TRUST 2019 – Time for those resolutions

I love writing this annual post. Setting goals and intentions is something I look forward to all through the December hustle.

2018 my goal was to BEAUTIFY life in four main areas: relationships, business, home and me. I did pretty good and achieved some good things in all areas while there is room for improvement in all areas as well. While I loved this word it was not as strong and present as the previous one. But it was always in the back of my mind nudging me.

Of course I planned to choose another word for 2019. It didn’t come to me as easily and don’t feel the tingling I’ve felt for previous words. For 2019 TRUST will be my companion.

TRUST new years resolution 2019

After many years of struggle I am currently happy and content with how life is unfolding. I don’t want much to change but there are always things to tweak. So I will trust that I will continue on this path. I will trust that good things continue coming my way. I will trust that heartaches will have a reason to be in life. I will trust that being kind to people, caring and helping will one day come back to me. In German the word “trust” translates to “trauen” and has another layer which can be roughly translated to “daring” in English. So I embark on this too. I will dare to tip my toes in new adventures. I will dare to try new things.

I have hard time coming up with an approachable list of goals one can cross off. I’ve again set four areas as this seems to work for me. Here is my attempt:

People & Relationships
  • trusting that kind gestures will come back
    • be kinder to stressed people like at the cashier, the call center agent, the mail man, etc.
    • writing cards to friends & family throughout the year
  • trusting that people don’t want to hurt me or intend to exploit me
  • trusting that I will make time to see friends, connect with old ones and maybe make a new one
  • trusting that I will provide time to enjoy my hobbies
    • read 40 books (I’ll have a separate post in the works here)
    • craft more, blog more, create more
    • start another 100 day project (already having two ideas)
  • trusting that tough situations are here for a reason and we come out stronger
  • trusting that I will have interesting & challenging work projects coming my way
  • trusting in new endeavours
    • seeing if the photography love can be professionalized a bit more
  • trusting in developing new skills
    • learning about image retouching
    • discover more options Lightroom and use it’s potential
    • dabble in video making
Body & Mind
  • trusting my body that it knows what it needs
  • trusting this year will be the year I establish a yoga routine
  • trusting I will continue to grow as a human
  • trusting I will again be able to spend 4 Spa Days with myself

I am sure I will add more things to the list during the year but for now I believe it is a good guideline. I wonder, do you pick a word to guide you through the year? Anyone ever had TRUST? Or what is yours.
Happy New Year


Beautify 2018 – Time for those resolutions

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Good morning,

another year is in front of us – so pure, so innocent, so promising. All the possibilities, all the wonders, all the adventures. A blank slate. What will it be? I have a few ideas…

new years resolutions 2018_

But as always I like to check in and see how my resolutions turned out from 2017. You might remember that I had a word “become” and oriented my goals on that and only took a different approach for personal and business.

The more personal focused one was to “become more lighthearted” and was a bit tougher to achieve for me. I only went to the spa twice, I didn’t meet my friends as often as I’d liked and didn’t manage to write cards as I used back in 2014. One goal I didn’t tackle is my craft lab aka home office. But overall most of the times I felt more lightsome and lighthearted than in the past years. So think I can say this part of the word served me well.

As for the career part it was “become venturous”. And boy did this one fly. I started freelancing in March and business picked up really fast. I didn’t get to have a slow month to set up slowly and get settled in. I took a project across country and travel back and forth. So I say I am way out of my comfort zone here. And it feels good. I could not have though for a better word. My Dawanda shop and this blog fell a bit short though. However I managed to finish my photo class and ended that one with my first exhibition.

This was my strongest word yet and it served me very well. I had a really hard time finding a word for 2018 even though I started really early on Susannah’s email course and pondered all contenders for a day. And then it just snug up on me when I had my coffee: BEAUTIFY. I want to spread beauty through acting kind and giving back to the people who have supported me in the last years. The years that were not easy for me and that were a struggle. I want to make life, my relationships and my new business beautiful.

I came up with some tackle-able goals to achieve that.

