to an abandoned place outside of Berlin. It is called Beelitz-Heilstätten. It was founded before WWI and used mainly as a tuberculosis sanatorium for Berlin’s industrial workers. During WWII it was also used as lazaret. There are 60 buildings on 200 hectare. The history is very interesting.

It has been a while since I have been there, ok I’ve only been there once, but it was very inspiring, very exciting and I still love to look at those pictures. So with further ado lets have a look.

beelitz heilstätten abandoned place

beelitz heilstätten abandoned place

I was in love with the stair cases. So many interesting perspectives.

beelitz heilstätten abandoned place

And I just loved the chipped paint on almost every item in the buildings.

beelitz heilstätten abandoned place

But I guess the most interesting was the scattered glass windows – they were sparkling in the sunshine looking like crystals.

beelitz heilstätten abandoned place

Those were only the black & white pictures. Lots more on my cpomputer. Are you interested? Want to see more? You might actually want to watch your movies more closely too as this places is frequently used as setting.

More gray can also be found at Bine & Andrea’s color me happy parade.

Enjoy your Sunday, Tobia