Currently in January 2022

currently January

January is a few days old and therefore high time for the currently group gather Anne is organizing on a monthly basis. This months prompts have been a bit tough for me but after giving it some serious thought and simmering for a few days I could answer all questions and write a little something down. Since I am just back after 3 days of trade fair show it might be a bit all over the place so please bare with me. I am tired and exhausted.

That 2022 will be a year of celebration. Not only is it a year with a lot of milestone birthdays, milestone anniversaries and other happenings. I also have a very positive feeling about this year. I am usually not one for parties and many people but I feel like I want to celebrate exactly this in 2022. So yes, I am looking forward what 2022 is bringing along.


Reading Goals for 2022

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The year is still fresh and I can feel the excitement flood my veins. All the motivation. All the grand plans. All the possibilities. I know it will not last forever this feeling of giddiness. That feeling that everything is possible, that I have all the time to tackle my ambitious goals. There will be a time when I wonder what I was thinking shouting my plans out to the world. Telling everyone and making myself vulnerable when not being able to achieve those goals. But for me personally it actually helps to have a list. A guideline that gives some clarity when all is foggy with everyday chores, demands and tasks other unload on me. That is the times I come back to my lists. And this is why I write down my reading goals for 2022. When I feel like I do not know what to read – I check in. When I feel overwhelmed with all the options – I check in and pick one from the list. When I feel like the last books have been crappy – I check in a choose one I was looking forward to. So I enjoy having a list and it doesn’t intimidate me at all.


Celebrate 2022 – Time for those Resolutions

celebrate 2022 time for those resolutions

Finally I can sit down and write my most favorite post of the year. As I keep telling you every year this post kicked off my blogging adventure on January 1, 2013. So it will be my tenth time I am sharing my intentions. I can hardly believe it and once I am done with this post I think I will read through the last decade and see what kind of change has happened. Blogging is such a fun hobby to be able to look back at and having it all documented. But for now lets see what the new year has in store and in which way I want to celebrate 2022.


My 2021: Nine Years of Blogging

Just typing this headline I am amazed that I share my life online for almost a decade now. How did that happen? And how did I manage to never run out of things I’d like to share? I have to say even though I have been a bit absent on this blog after the NaBloPoMo challenge I still loved showing up here so much this year. And I have high hopes for continuing to do so in 2022. But before I ramble about all those plans let’s have a look into my 2021: nine years of blogging and what that actually looked like.


My favorite books 2021 & more shenanigans

[Advertising – unpaid, post contains affiliate links] Only a few more days and this year is in the books. I haven’t been able to write my post about my favorite November and December books yet. But I wanted to round up the year with my favorite books 2021 and I also added another new fun facts all around books. Maybe I will include a more detailed review of November and December books in my January report. We’ll see…

For 2021 I had a list of 26 specific books that where my reading goal. I read 19 books from the list. One was abandoned. I tackled a lot on my physical TBR list and swapped a few books. And I was even able to tackle my TBR stacks – both the kindle one and the physical one. Combined they hold 676 books. That is 4 books less than last year so I am reducing. How is your list coming along?