Hello Fall – My Fall Bucket List 2019

Fall is finally here. I have much looked forward to this season as summer was really tough this year being prone to migraines. Just not a huge fan of those hot temperatures and high humidity. So I welcome this season with a new fall bucket list. But as always before getting started with new goals, dreams and wishes let’s have a look at the summer list:

  1. ✓ Spending some more time strolling along Berlins lakes and canals. → We went for some visits at Wannsee, Tegler See and walked around Alt Stralau. So yes.
  2. ✓ Enjoy the balcony to the fullest. → definitely did this. I even managed to keep my plants alive during this heatwave of summer.
  3. Taking a photo trip to a part of Berlin I haven’t yet been or wasn’t for long time.
  4. ✓ Going to two school enrollment ceremonies. → Yes and I even made some Zuckertüten (aka candy cones) for all kids.
  5. ✓ Celebrating Mr. ♡ milestone birthday. → It was a good birthday. Even though he felt sick on his birthday we had a ice cream party and a week later a wonderful dinner with friends and family.
  6. ╳ Finishing #the100daysofcraftaliciousimages project. → still working on it. Currently 31 days to go.
  7. ✓ Sewing summer clothes. → I managed to sew two shirts, have another one ready to stitch together and a short pants (that unfortunately doesn’t fit because I thought I was smarter than the instructions…)
  8. ✓ Making some more jewelry. → I made some lovely birch wood jewelry. Also thinking about selling a few.
  9. ✓ Spa Day with myself → It was wonderful to finally spent a day relaxing.
  10. ╳ Baking from a new recipe → nope… only staples
  11. ╳ Go swimming. → unfortunately not but I came close. I was at a lake and went almost skinny dipping because I had no swim suite. But I chickened out because I didn’t want to leave car keys and camera unattended.
  12. ╳ Eat lots of veggies. → huge fail here. Less veggies more chocolate and cake.
craftaliciousme seeking creative life fall foliage with sprinkler Berlin

Summer you have been other than expected but still great. But now it’s time to move on. For me fall starts with my moms birthday which happens to fall on the official fall start – tomorrow. Here is my fall list I’ve compiled for this season:

  1. Finishing #the100daysofcraftaliciousimages project.
    As mentioned still 31 days to go. I will get this done. However I need to make adjustments for next year.
  2. Participating in #inktober
    I feel like drawing and sketching and I always am more into it when doing a challenge. However I might be putting too much on my plate here.
  3. Participating in #NaBloPoMO again
    Always fun to spent more time on this blog and this would be year four to have a full blogging month.
  4. Sew a pencil skirt
    I have this blue textured fabric and I have a pattern in mind. Just need to sit down and do it.
  5. Baking pumpkin muffins
    They have been a favorite 20 years ago and I haven’t had one in ages. It’s bit more effort since there is no pumkinpie filling available in Germany and you have to make that from scratch.
  6. Take walks and enjoy the changing season.
    My steps have decreased during summer and the heatwave- time to pick it up again. And I love the fall light dancing in the colorful trees.
  7. Sell stuff on eBay
    Lots of things have accumulated again and it’s time to put some effort into finding them a new home. I am going to dissolve my extensive dvd collection.
  8. Read Dracula
    This book is my TBR for too long. Around Halloween I’ll will finally start reading it.
  9. Spending a weekend in Venice
    Longtime dream to visit Venice will come true this fall. Plane and hotel is booked. Now just to figure out what to see.
  10. Getting cozy
    I am looking forward to sitting by my (digital) fireplace, reading, having hot drinks and just be happy and content.
  11. Getting started on xmas presents
    Every year I feel like I should have listened to people when they tell me of things they like so once Christmas comes around I am not lost of ideas. I want to make an effort to already collecting ideas throughout fall. Maybe I’ll have good clues at hand when it gets time to buy things.

I am looking forward to the season. Have you written a fall list too? Please share your ideas. And if need more ideas check out last years list.

Happy leave hunting


One day or day One – 101 goals to tackle in 1001 days

Every time I feel a bit off I start making list. Like for everything. It makes me feel I have things under control. It makes me feel I have a goal. It makes me feel legit. While making lists is fun it should also make us move forward, challenge us, broaden our horizon, experience new things and take us by surprise. And maybe even be a bit uncomfortable.

craftaliciousme seeking creative life 101 in 1000 days bucket list

It took me around 6 weeks to compile my first 101-in-1001-days list. I never imagined it to be so tough. Some goals didn’t make the list as they felt too meaningless, other felt too personal, then there were too lofty ones…

In the end I could sum it up to the following categories:

  • Adult Things (10 goals)
  • Work Things (7 goals)
  • Travel & Explore Things (17 goals)
  • Fun & Random Things (18 goals)
  • Craft & Make Things (18 goals)
  • Personal Things (22 goals)
  • Kind Things (8 goals)

Read the full 101 things in 1001 day – my personal bucket list with goals and how this works. I am really excited to start on my 101 goals. I am sure I will loose momentum on the way. This is why I decided to do a checkup on July 14th 2020 and 2021 and share here on the blog. It’s already a reminder in my calendar.

. I am really excited to start on my 101 goals. I am sure I will loose momentum on the way. This is why I decided to do a checkup on July 14th 2020 and 2021 and share here on the blog. It’s already a reminder in my calendar.

Have you ever done a project like this? Are you planning on doing something like that? I would really like to hear, find a partner in crime, cheer each other on and keep each other accountable.

