Currently in October

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I have come to like the monthly currently posts Anne is hosting. It always lets me stop and think about the prompts, Not all of them are easily to answer. This time around it took me a bit. Anyway, its late and I am tired so I will just stop babbling and let you read my answers.

Books. So many books. My parents have a huge bookshelf. And when I say huge it is about 4 meter long and 2,5 m high. And then there are the one in the living room and the study. So I grew up with my own private library. Every time I am there I browse for hours. And of course I am always finding something new. Currently I have nine books waiting to be returned. Their books are a lot of classics, lots of Eastern European writers (only things you could get in former East Germany), lots of biographies, memories and historical books. And lately my dad receives many books from African authors due to the job he’s doing. So its a source of inspiration and a bit off the beaten path and all the books that are hyped on Instagram and goodreads.


September Books – What I read

October books what I read seeking creative life

This post “September Books” contains affiliate links.

During my vacation end of August I signed up for a two months free Kindle Unlimited subscription. And those are always a reading boost for me. I have talked about my strategic use of Kindle Unlimited in a previous blogpost. And so I flew through September books this month. In total I could cross off xx books from my TBR and I couldn’t be happier. It was a solid month quality wise too with 3* and 4* books. I’d say pretty good reading month. So let’s have a look and maybe I can inspire your TBR a bit too.


September Reflections and October Intentions

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Hello October. I know I am a broken recording when saying how did we get here. How is it already October. Where did September go to. In three months we are writing a new number in the date. Is it just me or is life just happening while you are busy trying to figure out how to live it. It is a bit scary. Often just getting up to do the work to have the money you then don’t spend. I really need to sit on that thought and ponder what needs changing. But for now lets’ do the September reflections and October intentions.

But before I dive into that here is my favorite quote this month.


Homemade Granola Bars – Breakfast Idea

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Are you a breakfast person? I am on the weekends for sure. I love a long breakfast mainly a traditional German version. That includes “Brötchen” – little bread rolls that you then stack with yummy cold cuts and cheeses and jams. However during the week I often just have a coffee, followed by a tea and then have lunch at around 1pm. But sometimes a little snack in the morning with the first coffee and the first video call is a nice change. And so we started to stack up on granola bars. Unfortunately many of the store bought granola bars have lots and lots of sugar. So I decided to give homemade granola bars a try. And I was not disappointed at all.