Ideas for a special Holiday Season

Tomorrow we celebrate the First Advent. Time to get into a festive mood and to think about how we can spread some Holiday spirit. This year we have to get used to that all is a bit different. So I put together ideas for a special holiday season because truely after what 2020 has thrown at us we can sure use something special.

Special Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Coffee Cinnamon Scrub

Waking up in the morning taking a hot shower and loosing yourself in the scent of coffee and cinnamon. There is no better way to get into holiday spirit. This coffee cinnamon scrub is easy to make. You have almost all ingredients at home already. And it makes a really nice gift for loved ones. Just make sure you have a batch for yourself.

craftaliciousme seeking creative life selfmade coffee cinnamon scrub

Vegan Bath Bombs

Let’s stay in the bathroom. Enjoying a lovely book in the bath tub or listening to some relaxing music can chase away all the holiday hectic that is taking place. If you are making some vegan bath bombs yourself you could even add some glitter or fancy ingredient to get into the holiday spirit. Or you make some star shaped bombs by using a baking try. Since all ingredients are edible (except glitter) you can use it to make cookies afterwards too. Again this would also make a wonderful gift.

handmade vegan bath bombs

Printable Pattern Calendar

I love the time around Christmas and especially between the years. The 12 days after Christmas have some special magic. I like to hang up a new calendar in my office. This year I made my own pattern calendar and share a download with you. I also review my year and make plans for the next one. Having those thoughts and time to reflect is Holiday Spirit for me.

free printable pattern calendar craftaliciousme

If you are looking for more gift ideas to make this season check out my post “10 Last minute gift ideas” or my collection of advent & Christmas ideas.

Special Drink Ideas for the Holidays

Spicy Fruit Punch

I am not such a big fan of “Glühwein” or as you may call it “Mulled Wine”. I tend to get a headache rather quickly. However I love to drink some hot spicy red drink when others sip their Glühwein. So I came up with this alcohol free version of mulled wine.

craftaliciousme seeking creative life Spicy fruit punch

Hot Cranberry Drink

When on our honeymoon in Finland we came across this drink all the time. There are little huts everywhere on the trails where you can warm up and often times there is a cauldron over the fire with this drink. When we went to the husky safari or at the reindeer farm everywhere we were served this hot cranberry drink. I came to love it.

finnish cranberry juice

Hot Apple Cider

Now bear with me the photo is pathetic. But it was one oft the first posts on this blog back in 2013. You can see how I evolved my photography skills. Nevertheless ever since this hot apple cider is one of my favorite Holiday drinks ever. I will be sipping one tonight while FaceTiming with friends.

hot apple cider special holiday season

Special Baking Ideas for the Holidays

Finnish Sour Cream Cake with Cardamom

Don’t let the photo fool you this is the perfect cake for cold winter days. Maybe while watching the snowflakes dance outside. But also for a wonderful crafting afternoon or for an relaxing afternoon while drinking tea. The smell of the Finnish sour cream cake is hinting that the holiday season is around the corner.

Kermakakku - Fisnish Sour Cream Cake

Baked Apple Pie | Bratapfelkuchen

Baked apples is there anything more festive than this? Add a few cranberries and vanilla and you get holidays on a spoon. Or fork. This baked apple cake reminds me of the times when my grandma would make us baked apple in the old tiled stove that had a little compartment were you could heat things up. The apples would be put in there after lunch and bake for a few hours until it was time for a snack in the afternoon. The smell was so wonderful. This brings back that spirit.

baked apple pie | bratapfelkuchen top

Spicy Chai Cookies

These are my favorite cookies to bake and eat during the holidays. They are a nice variation with all the the sugary cookies and chocolate glazed ginger breads. They have a spicy punch to them, added with a nutty flavor they are really really good. But don’t let me fool you – healthy is probably not one of their adjectives to describe. But this season specially they are good for the soul.

spicy chai cookies

I hope you will have a special holiday season this year. Do you have anything that makes it festive?

Happy festivities


Fragrance Collection

fragrance Collection craftaliciousme seeking creative life

When it comes to fragrances my experience shows that there are two kinds of personalities. Ok, maybe three if we are counting the ones that don’t use fragrances at all. I am not talking about those. Either you are having one fragrance in your bathroom, one that you have probably picked up around teenage years and continue to use (until it is discontinued). The other personality is having a whole assortment of fragrances in the bathroom.

Reading the headline you can probably guess what kind of personality I am.

Today I share all my fragrance collection – the ones I am currently using, collecting and which you would find in my bathroom.


Hot Tomato Soup with Rice

hot tomatoe soup with rice

When I started this blog there was a regular post series called “Soup Sunday“. Pretty soon I realized I can’t post soup every Sunday. Still my love for soup has not diminished. I love soup and eat it often – specially during winter time. So when I started cooking today my hot tomato soup with rice I had left over, I figured why not share a recipe.

When I cook soup I usually don’t do anything fancy but whip up something with ingredients I can find in the fridge and the pantry. Often times it is made of left-overs.


Happy Feet – Happy Day

Polka dot socks craftaliciousme seeking creative life

Ok, now let’s get a bit silly today and talk about socks. I recently discovered that having fun foot wear is setting me off to a good start. Happy feet happy day basically. And who can’t use that right now.

I am not sure when all this started – maybe its pandemic based. Maybe it started when I became a solo entrepreneur. Being in the home office all the day and walking around without slipper it’s just fun to look at happy footwear when you wiggle your toes. And no one is judging you either.