1. Beautify Relationships

  • listening first and more before trying to say something
  • meet some friends I haven’t seen for so long
  • write a birthday card to every person
  • take some time to comment on blogs every week

2. Beautify Life

  • have a real vacation with hubby
  • laugh more and continue to be lighthearted
  • look for daily beauty – I am going to continue the gratitude journal and I am thinking about another 100dayproject probably some image or sketch related one
  • continue to create and learn and be amazed

3. Beautify Home

  • transform the craft lab into a working space and not a weird undefined in-between dwelling
  • declutter more more more, maybe do one of those 30 day declutter challenges?! Any suggestions?
  • make some apartment updates (new bed, some changes in the living room), etc.

4. Beautify Me

  • include more nature and outdoor activities and move more e.g. increase steps
  • treat myself to a spa day quarterly
  • reminding myself that beauty comes from within and that anger and negativity shows
  • living healthier

I am sure I will find many more small tasks & goals to fit under the big topics. And I like that because it makes it so approachable. And easier to actually get one step closer to the main goal. Maybe I check in with a monthly update once in a while because that really helped back in 2015.

But now lets get 2018 started – to a year of to BEAUTIFY!






One shouldn’t break the chain, right? So here I am telling you about my new years resolutions for 2016 just like I did in 2015, 2014 and 2013.

Before I make my goals for 2016 I like to have a look at last year. How did I do, where did I struggle and where did I excel.

♥ 1: Get healthy, feel better get back to yourself.

I didn’t do as great as I have hoped. I had a few good months in the beginning of the year where I ate healthier and lost some weight. I did start some exercise in the middle of the year and felt better but kinda lost it somehow. I still have back pains. So today I am basically where I have started out last year. I guess it’s somewhat of a win as I didn’t increase the problem.

♥ 2: Be nicer, be more patient, listen better.

Well, this one is a life goal, right. I don’t feel I gave it my all but tried nevertheless.

♥ 3: Declutter!

I did declutter quite a bit but there is still so much to do. Lots of clothes went to eBay and when I didn’t get them sold I donated it all. I still have some clothes and other things I want to sell.

♥ 4: Cook more (healthy) food.

Well I didn’t manage to cook one recipe from every book but when I looked for a new one I always decided to go with the one in a book I haven’t used yet. I made Chewy Pecan Brownies, Cucumber Potato Salad, Bread out of a pan a few more which didn’t make an appearance on the blog.

♥ 5: Invest time, fun and ideas into my Dawanda Shop.

This one was alright. I spent some time and money to make the shop more happy and fun to browse. I made a few sales however not as many as I would have liked. But then you have to start small, right?

♥ 6: Classics.

I started out strong in the beginning of the year but hoped to achieve more. Here is what I have read: Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, Moby Dick and I watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Jurassic Park.

♥ 7: Write more letters & postcards.

I am most proud of this one and it is the one I did the best on. I think I only missed one birthday and two or three people I saw on their special day anyways. So I am really happy with this one. And I did receive five Christmas Cards this year so I am happy.

♥ 8: Invest in blogging.

I did invest in blogging as I was traveling to London to be part of the blogtacular conference and meet Elisa there. While it didn’t give me as much as I had hoped for (hence the missing recap article) I still felt inspired. I also joined a few webinars and took notes. And I spend some time working on the blog changing my CSS. It is still scary and I have no clue how I did it but I know I can.

♥ 9: Staying creative.

I feel like I have been quite creative this year. Maybe in a different way then I have thought but still. I was doing a lot of drawing this year. It started out with a sketch note workshop with Frau Hölle in February. In May I participated in a Japanese calligraphy course where I learnt how to write with ink and a brush. It was so much fun and so mediative. In fall I had the chance to learn about hand lettering. I also sewed a bit: a purse, a dress for my godchild, a sweater and two long sleeves for myself. I made more jewelry and a lot of ornaments as Christmas gifts. I am happy with this one and hope I will continue.

So bye bye 2015 and lets get some resolutions for 2016 on paper.

new year resolutions 2016

I started out with a different approach this year.

Have you heard about choosing word for your year? I had already last year and loosely had ‘appreciation’ in mind. However this year I wanted to take the time and ponder over it a bit more. Susannah is providing a free workbook to unravel your last year and set goals for the next. I really recommend it as it is quite revealing. She also has a free mini email course to find a word. And Elise had a podcast (# 038) about this topic that I enjoyed a lot. After going through those exercises and an epiphany I decided on my word: L O S E
I know it sounds negative and that is what made me think about it a bit longer but it just feels right.

