Adventures in Fall – My Bucket List

adventures in fall a bucket list craftaliciousme seeking creative life

Leaves are turning into that colorful shade of reds and yellows and the light has this magical glow. Mornings are crisp while a few hours later we can still sit outside in shirts soaking up sunshine and enjoying the wonderful day. Bit there is no denying summer is coming to an end and fall is sneaking up on us. Time for me to think about adventures in fall and compile my seasonal fall list.

As always I will check in on my summer bucket list and see how many items have been crossed off.

  1. ✔️ Bake a sugar free cake.
    I crossed this off early in summer but to honest I can not remember which one it was.
  2.  ✔️ See the water front.
    Husband and I spent a few little trips to lakes around Berlin. But not that many. Often they were so packed with people that I didn’t even want to get out of the car.
  3. 𝗫 Finish #the100dayproject
    This did not happen. Can’t force it.
  4.  ✔️ Read one book with more that 700 pages.
    Read a few and one with 1200 pages.
  5. 𝗫 Take a boat trip.
    Unfortunately this didn’t happen. It would have been fun.
  6. ✔️Enjoy my dads garden party.
    It was a wonderful gathering with many interesting people. Being the photographer though I hardly got to chat.
  7.  ✔️Meeting some friends again.
    Met our friends for the traditional BBQ also another couple came over. Besides that it’s been slow. Next week I’ll meet my best friend for the first time since February. Unbelievable.
  8. 𝗫 Have a movie night at home.
    Why didn’t we do this?
  9. ✔️Enjoy my balcony daily.
    Yes, Yes, Yes – best thing this time around
  10. ✔️ Make ice cream.
    Didn’t try new recipes but I have the ingredients in stock so maybe I can still do that.
  11. ✔️ Celebrate 15 years with Mr. ♡
    We didn’t do anything fancy besides said oh wow 15 years already.
  12. ✔️ Going swimming.
    Best check on the list. I went swimming. I can not remember the last time.
  13. 𝗫 Visit the Drive-in Cinema
    Maybe I shouldn’t be putting this on lists anymore…

Only four things I haven’t done. That is pretty good and I am happy summer went this great even though Corona ist still looming above us, life and all.

Let’s see what adventures to plant for fall…

  1. Make my own tea
    I have gathered leaves all through summer and they are dry now. Time to experience with mixing and blending to find the perfect cuppa.
  2. Participate in NaBoPoMo
    Last year I had to cut my daily blogging in November short because of an arm injury. So this year I am all in and have already started gathering ideas.
  3. Lunchtime walks
    I have been holed up too much lately in my home office or at the client’s headquarter in Hamburg. I want to take more walks over the cemetery and in the park.
  4. Make apple pie
    If I could have only one more pie version I think it would be pie with apples in all variations. I am thinking about my grandmas pie recipe or I will finally tackle apple strudel.
  5. Take a weekend trip.
    We didn’t go anywhere for summer vacation but I really would like a change of scenery. Maybe we are able to snatch a good deal somewhere with not so many people. Or maybe I will just spend another weekend at our country home.
  6. Mushroom hunting
    I want to forage the forest and listen to the wildlife while picking mushrooms and eating my finds for dinner.
  7. Reading by the fire
    I would like to snuggle up and read while the fire is burning. Meaning a bit less tv and more books.
  8. Starting on Christmas presents
    I always am short on ideas when it comes to Christmas presents and since last year worked out pretty well gathering thoughts during fall I will do it again.
  9. Fall photo walk
    Take the camera, a bit of time and explore the outdoors. Fall light is just beautiful and I want to capture some of it.
  10. Minimalize more
    I want to see a few things on eBay and get rid of more stuff. It is just all so packed… Who needs dvds anymore. Or VCRs? Also a few books need to go.

This is my list for this season. What is one thing you want to do this fall? Let me know in the comments and maybe I need to add it to my adventures.

Happy leaves kicking


Goal Check-in to my 101 things 1001 days bucket list

photo of lighthouse in evening sun for my goal check in for the 101 in 1000 project also called project zero

One year ago I started a project. I wanted to cross off 101 goals in 1000 days. And to stay on track I have already decided to do an annual goal check-in. Today is the day: I want to see how far I have come. And maybe you also like to have a look. Then follow along:

Checked goals on the bucket list

Let’s start with all the goals that have been successfully been crossed of the list.