Happy list making friends



Already mid July but finally I made it to our monthly coffee date. I am glad I did and due to my over all feeling I would ask if you would like to join me on my balcony for a cup. I could serve you a coffee or a blend of tea. I’ve a fast collection. If it’s hot I probably have some homemade iced tea in the fridge.

coffee date balcony craftaliciousme seeking creative life

If we’d had coffee…
I’d say I felt a bit off lately. Maybe one reason why I had to postpone our meeting a bit. It’s just not my time of year. Summer always feels depressive – too hot, too loud, too much going on. I know it’s not a popular opinion but I can’t help the feeling. I’ve been holed up in my apartment for 5 days. Tell me, what is your least favorite season?

If we’d had coffee…
I’d wonder if you believe everyone had a vocation in life. I had a talk with a friend of mine and she mentioned that she doesn’t feel that what I do for a living is done with a lot of passion. And that this might be the reason why motivation feels so hard for me. That I spent so much energy motivation myself doing the tasks instead of doing them. So she suggested I should spent more time in finding my vocation. I have spent time in trying to figure it to. I didn’t find it. So I am wondering. Does everyone have this one passion in life? The one thing to share with the world? I really am not sure about it but I know specially our generation is raised to believe it.

If we’d had coffee…
I’d wonder if you find my blog name fitting. Lately I’ve wondered if I should change it. I feel like I want to share more thoughts and ramblings and less creative and DIY stuff. Also no one can spell it. I kinda like it but it is very me focused (with the me in the end) something I never liked. I’d like to hear your thoughts.

If we’d had coffee…
I’d tell you I am planning on getting a helmet to ride my bicycle. Obviously it’s not for fashion purposes but recently there have been more bike related accidents reported here in Berlin. Maybe I am just conscious. Anyhow it’s never a bad idea to invest in your health. So if you have any good ones to recommend I am all ears.

If we’d had coffee…
I could finally tell you that I finished my 101 in 1001 days bucket list. It took me only 6 weeks to compile. I never knew it is so hard to come up with so many intentional goals. So I was wondering if I am too strict on what makes the list or just aimless? And I also wonder if you would join in the fun.

If we’d had coffee…
I’d wonder how your summer is going? Do you enjoy it? Did you travel somewhere or plan on doing so? Did you write yourself a bucket list to cross off?

As we are heading towards noon the sun is coming around the neighbor’s house and soon the balcony will be scorching hot. So we say good bye and plan on meeting up in August. You head out and I plan on hopping over to Lecy to spend a few more minutes visiting.

Happy day to you


Spring Bucket List 2019

I went for a walk and found spring. That reminded me I could write a new bucket list. But let’s have a quick look at the winter bucket list and how I did:

  1. ✔️Read a Christmas Book – I read “The Cricket on the Hearth” from Charles Dickens Christmas Books. It was ok but nothing tops a “Christmas Carol”
  2. ✔️Spread Random Acts of Kindness – I hope I did but then you can always do more.
  3. ✖️Ice Skating – no winter in this part of the globe
  4. ✔️Christmas Movies – I did however I feel like there is nothing new out…
  5. ✔️Cancel all appointments in December – so liberating
  6. ✖️Planning next years Christmas – did not and have a feeling it’s not gonna happen
  7. ✔️Taking a photo walk – I did and found spring
  8. ✔️Crafting – I made stuff for the advent calendar swapping but nothing else
  9. ✔️Christmas Concert – I went by myself as my own Christmas party
  10. ✔️Celebrate Dads 60th – we sure did. Twice.
  11. ✔️Find a word 2019 – my word ist Trust. Read more about why.

I am a bit surprised that almost all got checked of the list. Throughout winter I felt like I didn’t manage to cross anything off. Perception is a weird thing.

spring bucket list seeking creative life blue sky with magnolia blossom

Okay enough let’s dive in and start Spring. I mean officially. Because it only does when there is a list, right? Here we go:

1. Enjoy the first ice cream/sundae of the season.
Nothing better than being outside, enjoying the sunshine and diving into some ice cream.

2. Have a family reunion.
We’ll meet up again at my family home with my family, cousins and all for a weekend together. We are planning on visiting a chocolate factory. Do you want to tag along?

3. Start the 100DayProject.
It starts tomorrow April 2nd. I’ll be trying to improve my photography by drawing daily challenges for myself. You can follow on my Instagram and the #100daysofcraftaliciousimages.

4. Have a Spa Day with a friend.
We had to postpone twice but hopefully we can enjoy that day soon.

5. Doing some more Easter Eggs.
I’ve already started saving blown out eggs from last meals and I’ll be doing a few more of my beloved Sorbian Easter Eggs and this modern Ukrainian folklore ones.

6. Start BBQ season at our friends house.
Nothing more needs to be said unless you’ve got good recipes. I want to have those.

7. Do a detox week.
It’s time. Always feel better afterwards.Maybe before the spa day.

8. Pretty up the balcony.
And opening up the outdoor home office. so looking forward to it.

9. Check of a few more books on my Reading List.
I realised that a few books on this list don’t intrigue me as much anymore then beginning of the year. Anyone else feeling that shifty? Still so many good books on my TBR. What’s you next one?

10. Plan a vacation.
Recently got a wedding invite to Australia. Unfortunately it’s already beginning of May. Not sure if we will manage. But besides that I want and need a vacay.

11. Find a birthday present for Mr. ♡
And a good one as we are having a round one to celebrate. Suggestions are welcome.

Do you have anything fun planned for this spring season? Share away and leave a comment or visit on Instagram.
Happy spring season