So my intentions for 2016 have this word in mind. Here they are:

1. Lose anger and negativity

This one is closely connected with my life at my day job. Specially after looking for a new job four years in a row I am really angry and negative about the whole situation. It’s not healthy – for me and my environment and it’s staining other areas. This needs to stop. I also file a few more things under this category but they include other people or are very personal so I will not go into detail here.

2. Lose clutter

Now this one is a huge one. Lose clutter physically meaning get stuff out of the apartment as soon as possible to make room to breath. It means virtually. I am having this crazy idea about deleting my entire feed reader and start out new. How many new blogs, people and ideas would I discover? Not sure if I dare to do so but if you want to make sure I stop by at you place leave a comment… But it also means declutter my brain and mental stage. Lots of thoughts hopping around, feelings I can’t quite put a name too and my migraine.

3. Lose unhealthy lifestyle

This includes the first two points as well as physical things. I want to eat healthier, move more and maybe find some relaxing method. I plan on signing up for a pilates class to try it.

4. Lose fear and self-doubt

This one is mainly connected to my blogging and Dawanda shop. I hope to learn to be proud of what I am doing. I hope to find like minded people to interact. Just connect a bit more. My attempts last year weren’t too fruitful.

5. Lose time wasting habits

How many times do we spend on checking emails, Facebook and such in the most unlikely places and unnecessary ways? How often do I end up in front of the TV instead of doing the “I never have time for this” projects. Hoping to carve some of that time and channel it to those projects.

And while I can’t fit all my goals under the word L O S E and since having good experience last year I have few more:

6. Write more

I want to continue to write postcards for birthdays and any occasion coming up. And I also want to write more blog posts. But it also means rediscovering journaling. I did that once in a while in 2015 and I want to keep a gratitude/happiness journal to help me with goal #1.

7. Stay creative

I plan on taking quite a few courses at the community college or online to learn about new creative techniques and such. I want to finally do the photo exercises from the Humboldt Fotoschule and I want to keep drawing and lettering. I also want to sew more clothes I can wear and I do need new purses.

This years goals are somewhat vague and I have to come up with a plan to put them in tasks otherwise I will not be very successful. Right now I am thinking of theme-months and January will be declutter. We’ll see how that goes.

I am ready 2016 but please treat me nicely! I am excited and hope it will be a good year. Do you set resolutions? Please share as I am always eager to snatch new ideas.

Happy goal setting,


My Advent Wish List…

Isn’t it great? It’s the first of 1. Advent and my most favorite season has started. I was reading my blogs this morning and Bine had me inspired with her advent list and I figured I get up, make myself a cinnamon coffee, light the candle and type away.

Advent wreath decoration white green moss

So here is my advent wish list:

  • Decorating the apartment NOT right before Christmas but maybe even today. Lets start this advent right.
  • Not making a crazy load of cookies and stressing myself with it. I usually have a fix plan on baking the Saturday before Advent 1. Not this year. And I usually make around 10 different cookies (at least) in one sitting. It’s crazy. And I always wonder why no one wants to bake with me… This year I do them when I feel like it. Maybe invite my neighbor again because that was fun.
  • Sew myself a Christmas shirt. I have this silver sparkling fabric here and I also have a pattern all ready to go.
  • Take time to enjoy the season. Find a few minutes a day and calm down. Write a journal entry or work on Frau Hölles #24doodles  Adventskalender. Or just sit and star at the candle listening to music. Whatever helps to make the most of this season and soak it all up.
  • Visit the Christmas market. I am really no fan of those things, I thought,  but last year my colleagues dragged me to one and I LOVED it. So I hope I can motivate them to go again this year. I will have hot apple cider and roasted chestnuts.
  • Making a few Christmas presents myself or at least a tiny add on. I have started already but don’t know how it turns out.
  • Walk in snowfall. I love snow. I love the smell of fresh snow. And I love to breath the air. So hopefully it’s snowing while I have time to be outside.
  • Listen to Christmas music. I usually don’t like classical music much but once a year I listen to the “Christmas Oratorio” by Bach. It instantly gets me in the Christmas mood and I usually listen to it when baking.