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Summer Bucket List – Enjoying Summer 2020

enjoying summer 2020 staying home craftaliciousme seeking creative life

Remember that I believe summer starts with June 1st? With that logic we are already a few days into the season. Nevertheless I decided to make yet another list. A list to help enjoy summer 2020 to the fullest. Because let’s face it: there won’t be any long distance vacation coming up anytime soon. We are definitely not planning on traveling anywhere this year. So sad but even more important to seek out some fun in the home town:

  1. ✔ Bake a sugar free cake.
    Apparently this didn’t happen in spring so let’s do it now.
  2. ✔ See the water front.
    Spend as many moments as possible with some water close by.
  3. Finish #the100dayproject
    I have taken a break as life and the worlds happenings have clearly overwhelmed me lately. I am hoping to picking up the habit again and crossing off a few more of my projects on the list.
  4. Read one book with more that 700 pages.
    There is a challenge (#dickebüchercamp) I might join. I have a couple contenders.
  5. Take a boat trip.
    Since there won’t be a vacay I am thinking about renting a boat (maybe with friends) and spent a day on the river.
  6. Enjoy my dads garden party.
    If the pandemic allows my dad is throwing a big party celebrating his lifes pivot point of living longer in a united Germany than in the former GDR.
  7. ✔ Meeting some friends again.
    I have been putting off meeting friends. I miss my dear friend A. lots as we haven’t seen each other since February. I have had a couple dinner requests but was reluctant.
  8. Have a movie night at home.
    We watch a lot of movies. Basically every time we have breakfast and dinner on weekends. However I want to have a more planned one. With a cool meal, popcorn in buckets (a birthday present) and a pre-picked movie.
  9. Enjoy my balcony daily.
    It’s the time for morning coffees outside and an outdoor office until the sun hits the screen.
  10. ✔ Make ice cream.
    I think I haven’t used my ice cream maker last year. This year I try one or two new recipes.
  11. Celebrate 15 years with Mr. ♡
    Yep, this July we have been dating for 15 years. Crazy how time flies.
  12. Going swimming.
    It’s been on my list last year. And I already had the itching to jump in a lake and take a swim. I am not the girl who needs a swim to feel a live and I don’t consider myself a good swimmer but something is calling me.
  13. Visit the Drive-in Cinema
    I want to do this for so so long but I can’t quite convince the husband to join. And the movies selection hasn’t been that great… But maybe this year.

And this is how I plan on enjoying summer 2020. Don’t always need to travel far to have some fun. What are your plans? Travel or #stayathome? Now let me know what’s on your list because I am sure my days are not completely filled yet.

Happy summer time


P.S. if you need inspiration for your own summer list check out my archive 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016.


In times like these it is especially important to have something to look forward to and plan a few fun moments. Even though we are not being able to roam outside, enjoy all the spring air and go on adventures I will not shy away from making yet another spring bucket list.

spring bucket list 2020 craftaliciousme seeking creative life

But as always we quickly check the winter list to see how things went:

  1. 𝗫 Take a walk in the snowfall. – no snowfall until March 30th 2020 this season.
  2. ✔ Go to a Christmas concert. – Did go, liked it a lot.
  3. ✔𝗫 Get into Holiday spirit. – not quite sure if I can cross this one off. Yes and No.
  4. ✔ Celebrate our 6. Wedding Anniversary – We went to Oslo for a long weekend. Who would have thought this is going to be the last trip for a long time.
  5. ✔ Visit Roncalli Christmas Circus – we did, was fun to be in a circus again.
  6. 𝗫 Plan vacations for 2020 – good thing I didn’t make much progress here…
  7. ✔ Unravel 2019 and find a word for 2020 – yep! always do.
  8. 𝗫 Go ice skating – did we even have temperatures below zero this year?!
  9. 𝗫 Try to catch a snowflake on camera. – see 1
  10. ✔ Spend some cozy days with Mr. ♡. – definitely
  11. ✔𝗫 Be kind – mhm, tough one. I guess there is always room for improvement.

Ok, who is ready for some spring vibes?

