Alphabet of Happiness

Hello again,

I started out writing my journal every day almost daily since 2016. It was all to keep track of the small little things of happiness happening left and right while hassling through life and being a responsible bill paying adult.

sunset_happiness internationaldayofhappiness

So for #internationaldaofhappiness I figured why not combine some of those things and do a post and get all the happiness out of me. Making a list and what better way to make a list than do it in order. So here is my alphabet of happiness.

A … ASPARAGUS season because it is one of the few things you can not get year round and I always look forward to it. Same with strawberries!

B…BERLIN. When I see the tv tower my heart skips a bit. It’s where I belong.

C…COUCH DAYS. Because you can’t run around all the time.

D… DRAWING because if I’m lucky I slip in a mind of total concentration and forget time and space. Also happens with some other crafting.

E…E♥︎♥︎♥︎ aka Mr. ♥︎ somehow he manages to make me laugh even when I’m in a really crappy mood.

F… FRESH AIR to breath.

G…GRAVEYARDS hardly any other place were you can feel so much love and appreciation in the world, were I get grounded and get a feel for the important things in life. It is so peaceful and quiet.

H…HUGGS. Because it’s just nice.

I…IDAHO I fell in love with the landscape at first glance, some of the people as weird as they may be and I made some of the best memories there. Coming back now feels a bit like coming home.

J… JEWELRY mainly my handmade things. It always makes me feel complete wearing earrings.

K… KEKSE & KUCHEN ok I have to cheat and put some German in here but cookies & cake can’t be missed. It’s my go to when being sad (I know bad habit but still better than smoking or drinking), baking is fun and I love to try new recipe and combine different ones. So yes, happy!

L… LOVE I mean who doesn’t like to be loved and appreciated.

M… MARATHON of binge watching a new series.

N… NO MIGRAINE need I say more?!

O… OUTDOOR activities. Unfortunately I do them not nearly often enough. But the fresh air when taking a walk, the wind in my hair when riding the bike, the smells…

P…PEANUTBUTTER and that is a huge surprise. Because before 1999 I didn’t even know that existed. That is when I first set foot to the USA. I despised it my entire stay there. Only when I got homesick I bought myself a jar and was hooked. Crazy how that goes.


R…READING. New found old hobby. Lets be friends on Goodreads.

S…SNOW Fluffy, white and beautiful. What is not to love about it. And yes I believe I can smell snow just like Lorelei Gilmore. And I do get out when it happens, At four in the morning if need be.

T…TRAVEL. Because it is always nice to discover new things and explore. Makes you so much more tolerable.

U… UN-INTERUPTED sleep. Not waking up every time there is some sound outside – magic! Sleeping past 7am even better!

V… VALET. Usually I use the public transport or my bike to get places. But ever since last year when I started working in Düsseldorf part time Mr. 🖤 is always picking me up at the train when I arrive close to midnight. Makes my heart jump.

W… WATER. I realized in the last couple years that water makes me happy. So I would love living at the water front. A lake or a river or a bay or whatever tiny bit of water. It just has immediate calming effect. My plan: win the lottery. Move to a waterfront home. Totally manageable.

X… XMAS what else. Everyone reading along longer than one post probably knows it is my favorite time of year. If you happen to be new here. Stay and enjoy. And if you need to get into the mood go check out my advent & christmas collection.

Y…YOGA. If I ever get around to do it I feel good afterwards.

Z…ZEN TEA. I just discovered this new tea and it is to die for. Seriously.

Now who thought that wasn’t fun. Feel free to join in the in and share your list. Link back so I can read along.

Happy day to you,



And just like this March crept up on us. Seriously I feel like I am still recovering from Christmas break and here we are heading straight for Easter.

Last month’s plan was to write three blog post. I only managed two but those were fun: the annual Finnish recipe and a fun play along.

This past week was a bit bumpy at work but really relaxed on the personal front.

winter happens Berlin blue sky tv tower

I was really happy with the temperatures. Freakin cold and clear blue skies. It just makes my heart sing. When I step outside I can’t wipe that smile off of my face. Anyone else feeling this energetic and alive?

Another happy thing happened: I finished my first book in 2018. Ken Follets “Column of Fire” * a 900+ page book I started only on Saturday afternoon. As you can imagine not much else happened. While it wasn’t the best in the Kingsbridge Saga it was still one the better books of late and something I can recommend.

Since February I receive a newsletter that is a bit different. For March a mindfulness calendar was sent to me with daily tips on how to be more mindful and therefore increase happiness. I really like those daily props. Here is the link so you can join in.

Now I am looking forward spending a relaxed weekend with Mr. 🖤 a few home approvements and some crafting and if time allows I really want to go ice skating. But first I enjoy my coffee and take a tour reading blogs, starting at Denise.

What are you up to this weekend?

Happy Saturday,

  • Amazon affiliate link: if you click and buy I get a small fee and can buy my next book.



Finnish inspired Hot Cranberry Juice – Kuuma Karpalomehu

Good morning,

Once a year I invite you for a Finnish meal on my blog. We had cake and breakfast and last year some Salmon Soup. High time for a warming drink.

Kuuma Karpalomehu Hot finnish Cranberry Juice

When we enjoyed our honeymoon in Lapland we were often served a hot drink when sitting by the fire warming up after our outdoor adventures with huskies and reindeers.

