Sisterly Tradition – Volunteering at the Christmas Factory

Volunteering at the Christmas Factory shoeboxes with Christmas paper

How does the saying go? Two times a charm and three times a tradition? Or maybe that doesn’t even exist then we have to make it one. My younger sister and I have once again taken an afternoon to volunteering in the Christmas Factory for Operation Christmas Child.

When I suggested the idea back in 2018 and asked if she would join me we didn’t know it will become our own little Christmas tradition. But every October or November we sit down and start looking at dates that would fit our calendar and book us a slot in the Christmas Factory. Even through the pandemic it was important enough for us to not cancel.


My winter bucket list 2021

winter bucket list 2021 craftaliciousme seeking creative life

Today when I opened up Instagram my bookclub people from Munich showed the snowflakes dancing. So it is close to winter. I know it officialy starts December 21 but I always feel like December 1 is the day we can say it is winter. Meterologist predict it will be a very cold winter in Germany 2021/22 and I don’t object. I love it. Bring it on. If I can make a wish: let it be freezing cold for a week so all the ice in the lakes freezes all smooth and then add a bit of snow to make the rest of the country look great too. Best winter conditions. Oh I am ready. Can you feel it? Of course I share my winter bucket list for 2021 again.

  • Ice Skating
    Always and forever hoping I make it to the frozen lake at least ones. Last year it happened after many many years of warmer winters.
  • Baking Stollen
    I found grandmas recipe in her cook book. It only lists ingredients and no instructions. I am giving it a shot and hope something edible will emerge.
  • Reading Christmas and winter books
    I love reading snowy stories leading up to Christmas and then inn January and February. I have a few books ons my TBR I am looking forward to reading. Cant wait.
  • Family Christmas
    I am hoping for a family Christmas but I guess I need to prepare to spend it just us two again. I am not sure how we will survive winter in Germany if there isn’t a lockdown soon. And now with the new virus mutation its not getting better.
  • Christmas Cards
    As always I want to make some Christmas cards, write and send off. I also signed up to send cards to elderly people who do not have and family left.
  • Celebrate our Anniversary
    We were thinking about going back to the place were we spend summer vacation but haven’t booked anything yet. Not sure if it is a good idea to do so now. But whatever we do or wherever we are I want to make the day special somehow.
  • Build a snowman
    Even if it is a tiny one that sits on a fence pole. They are fun and I am sure it would make someone happy seeing it.
  • Getting the Booster
    I snatched an appointment for a booster shot and willl get it December 15th. I gladly make an exception to my otherwise strict rule on doctor appointments in December.
  • Finding a Word
    I will again choose a word and go through the motions to figure out what my word 2022 will be. I have one in mind for weeks if not months already. Never happened before. I am rather certain it will be the one but maybe I surprise myself.
  • Goal setting
    Right along with my word goes my list of New Years intentions. I will Unravel 2021 and plan for 2022. Excited about it. 2022 holds lots of celebrations in my family.
  • Christmas Movies
    Of course that makes the list. Always looking for recommendations.
  • Bath Routine
    Last year I started taking a long bath each Sunday night. I have started again but could make it happen weekly yet. Hoping to re-establishing this routine.
  • Cooking Chestnut Soup
    I never have and its been on my bucket list back in 2016. Its about time I do that.
  • Christmas Tree
    Getting one and maybe even a small one for my reading nook.

I think this has been the longest winter bucket list ever. But it just is my favorite season and its always so short. Need to make the best of it. Do you have a winter bucket list? Do we have some things in common? and what is missing on mine. Lets hear it. And if you need inspiration you can consult my previous years (2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016)

Happy winter


My new favorite Spot

new favorite spot reading corner craftaliciousme seeking creative life

I finally did it. It took me only a total of eight years. To find my new favorite spot? No, that is only the final result. It took me eight years to finish my “craft lab” aka my now home office. The first time I talked about this space here was back in 2013. I was writing my blog in German back then. My thinking process about the color scheme is one of the most visited posts.

In one of my previous NaBloPoMo postings I talked about the fear of a blank space and why I think I can not tackle this project. The project of having a blank room and can do basically anything. I had put this task on my to-do list. On my yearly intentions list and even on my 1000 in 101 bucket list. This year I gave it another go. Probably because of Covid and I was staring at the chaos during my video calls. So I finally fixed the ugly corner.


Lunch Date with Mr. ♡

lunch date selfie in front of mercedes benz arena Berlin

How can you get excited about changing tires on your car? When you make it a Lunch Date with Mr. ♡. I hate that job of changing tires every 6 months when we need to put on the winter tires and back to summer once. It always feels like 90 minutes of wasted time. You drop off your car at the shop and then need to come back 90 minutes later. There is nothing around in the area. I actually try to refuse doing anything car related as I hardly use it anyways.

But Mr. ♡ manages to convince every so often that it could be fun if I tag along. So happened yesterday. He suggested we use the time in between for a lunch together. And eating out. I can not remember when we have last done that. Oh well maybe during summer vacation. But that is vacation and always feels different.


Lets play – Christmas Bingo Templates

Do you like playing games when the family is together? We used to play a lot over the holdiays. Usually board games. I decided to create some fun Christmas Bingo templates. They can even be used during zoom calls. For that I asked a on instagram about certain phrases that are always said during the holidays. Some where really fun and some very unique and specific to traditions and families. However I tried to incorporate as many as possible.