Vacation at Home – Exploring the Neighborhood Part II

A vacation at home – doesn’t sound interesting? Exploring the neighborhood, seeing the beauty surrounding you, the great possibilities within the neighborhood and that fun is not always made with money – its possible! As I mentioned in my previous post a bit of preparation for a vacation at home goes a long way. We made the best of it by exploring the neighborhood and we didn’t even do everything we wanted to.

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Vacation at Home – Exploring the Neighborhood Part I

vacation at home sunset view over the lake

When the pandemic hit us in 2020 no one was able to travel. Ever since we haven’t made big plans for travel even though my heart is craving to experience some new places. But we didn’t really feel like booking a trip by plane anywhere. For one we are still in a pandemic and also because a lot of flights are getting canceled. Also there was not much time for a trip because both our work schedules are rather busy. And of course we just moved into our new home and that strained the budget. Also with the whole apartment situation in general we don’t know how long we are able to enjoy it. So we rather quickly decided to do a weeklong vacation at home.

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Book Talk August 2022 – What I read

books I read in August

Reading this year doesn’t flow as effortlessly as previous years. That has mainly to do with all the things that occupy my mind or need my attention. When I am finally picking up a book my concentration is not on the book at many times after a few pages (if I am lucky) or even a few sentences I take my phone, write godown that thing for the grocery list, google another and fall down the habit hole of Social media. Or I am just too tired to read when I am finally in bed. However I don’t want to complain. I know I am still reading a lot compared to other people. It is just an observation I have in my own reading habit. But I did read and so I can share my Book Talk August.


August Celebrations – Monthly Recap

celebrating January craftaliciousme seeking creative life

This post is brought to you by procrastination. It is the middle of the day and I should be doing some work. But I don’t want to. The software is buggy and my established work flow a mess. So I guess I am kinda forced to do something else. Writing this post I try to get into a better mood by writing down my August celebrations.

August was full of fun things and also lots of stress. But it was a great month and I think I would repeat. But read yourself…


A new start – 101 things to tackle in 1000 days

101 things in 100 days project zero

I remember the first time I sat down to write down 101 things to achieve in the following 1000 days. When I started out in summer 2019 a pandemic was the last thing I had on mind in terms of obstacles that kept me from achieving what I had set out to do. So a lot of my goals where just im possible to reach. But that did not discourage me. The opposite. And so I have compiled a new list of 101 things to tackle 1000 days.

Not being an amateur in compiling this sort of list I only needed about a week to come up with my goals. The first time around I needed 6 weeks to decide what was worth pursuing in this a challenge.