Corona Diaries – Month 11

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New year same pandemic. We are close to the one year mark and when Covid19 first appeared here in Germany and gotten seriously. Eleven months into the pandemic. Can you believe it? I am not sure how I feel about it. It seems like yesterday when I was glued to the news hearing about a new mystery disease no one knew anything about. And on the other hand I feel like we lived through a hundred and ten years in the last months. And then it seems like time is on a stillstand. Whatever the outcome of it all I have a way to look back with my corona diaries. Here is to month 11.


Currently in January

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I have come across the currently post on many blogs and continuously in the last year and months and I have always enjoyed reading them. So for this year I am giving this a try and will be joining the community Anne in Residence has been building.

As always I started my year by picking a word of the year (GRACE) and making some resolution. I love making all the plans and setting intentions. I often keep losing them along the way but I also refer back to those lists and check in. I also changed my practice of writing a gratitude journal. I didn’t feel it in 2020 and was a bit absent. So I’ve gotten myself one of the 5-year-journals and try this new approach.


GRACE 2021 – Time for those resolutions

Grace 2021 time for those resolution green leavery

Good Morning brand new year. Hello 2021. We have waited for you to come around. It is still early for the New Years morning and I enjoy the silence it brings. the perfect time to gather thoughts and reflect and set goals.

As always I am starting this off with announcing a word that will guide me through the new year. For 2021 GRACE will be my word. A word that sneaked itself into my list of contenders and then never let me go. I was toying with kindness but grace is more complete.



And just like that in the middle of a pandemic and and a world in chaos I finish my eighth year of blogging. For me that is a big achievement. When I started this blog it was to escape a terrible job, the feeling of being utterly lost and loosing myself along the way. The blog became and still is a constant. And I love that I have a lot to talk and share even after 8 years. My drafts file counts 39 unpublished posts. I will continue to blog but before we start of the next blogging year we have look at my 2020. My eight years of blogging.


My favorite books 2020 & more shenanigans

[Advertising – unpaid, post contains affiliate links] Well, it is the time of year where we round up our thoughts, where we look back and reflect on all the things that have happened. To write summaries of things. Today I want to share my favorite books 2020 and all the things related to them. I hope you enjoy this trip into bookland and find inspiration for your next read.

I set out this year with a list of reading goals. It included 21 specific books I wanted to read. I read 15 books from the list. I tackled a lot on my physical TBR list and swapped a few books. However my TBR stacks are growing steadily – both the kindle one and the physical one. Combined they hold 680 books. Anyone able to beat me here?