Meet Me

Hey there,

glad you found your way to my craftalicious space of the internet. I’m Tobia, living in Berlin, Germany.
However there are a few other places on earth I feel at home.

When I started this blog in 2013 I was in dire need of more inspiration in my life. So that was when craftaliciousme was born – as my own little space to be creative, turn ideas into reality and try new things. Things have changed a bit since then as I am now self employed and have a more flexible work life and also I can choose more creative projects to work on.

This space here however has survived, given me space to talk about my thoughts, my rediscovered love of books but also about my migraines and struggles.

And in case you wonder who I am, you might check out these posts: 10 Things you Don’t know About me and the follow up posts Part II & Part III & Part IV & Part V & Part VI or this random babbling about myself. Maybe you are interested in my story in Idaho. And when scrolling around a bit you might also realize I am somewhat of a Advent & Christmas addict. Still not done stalking me you may find this portrait feature of me interesting.

Don’t be shy, leave a comment or email me. And when you are in town (Berlin, Germany) and want to hook up for coffee let me know. I want to meet you.