Adventures in Fall – My Bucket List

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Leaves are turning into that colorful shade of reds and yellows and the light has this magical glow. Mornings are crisp while a few hours later we can still sit outside in shirts soaking up sunshine and enjoying the wonderful day. Bit there is no denying summer is coming to an end and fall is sneaking up on us. Time for me to think about adventures in fall and compile my seasonal fall list.

As always I will check in on my summer bucket list and see how many items have been crossed off.

  1. ✔️ Bake a sugar free cake.
    I crossed this off early in summer but to honest I can not remember which one it was.
  2.  ✔️ See the water front.
    Husband and I spent a few little trips to lakes around Berlin. But not that many. Often they were so packed with people that I didn’t even want to get out of the car.
  3. 𝗫 Finish #the100dayproject
    This did not happen. Can’t force it.
  4.  ✔️ Read one book with more that 700 pages.
    Read a few and one with 1200 pages.
  5. 𝗫 Take a boat trip.
    Unfortunately this didn’t happen. It would have been fun.
  6. ✔️Enjoy my dads garden party.
    It was a wonderful gathering with many interesting people. Being the photographer though I hardly got to chat.
  7.  ✔️Meeting some friends again.
    Met our friends for the traditional BBQ also another couple came over. Besides that it’s been slow. Next week I’ll meet my best friend for the first time since February. Unbelievable.
  8. 𝗫 Have a movie night at home.
    Why didn’t we do this?
  9. ✔️Enjoy my balcony daily.
    Yes, Yes, Yes – best thing this time around
  10. ✔️ Make ice cream.
    Didn’t try new recipes but I have the ingredients in stock so maybe I can still do that.
  11. ✔️ Celebrate 15 years with Mr. ♡
    We didn’t do anything fancy besides said oh wow 15 years already.
  12. ✔️ Going swimming.
    Best check on the list. I went swimming. I can not remember the last time.
  13. 𝗫 Visit the Drive-in Cinema
    Maybe I shouldn’t be putting this on lists anymore…

Only four things I haven’t done. That is pretty good and I am happy summer went this great even though Corona ist still looming above us, life and all.

Let’s see what adventures to plant for fall…

  1. Make my own tea
    I have gathered leaves all through summer and they are dry now. Time to experience with mixing and blending to find the perfect cuppa.
  2. Participate in NaBoPoMo
    Last year I had to cut my daily blogging in November short because of an arm injury. So this year I am all in and have already started gathering ideas.
  3. Lunchtime walks
    I have been holed up too much lately in my home office or at the client’s headquarter in Hamburg. I want to take more walks over the cemetery and in the park.
  4. Make apple pie
    If I could have only one more pie version I think it would be pie with apples in all variations. I am thinking about my grandmas pie recipe or I will finally tackle apple strudel.
  5. Take a weekend trip.
    We didn’t go anywhere for summer vacation but I really would like a change of scenery. Maybe we are able to snatch a good deal somewhere with not so many people. Or maybe I will just spend another weekend at our country home.
  6. Mushroom hunting
    I want to forage the forest and listen to the wildlife while picking mushrooms and eating my finds for dinner.
  7. Reading by the fire
    I would like to snuggle up and read while the fire is burning. Meaning a bit less tv and more books.
  8. Starting on Christmas presents
    I always am short on ideas when it comes to Christmas presents and since last year worked out pretty well gathering thoughts during fall I will do it again.
  9. Fall photo walk
    Take the camera, a bit of time and explore the outdoors. Fall light is just beautiful and I want to capture some of it.
  10. Minimalize more
    I want to see a few things on eBay and get rid of more stuff. It is just all so packed… Who needs dvds anymore. Or VCRs? Also a few books need to go.

This is my list for this season. What is one thing you want to do this fall? Let me know in the comments and maybe I need to add it to my adventures.

Happy leaves kicking



books I read in August Ahron Appelfeld craftaliciousme seeking creative life

This was the second month of the #dickebüchercamp where I tried to read only books over 500 pages. Well, I read a few books but not the long ones. That has mainly to do with the last book on the list. It was not up my alley so I sought procrastination in smaller stories and more engaging books. And so the books I read in August are higher in number than anticipated.

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Easy homemade BBQ Dips

Homemade BBQ dips by craftaliciousme seeking creative life.jpg

Do you have the luxury of an own garden? If so you are probably in high BBQ season. We only BBQ with friends in their garden or when in the country home. So I hardly have the chance to enjoy the delicious food. But we did bbq this year and while I’m usually in charge of dessert this time around that was already covered. So I decided to make some homemade bbq dips. And let me tell you it was yum.

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Right now I should actually get some work done. But it is a day of procrastination and before I just scroll my phone and eat more ice cream I decided to have our August coffee date instead. So lets take some time , enjoy our iced coffee latte and have a chat

During our coffee chat…
I tell you about the first couple weeks in my new work project. You might remember me telling you about it last time. During my onboarding week I was able to visit not only one but four container terminals at the Port of Hamburg. It was really really interesting as I never dreamed of going there yet actually knowing what is going on in a port. The whole project gives me totally new perspective on how global trade is running. That is what I love about freelancing – within a relative short amount of time I get to see so many different areas, clients and products. I could not switch jobs that fast… My curiosity is my driver – I keep asking questions like a kid. How about you – do you like change and new areas to work in or do you like it more steady?

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This month has all been about reading books with more than 500+ pages as I was participating in the #dickebüchercamp by Nordbreze. Do you like to read longer books or do you tend to pick up the smaller ones with 250+ pages? Of course the actually book count this month is not that high but I have read over 3000 pages. Here are my picks and the books I read in July:

Black out by Marc Elsberg | ★★★★⋆

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