Corona Diaries – Month 8


Over the summer you could almost forget we are in the middle of a pandemic. Almost. It felt normal and then normalcy and carelessness creeped in. I would like to say I wasn’t part of it but I have to admit I often had to remind myself we are still in the midst. Maybe even just at the beginning. I still didn’t meet many people and if I kept my distance. But things are changing again and so I figured it’s time for a little check-in:



books i read in september seeking creative life craftaliciousme

Another month has passed and we are slowly moving towards the fall season. The books I read in September somehow show that – at least for me. More coziness… My book picks started out a bit bla but towards the end I got better in book picking. I read books that have been on my list and I bought a couple ones as kindle deals but they were not that overwhelming. But see for yourself and maybe there is one in here that catches your eye. Enjoy!


Adventures in Fall – My Bucket List

adventures in fall a bucket list craftaliciousme seeking creative life

Leaves are turning into that colorful shade of reds and yellows and the light has this magical glow. Mornings are crisp while a few hours later we can still sit outside in shirts soaking up sunshine and enjoying the wonderful day. Bit there is no denying summer is coming to an end and fall is sneaking up on us. Time for me to think about adventures in fall and compile my seasonal fall list.

As always I will check in on my summer bucket list and see how many items have been crossed off.

➢ Keep on ReadING


books I read in August Ahron Appelfeld craftaliciousme seeking creative life

This was the second month of the #dickebüchercamp where I tried to read only books over 500 pages. Well, I read a few books but not the long ones. That has mainly to do with the last book on the list. It was not up my alley so I sought procrastination in smaller stories and more engaging books. And so the books I read in August are higher in number than anticipated.

➢ Keep on Reading