Spring Bucket List 2020

  1. Starting the 100 Day project.
    I am a bit torn if I want to do it. Well I know I want to but for some reason I don’t have a clear idea yet on what to do. The project starts Tuesday, April 7th. What ever I decide follow along on Instagram.
  2. Write letters or cards to every birthday person.
    Just a quick and easy way to let people know theyr birthday is still important even though know one is showing up.
  3. Buy flowers every week.
    If I can’t enjoy the spring outside, get it inside.
  4. Family Reunion first weekend of May.
    if this will not happen as it looks like maybe when can at least meet one evening for zoom call with everyone.
  5. Take a walks in the park as often as possible.
    If running errands outside take the long walk through the park to see the world and get some exercise.
  6. Cook three new dishes.
    With all those dinners to cook maybe try out a few new recipes.
  7. Sew a garland for the next big party.
    I will not tell you how long I have that planned or even cut ready to sew together…
  8. Do some SEO optimizing for the blog.
    I recently learnt that I have quite a few things to optimize. Let’s do that.
  9. Clean and pretty up the balcony.
    This will get a lot of use again this year so better get it ready. Some cleaning and then a few more plants. Some survived from last year. *happy dance right now and some shoulder padding*
  10. Read a lot.
    There is a (German) kindle unlimited offer (sign up until April 30th ) and get one month for free. Of course I snatched that up. My reading list still has quiee a few books to cross off.
  11. Have a first Easter only us two and make it good.
    All my life I have celebrated Easter with family. Even the year in the US I spent it with a Christian family (as the Morman family I was staying in did not celebrate). This year will be the first just Mr. ♡ and I.
  12. Bake a sugar free cake.
    I am still on my lent thing (no sugar/cake/candy and no phone in the bedroom) and I decided to keep the sugar thing going to cross off #74 on my “101 things in 100day list”.

So this is my spring bucket list for the pandemic season. Do you want to write your own. You should. And share here so I can add a few more things. If you need a bit of inspiration check out my previous list (spring bucket list 2019 and spring list 2016).

Happy Sunday


25 Ideas when Staying Home is inevitable

craftaliciousme seeking creative life 20 ideas when staying home

The whole world is going crazy because of the virus and the restrictions being put out to keep the pandemic as small as possible. Honestly not much is changing for me. I work from home, I might need to reduce my lunch walks but usually they are made at the cemetery (not many people there). My weekends are spent at home most times. So I think I can adjust much easier than other people. If you are one of those who need to get out, meet people and have activities lined up I got you covered. Here are 25 ideas when staying home.

  1. Reading a book – self explanatory. Have a look at my recommendations if you haven’t picked one up in a while.
  2. Crafting for Easter – we probably need to stay home until the holidays. Time to craft something you never find time for. I will definitely make some more Sorbian Easter eggs.
  3. Writing letters – when was the last time friends and family got a handwritten letter? Now is the time to pick up that habit again. While running errands today I picked up some stamps. Let me know if we should start a pen-pal-friendship offline.
  4. Learning a language – now is the time to freshen up your language skills so next time we are able to visit countries again we are all ready to go. I will work on my Spanish skills.
  5. Baking & Cooking – how many recipe books do you own? And how many recipe have you actually done? Could be a fun way to work through books and discover new favorite meals. Or maybe you find a recipe on this blog and give it a try.
  6. Making a photo book – are you taking images and never really look at them once saved on your phone? Or do you still have printed copies in a shoe box. Make a photo album.
  7. Dreaming up a bucket list – don’t have a bucket list? Time to start dreaming about all the things you’d like to do.
  8. Learning photography – when confined to one space, learning photography poses new challenges and option. Looking at the same things over and over again sparks creativity.
  9. Watching a tutorial – watch a tutorial on something you always wanted to learn.
  10. Growing an herb garden – watch something grow when not being able to spend time in nature. Maybe you want to cultivate an herb garden, or maybe you’d like flowers on your balcony this summer? Start now.
  11. Repairing your clothes – favorite pant has a hole? The blouse misses a button? Small fixes passes time.
  12. Meditating – too hectic around you? Try meditation.
  13. Sorting your purse – it’s never a bad idea to look through the purse. Hidden gems can be found.
  14. Commenting – now is the time to finally leave a comment at your favorite blogs and instagram accounts you always read.
  15. Cleaning the windows – it’s amazing how uplifting clean windows can be.
  16. Reducing your watch list – of course now is the time to watch all those movies and shows on your watchlist.
  17. Playing a board game – if you are not stuck at home alone consider playing a board game. But even through FaceTime some games can be played.
  18. Making a scrub – how about taking some time and do a body scrub. Check out my coffee cinnamon scrub or maybe you prefer an avocado sugar scrub.
  19. Painting – the walls or just a piece of paper
  20. Dancing – by yourself. Or maybe learning those salsa steps finally.
  21. Selling things – are there some items you always wanted to get rid of? Lets put them up on craigslist or Ebay and get them out the house.
  22. Painting – no matter if some small doodles or the big canvas. Art is always a good idea.
  23. Challenging someone – now that we don’t get much radius for activity it would be fun to start some challenges to increase steps and activities.
  24. Thanking – people who keep this countries going, who work to their bones, who have lots of responsibility and don’t think about them selves.
  25. Journaling – maybe a practice to pick up know to let people in a couple of years know what this crazy time was like.

These are my 25 ideas when staying home. Let me know which ones you’d like to add. And what are your plans for the next days/weeks/months?

Happy social distancing