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This month has all been about reading books with more than 500+ pages as I was participating in the #dickebüchercamp by Nordbreze. Do you like to read longer books or do you tend to pick up the smaller ones with 250+ pages? Of course the actually book count this month is not that high but I have read over 3000 pages. Here are my picks and the books I read in July:

Black out by Marc Elsberg | ★★★★⋆

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Enjoying Summer at Home

craftaliciousme seeking creative life enjoying summer at home in Brandenburg

Summer is here. Vacation time has arrived. But are you going anywhere with the uncertainty of a pandemic and so many unknown variables? I decided to enjoy summer at home this year. Of course I would love to explore the many treasures and sights this planet has to offer but not now. And who says you can not find a wonderful adventure at home. Just a few days ago I spent four days in our country home near the Polish boarder. It was my vacation for this year. And I was enjoying all summer had to offer. I want to share a few things and maybe you get inspired to enjoying your summer at home.

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coffee pot on palm leave for the monthly coffee date july made by craftaliciousme seeking creative life

And just like that we are in the middle of July. And the second half of this year 2020. Should we do a re-start for this year? I mean we all kinda wouldn’t mind, right? Well let’s sit down on my little balcony and chat a bit how our life has been. Thanks to Lecy the date is a fixture in this crazy period of time.

If we met for coffee…
lets talk about dreams. Do you have many dreams? Do you dream every night? Can you remember your dreams? I have phases were I dream intensively and than nights where I am just knocked out and all is black. But when I dream it’s often not very peaceful. Just this morning I told Mr ♡ that I can’t remember having happy dreams. Mine are always action ladden and adrenaline induced. Very exhausting.

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Goal Check-in to my 101 things 1001 days bucket list

photo of lighthouse in evening sun for my goal check in for the 101 in 1000 project also called project zero

One year ago I started a project. I wanted to cross off 101 goals in 1000 days. And to stay on track I have already decided to do an annual goal check-in. Today is the day: I want to see how far I have come. And maybe you also like to have a look. Then follow along:

Checked goals on the bucket list

Let’s start with all the goals that have been successfully been crossed of the list.

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