Oh hello…

it’s time for our virtual coffee date again. I’ve been looking forward to meeting up with you my friends to check in how things are going and what is new with you.

I would…
grab the largest coffee available. Lately I’ve been sleeping restlessly and waking up too early. So it’s been 4-6 coffees a day. Probably not the healthiest choice but it does taste good. And I do drink them with oat milk. Does that count towards health awareness?

I would…
Want to tell you about last weeks vacation in Copenhagen. Such a beautiful place. We’ve been spending four days there in an apartment directly overlooking the water. It could have been anywhere to make me happy. But it was nice to explore the city on two days too. The weather was not too nice and two days it rained but I finally got some reading in. Also I was able to watch the cruise ships and ferries on their way into the harbour. Such a spectacle. As for exploring the city while walking lots we also rented e-scooters to move around the city. It was a fun way to explore. Lots of old castles, buildings, beautiful parks and waterfronts. Of course on our last day a) the sun came out and b) I saw areas I would have liked to explore a bit more thoroughly. Guess we have to be back. Have you been to Copenhagen?

I would…
want to know what your blogging workflow is. I recently wrote a post about how I blog and ever since wondered how others been doing it. Everyone of us probably does something, feeling totally normal not worth mentioning and then for someone else it’s totally mind-blowing and a game changer.

I would…
to tell you that I scored a great kindle unlimited deal and can read 3 months for free. I’ve been saving up books on a separate list for when I sign up. I usually do that when I know I go on vacation or have lots of time on my hand to read. So I am looking forward to read a few books that have been on my TBR a long time for the next months. I also hope this will end my reading slug. If you want to follow along come be friends on Goodreads.

I would…
ask your opinion on something too. As you might know I’ve been freelancing for my third year now. While the first two have been (financially) very successful this year is very tough. I am far from reaching my goal I set (already almost half). So I wonder if I should get worried or what to do. It’s not that I can’t pay my bills, Ive got money saved but when is the point to start worrying. Being new to this it’s kinda hard to tell. Any freelancing friends reading along?

I would…
on a more happy note tell you that I itch doing more crafts and sewing projects lately. I met with a friend and we made some colorful new jewelry for summer and spring. I will need to take some photos to show. Also I’ve been planning quite a few sewing projects. I finished a shirt with fabric I inherited from my grandma. Only took me 10 years to start cutting into it. But now I have 3 more projects lined up. I am trying to reduce my fabric stash. I have bought so many with projects in mind and never got around to doing them.

Before we leave I would…
want to know what you would like to tell me about. What was the happiest moment since we last sat together?

Then I would gather my things, finish the last drop of coffee and we head of into the day. Later I would stop at Lecy to have a look around who else met up for coffee. Hope to see you around next months my friends.

Happy May to you


Cooking for Two – Book review

Hey everyone,

I have sometimes actually always a hard time cooking for two.

I come from a family of five. So does Mr. ♥. One pack of spaghetti or a whole net of potatoes was quite common. Unfortunately that is how I’m still measuring to the day. I also tend to cook in big pots enhancing the problem of “it doesn’t look enough”.

So when the Landwirtschaftsverlag ask me if I would like a copy of their new book “Rezepte für Zwei” I couldn’t yell yes fast enough.

Rezepte für Zwei

I like that the book is structured in times of the day you can eat: mornings, lunch and evenings and then there are four chapters for specially occasions: desserts, dinner, snack and outdoors.

bread out of pan

When going through the book I always had this romantic picture of a summer picnic in mind. That is maybe why the bread recipes have spoken to me the most. I tried something I’ve never done before:

Bread out of the pan – Pfannenbrot

you need:

20 g yeast (fresh)
1 tsp honey
220 ml lukewarm water
150 g flour
120 g spelt flour
1 tsp salt
shortening or oil for baking

Pfannenbrot and butter

and that is how it’s done:

Put yeast in a glass and add honey. Let sit for 2 minutes. Now add 110 ml of the lukewarm water and stir until dissolved.

Mix flour and salz in a bowl. Add yeast mixture and rest of the water. Mix well until you have a pasty consistency. If necessary add more water. Let rise for 30 minutes while covered.

