Currently in October

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I have come to like the monthly currently posts Anne is hosting. It always lets me stop and think about the prompts, Not all of them are easily to answer. This time around it took me a bit. Anyway, its late and I am tired so I will just stop babbling and let you read my answers.

Books. So many books. My parents have a huge bookshelf. And when I say huge it is about 4 meter long and 2,5 m high. And then there are the one in the living room and the study. So I grew up with my own private library. Every time I am there I browse for hours. And of course I am always finding something new. Currently I have nine books waiting to be returned. Their books are a lot of classics, lots of Eastern European writers (only things you could get in former East Germany), lots of biographies, memories and historical books. And lately my dad receives many books from African authors due to the job he’s doing. So its a source of inspiration and a bit off the beaten path and all the books that are hyped on Instagram and goodreads.


Currently in March

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Today – International Woman Day – is a new holiday here in Berlin. It kind of sneaked up on me and so I have a whole day of nothing planed. What a wonderful way to start the day. And finally a bit of brain space to get back to the blog. To get back in the swing I share with you the currently in March.

Furniture for my chaos corner in the craft lab. I have finally decided on new book shelves and they have been delivered. Assembling them though will take another year it looks like. I have ordern nine shelves and we needed 8 hours to get it to the wall. I hate hate hate this apartment for the walls. Everything is a pain, takes forever and you need to improvise.


Currently in February

currently February craftaliciousme seeking creative life

Today is a really weird day. I woke up tired. Work dragged on. I couldn’t really cross anything off fo that to-do list. I wanted to go for a walk to clear my head but it was raining. I don’t know those days suck. I end up glancing at the watch at 4pm wondering if can finally go to bed. So to get out of this funky mood and not eat all the chocolate pudding in the house I write the currently in February post. Hope this will be good thing.


Currently in January

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I have come across the currently post on many blogs and continuously in the last year and months and I have always enjoyed reading them. So for this year I am giving this a try and will be joining the community Anne in Residence has been building.

As always I started my year by picking a word of the year (GRACE) and making some resolution. I love making all the plans and setting intentions. I often keep losing them along the way but I also refer back to those lists and check in. I also changed my practice of writing a gratitude journal. I didn’t feel it in 2020 and was a bit absent. So I’ve gotten myself one of the 5-year-journals and try this new approach.



Right now I should actually get some work done. But it is a day of procrastination and before I just scroll my phone and eat more ice cream I decided to have our August coffee date instead. So lets take some time , enjoy our iced coffee latte and have a chat

During our coffee chat…
I tell you about the first couple weeks in my new work project. You might remember me telling you about it last time. During my onboarding week I was able to visit not only one but four container terminals at the Port of Hamburg. It was really really interesting as I never dreamed of going there yet actually knowing what is going on in a port. The whole project gives me totally new perspective on how global trade is running. That is what I love about freelancing – within a relative short amount of time I get to see so many different areas, clients and products. I could not switch jobs that fast… My curiosity is my driver – I keep asking questions like a kid. How about you – do you like change and new areas to work in or do you like it more steady?

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