As vegetation is scarce so far up north it doesn’t surprise that there isn’t a huge variety of juices, fruits and vegetables available. It is mirrored in the food and drink choices. So besides coffee – that is served religiously – you can drink Hot Cranberry Juice everywhere. And I mean everywhere…

For me this was somewhat of a light bolt moment. I mean sure I know of hot cider and shared my recipe here but for some reason I never really thought about heating up other juices. But I really took a liking to it. Now when I drink this it takes me right back to my honeymoon, the snow covered countryside, the crystal clear air, my cold cheeks and this deep felt happiness. Come join my be making yourself a pot!

Here is my personal version of this Finnish Hot Cranberry Juice –  Kuuma Karpalomehu

♥︎ 1/2 cup cranberry sirup (I used the one from here)
♥︎ 2-3 cups of water
♥︎ one bag of my homemade chai tea
♥︎ a slice of ginger

Bring water, ginger and chai tea to boil and let simmer for 30 min. Add sirup and let simmer for 5-10 min. The longer the sirup will cook the sweeter the concoction will get. I prefer spicy over sweet but adapt to your liking.

finnish cranberry juice

I will dream a bit more of my honeymoon, enjoy my fourth wedding anniversary and dream of more trips and vacations. And you stop by for dinner next year. I already know what I am serving.
Or please sooner I don’t mind!

Happy day to you,


finnish hot cranberry juice-5

Three Things – a tiny questionnaire just for the fun of it

Hey there,

I was inspired by San’s post and figured why not share my version of those answers.

creative_pattern berlin

Three foods I hate and refuse to eat.
Plain milk ( I cook/bake with it or drink in my coffee if I can’t change it but otherwise go away), pizza (once a year and then I realize, yep don’t like it much), Panna Cotta (no, just no)

Three foods I love and eat more of than I should.
ice cream, cake, salted butter

Three things/chores I avoid until absolutely necessary.
vacuuming (thanks to my little irobot it doesn’t feel too dirty but still he doesn’t get every spot), dusting (ah this dust in a city), changing bed sheets (I blame it on my small arm span, its a pain in the a***)

Three chores I always do.
bring out trash, put dishes in dish washer, decalcify my appliances

Three wardrobe staples.
tank tops, t-shirts, long sleeves

Three things I don’t spend money on.
hair cuts (only every 12-18 months), clothes (not really I hate shopping), public transport (I usually ride my bike everywhere)

Three things I do spend money on.
craft supplies, spa days, vacations

Three TV shows I frequently watch in reruns.
Gilmore Girls, Friends, … but to be honest I rather watch new ones

Three movies I love (that might surprise you).
Remember the Titans (but generally all kind of Sports movies), Tomorrow Never Dies (and all other James Bond movies), Harry Potter

Three genres I generally don’t read.
Newspapers, Horror, Biographies

Three things I’m looking forward to this year.
Hopefully a vacation/trip somewhere, family reunion in May, getting some things crossed of my to-do list

While writing those posts I remembered a time some 10 years or so ago. Back then we exchanged emails with those questionnaires. Anyone else do this? I saved them somewhere. It was like the new cooler thing than friendship books. Haha I must be getting old…

Anyway, if you pick this up leave a link so i can read along.

Happy Friday,


The art of doing nothing

It is Sunday evening and I can proudly say – I did nothing this weekend.

A couple years ago – and even many days today – I would have feel like a total looser wasting my time away, having nothing accomplished.

creative_whimsical weekend weekend of nothing

I had big plans for this weekend. On Friday I didn’t finish up my to-do list. I “cheated” myself by saying I will just quickly finish it Saturday morning before Mr. ♥︎ would be awake. Then I wanted to drive to the recycling yard to finally get some chunk out of the craft lab and start on my most daunting project this year. Than I also wanted to finish sewing my sweater I started before Christmas. Well, and then there are all the household chores that pile up during the week.

When I went to bed on Friday night around midnight I received a message from my mom asking my sister and I if we would spontaneously are game for a spa day tomorrow. We were. So after sleeping in and leading the washer (ok I admit to reduce the guilty feeling) I went to pick them up and then we spent 12 hours in the spa. And we didn’t even hit the sauna that often because we just relaxed, slept, read and most of the times talked. It was so really nice and relaxing. When I came home I spent another couple ours slacking away on the couch visiting with Mr. ♥︎ before I went to bed. What a great Saturday.

And you know what. I just kept going on Sunday. I enjoyed a long coffee and watched all Instagram stories. We have breakfast and watched a movie “The Great Wall” which was pretty cool. I then played a few games, read a lot of blogs today and actually took the time to comment on many posts. I read in my Flow magazine and just sat next to Mr. ♥︎ surfing the day away, telling each other what we are reading and relaxing while some nice tunes were playing. And suddenly it is 7.30 pm and the day is gone. But you know what – it was wonderful. A great weekend and it felt like I actually spent more quality time with Mr. ♥︎ then just binge-watching the next best tv show.

And so without realizing it I actually managed to chalk some things on my New Years Resolutions list: beautify my relationships (visiting with my family, spending time with my Mr. ♥︎) and also beautify me because this whole weekend relaxed me immensely and contentment and happiness make me a kinder person.

So you might wonder why am I balling about all this? Well, I guess I want to let you know that it is ok to just step out of busy life and watch it go by. It will be there tomorrow and you can join in any time you feel like it But there is nothing wrong with not participating all the time. This was a really long road for me to lean and I have not mastered it. But today I have.

Happy Sunday,