This is my list. I hope I will be able to enjoy it all. Do you have a list? Please share!

Happy candle lighting,


News Months Resolution :: November Edition

Well this wasn’t supposed to happen… two monthly resolution posts in a row. Life took over, I am feel somewhat meeh, too many ideas, too many energy suckers in life, a dull job… in short I am in a funk. But today I woke up thinking “I wanna write a blog post.” So here we go:

2015 goals

Contribution to goal #1

♥ Pick one challenge and get back into the routine. Didn’t happen.
♥ Ride my bike to work unless its pouring but don’t let the cold stop ya! My bike broke two weeks after buying and I haven’t gotten around to fixing it. But I walked the way home once and was totally worn out. Tells me one thing.

I’ve gotten a reminder about this challenge. It wasn’t to loose weight! It was about feeling healthy. I need to keep this in mind.
♥ My back hurts bad daily right after waking up. I need to find something to get rid of it. A new pillow or some stretching exercise or something.
♥ Make 10.000 Steps at least 2 times this month. I love the air and it makes me instantly happy to be outside.

Contribution to goal #2

♥ I want to listen better. And remember what was said. Please, if anyone has suggestions on little trainings or such give me a hint please. I really don’t know if I was successful here.

♥ Don’t snap back immediately, take a breath, think, answer.

Contribution to goal #3

♥ Work on this enormous to-do list and get some stuff crossed off. Well I have no clue what was on the list when I wrote it a month ago. Its long again.
♥ get rid of the packed up clothes that already got sorted out. Don’t procrastinate! Threw them all out. Almost, not the ones not yet packed up.

♥ There are so many spots still looking terrible. Pick 2 and get rid.
♥ Try selling things now that Christmas is around the corner.

Contribution to goal #4

♥ Cook more! (Not helping that I wait for delivery while typing this!) If cutting veggies and sticking them in the oven counts I got better.
♥ I’ve got a few recipes I would love to try. It’s time for mushroom risottos and stews and such… I don’t think there was one…

♥ 3 new recipes. I start with a bean stew today. An apple sauce cake next week when visiting my godchild and she loves apple sauce I hear.

Contribution to goal #5

♥ I have a few more products to add to the shop and ideas to realize. Lots of new things in the SHOP.
♥ I want to start doing a few things for x-mas. I did. And It’s coming soon. And you can have it too. Follow my shop!

♥ My big goal is making a sale in my Dawandashop. Hopefully with my new product arriving in a couple weeks I will.
♥ Make a new header for the shop.

Contribution to goal #6

♥ I won’t add some book as I will not make it. No reading. Kept this one.
♥ But while typing this I wait for food so I can start watching a real classic I haven’t seen before – Jurassic Park. Maybe I should go to watching classics instead of reading… This it should be an easy one then… Yes, made it and watched Jurassic Park.

♥ Watch one classic movie. Maybe Breakfast at Tiffany’s? What’s your favorite classic?

Contribution to goal #7

no birthdays and such. I skip and get ready for Christmas cards. Done

♥ I am participating in an advent calendar swap again this year organized by undiversell and fraumasulke. It has been a lot of fun last year and it’s great to get lots of handmade little presents. I use my mug coaster daily. So I bring that on the road.
♥ And Annette is having an Nikolaus Blogger Exchange. I was reading about it last year and really really felt said that I missed out. I want to be part this year but wondering if I put too much on my plate. (But secretly I already know I have signed up by the end of the weekend.) You can sign up until: Wednesday November 11, 2pm.

Contribution to goal #8

♥ I have big plans. I want to add a Christmas page with all my related posts. Ahhh this is a pain in the a**. I started three times and just a few days ago I think I had a breakthrough. Now all the work…

♥ Hopefully setting the page up finally.
♥ I’ve a few post ideas for November so actually publishing is the goal.

Contribution to goal #9

♥ projects lining up: 1 hoodie, 1 sparkling long sleeve with a different neckline, newborn baby outfits and purses and totes. Hopefully I can cross lots off next months. Noon, none. I am sooo sad.

♥ Take October goal and do it.

Well, here we go. Lot’s of plans. Only 3 weeks to go. So I better get started.

As always I link to Elisa. Check out the other goals.

Happy goal reaching,