Heat a pan, add shortening or butter and let melt. Turn down heat and add dough. Push gently down so it is flat. Let bake for 10-15 minutes on lowest heat while covering up with a lid. Then turn dough and bake another 10 minutes.

Let cool a bit before serving.

Lemon Butter

you need:

2 lemons (organic, unattended)
1-2 tsp brown sugar
1-2 twigs of tarragon
125 g butter (room temperature)
1 pinch of salt

Lemon Butter

how you do it:

Wash lemons and dry. Grate lemon skin of one lemon. Squeeze both lemons. Add lemon juice and lemon zest into pan. Add sugar. Let boil and then reduce heat to low temperature. Let simmer until 1/3 of mixture remains. Let cool.

Wash tarragon and hack finely. Whip butter and herb. Add lemon concentrate. Add salt to taste. Let sit 1 hour in refrigerator before serving.

I served mine with spinach salmon salad and it was really tasty.

Pfannenbrot und ButterRezepte für Zwei is a fun book with lots of recipes – traditional dishes with a new interpretation or classics from other countries. The only thing I wished for was nutrition infos.

I think it would make perfect Valentines Day gift. Isn’t cooking together one of the most romantic things to do together?!

And I also think this book might be my go to present for every one moving together for the first time. Maybe even with a Pfannenbrot and some butter.

And because I just made myself a yummy flat bread sandwich and will really enjoy it, it’s going to Wednesday Favorites over at Frollein Pfau’s.

Happy Wednesday,


PS: I received a copy of the book from Landwirtschaftsverlag to review. I choose the recipes myself and my opinion is my very own. Thank you for letting me have a copy.

Iced Coffee { Recycle Quick Tip #8 }

I usually have my cup of coffee by pushing a button and it’s done. However when having guests it would keep me quite busy. So we also got a fancy French press system for our wedding. But what to do when some is left?!

iced coffee

Freeze it. Yep.
With this kind of weather iced coffee is the best choice. But putting ice cubes in your coffee usually makes it quite watery (is that a word?). So freeze your cold coffee and just pour milk over your cubes. Very yummy, very refreshing.

iced coffee
And because I really love my iced coffee these days I link it to Frollein Pfaus MMI.

Any other tips how to use up cold coffee? Let me know in the comments.

Sitting in the rain {MMI #2}


Hey there,

it’s been raining here for over a week? Not that long? I’ve kinda lost track… Is it raining for you too? Summer is hiding somewhere but not in my area… But you know what, I still kinda like this weather. Because I do have the luxury of an roofed balcony.

roofed balcony

It is tiny, and it took us 7 years to finally have it somewhat nice, with chairs that fit, are comfortable to sit in more than an hour and bit stylish too and where not financially out of reach. And I actually manage to keep the plants alive for more than 8 weeks by now. Yeah me.


So I don’t care if it is raining outside. I am not getting wet, I can have a cup of tea, enjoy fresh rainy air (isn’t is such a great smell?) and be at peace.

And since I really really like it I had to add it to this weeks round up over at Frollein Pfau.

Have a great Wednesday,


Avocado Tree Growing { MMI }

avocado tree growing

Good Morning!

Today I Love Avocados!

I got a really funny wedding present: an avocado! Actually two! My new relatives in the DR know I love avocado and they also know we never really get any ripe ones here. So hence the wedding present. And let me tell you they are huge! I mean not the tiny things we got. They were at least the size of a big mango. Really. Anyways I already ate them so no pic here.

But I figured it’s kinda sad to get an avocado, eat it and then it is gone. So I figured: I GROW A TREE. Now you need to know I am somewhat of a plant killer. During summer time I might manage to keep my balcony plants alive for 2-3 months but either I am on vacation or weather isn’t so great i don’t go to the balcony daily and tada: dead.

avocado tree growing

So here it is. I just put it online : my tree and report back once in a while. I hope this way I am eager enough to actually water it. Right now it is easy – it sits in a glass of water. It will take up to 3 months until I get some sprouts. Well, I keep you posted. But now I better hurry to work.

Cheers, Tobia

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