101 things in 1000 days – my personal bucket list part II

In April I ran out of days for my first ever 101 things in 1000 days list. And I always knew I was going to give it another try. I enjoyed looking at all the things I wanted to do, to achieve and to experience at some time in my life. Some things I wasn’t too eager to actually do. Some things were just off the table due to a pandemic. And I found it really interesting what items actually were crossed off.

101 things in 100 days project zero

Just a quick recap if you have never heard of a 101 things in 1000 days which is also called Project Zero.

The Challenge: Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1000 days.
The Criteria: Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of work on your part). 
Why 1,000 Days? Many people have created lists in the past – frequently simple challenges such as New Year’s resolutions or a ‘Bucket List’. The key to beating procrastination is to set a deadline that is realistic. 1,000 days (about 2.75 years) is a better period of time than a year, because it allows you several seasons to complete the tasks, which is better for organizing and timing some tasks such as overseas trips, unforeseen hiccups, or outdoor activities.

Start date: August 28th 2022 → End date: May 24th 2025

Last updated: September 22nd 2022

Ok, lets get started:
In Progess | ✔Done | Replaced/Canceled

Adult Things (0/7)

1. Re-take first aid course.
2. Finalizing those retirement things I’ve started.
3. Gain 5% on my portfolio and build up some capital.
4. Write that will. Not because I plan on leaving the living soon but to make it easier for my loved ones in case of worst case. 
5. Set up a living will for medical emergencies. Again to make life easier for loved ones. 
6. Remember Mr. ♡ mobile phone number by heart – so in case of emergency I can actually reach him.
7. Track spendings for a month every year. (x/3)

Home Things (0/4)

8. Organize Recipes.
9. Organize Christmas stuff.
10. Sell 50 things. (1/50) including wedding dress.
11. Buy a piece of art.

Work Things (0/7)

12. Update portfolio.
13. Get booked for one of my two dream clients.
14. Have a year with a six digit income (before taxes and expanses).
15. Find sufficient back-up strategy.
16. Read all subscribed newsletters for a months and unsubscribe when boring.
17. Move all desktop files to designated space or delete.
18. Have an empty download file.

Travel & Explore Things (0/17)

19. Go Kayaking.
20. Explore my new neighborhood. See blogpost part I and part II.
21. Visit Amsterdam.
22. Visit three museums. (x/3)
23. Identify the best ice cream parlor in the neighborhood.
24. Do a road trip through Germany.
25. See a firefly.
26. See the Aurora Borealis.
27. Take a mudflat hike (Wattwanderung).
28. See 5 new places. (x/5)
29. Go to drive-in movie.
30. Spent Christmas in a cabin in Finland.
31. Try 10 new restaurants (x/10)
32. Go to NYC during Christmas time.
33. Have a solo trip somewhere out of country (Galapagos for the tortoises, Scotland photo trip, etc…)
34. Take a trip for our anniversary every year. (x/3)
35. Go to professional sports game (basketball, ice hockey or the finals?)

Fun & Random Things (0/12)

36. Read 200 books. (and manage to achieve 50% of my Read around the World challenge)
37. Read one of Dads favorite books.
38. Have no more than 20 unread books on my shelves when this challenge is over (starting out with 65 -> 65/66)
39. Sleep under the stars.
40. Do three puzzles with 1,000 pieces. (x/3)
41. Get a motorboat license.
42. Leave 5 recommendations in books at the local library.
43. Be a guest on a wedding (all my friends are married by now so this is random).
44. Rewatch “Friends”, “Buffy” or “Angel”.
45. Achieve at least 40% of this list (last list I managed 31%)
46. Dance in the rain.
47. Buy something at a thrift store.

Blog Things (0/4)

48. Continue to blog.
49. Update 5 old blog posts. (x/5)
50. Participate in the NaBloPoMo at least twice (x/2)
51. Update blog theme.

Craft & Make Things (0/12)

52. Cook a recipe from every cook book I own. (currently owning 1/xx)
53. Make a brush shirt.
54. Sew a new maxi dress with the pattern that worked well previously.
55. ✔Make shampoo from scratch.
56. Take a photo of each letter of the alphabet. Bonus all numbers too.
57. Make a list of 100 favorite quotes.
58. Create a new self made calendar at least twice. (x/2)
59. Create an individual memory game.
60. Finish our wedding photo album.
61. Write a poem.
52. Participate in the 100 Day Project at least twice. (X/2)
63. Photograph every sunset from the balcony when being home.

Relationship Things (0/8)

64. Organize a cousins weekend.
65. Host a Friendsgiving.
66. Take a trip with my best friend.
67. Have a dance with Mr. ♡
68. Have a sisters date.
69. Have my niece as overnight guest.
70. Spend a day with dad in the work-shop.
71. Spend a weekend with Mom at the Spa.

Personal Things (0/9)

72. Do a fashion challenge (like Sudoku style or #memademay)
73. Feel more self-confident.
74. Continue to learn Spanish and achieve a 200 day streak at least once.
75. Learn to identify 10 mushrooms.
76. Leave 10 handmade gifts at random places.
77. Have a no spend month.
78. Sign up for three classes at the community college (VHS). 
79. Do something daring (my own judgement).
80. Start integrating into new church congregation.

Secret Things (0/2)

81. Have *****
82. Stay *****

Health Things (0/6)

83. No take out for a week for each year (1/3)
84. Have a detox week.
85. Manage to swim all the way to the bridge and back.
86. Check out the volleyball group and see if I want to join.
87. Manage a better eating habit -> master intuitive eating.
88. Loose a couple of pant sizes.

Mental Health Things (0/4)

89. Watch the clouds for 5 minutes at least 12 times. (2/12)
90. Manage to sleep more than 6,5 hours on average. (starting out at 6 hours and 3 minutes)
91. Have a Social Media free Sunday once a month (1/4 2022, x/12 2023, x/12 2024, x/4 2025)
92. Answer the “50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind

Kind Things (0/8)

93. Donate to a charity 3 time outside of Christmas Eve. (x/3)
94. Help someone even though it’s not convenient.
95. Volunteer at Operation Christmas Child every year (2022, 2023, 2024).
96. Send 10 holiday cards (Christmas or Easter) every year to lonely elderly people. (x/3)
97. Donate blood (even though I am scared) and find out blood type.
98. Sent flowers/gift to someone for no reason.
99. Buy food for a homeless.
100. Forgive yourself for something.

101. Write a new list.

I am really looking forward tackling my new 101 things in 1000 days list. But it would be even more fun if I had someone who is also joining in. Wouldn’t it be great to keep each other accountable? Below you find a list of people who are currently also working on their list. Let me know if I should add you.

If you just want to follow along: What goals seems the craziest to you? And which one would you be able to cross off immediately? Let me know.

Happy day


2 thoughts on “101 things in 1000 days – my personal bucket list part II

    1. Thank you. It is ambitious And I don’t count on crossing things off completely but I like to have some guidelines in what direction I want to live my life. If you compile a list yourself let me know

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