Happy Feet – Happy Day

Polka dot socks craftaliciousme seeking creative life

Ok, now let’s get a bit silly today and talk about socks. I recently discovered that having fun foot wear is setting me off to a good start. Happy feet happy day basically. And who can’t use that right now.

I am not sure when all this started – maybe its pandemic based. Maybe it started when I became a solo entrepreneur. Being in the home office all the day and walking around without slipper it’s just fun to look at happy footwear when you wiggle your toes. And no one is judging you either.

I wasn’t always that adventures when it comes to my socks. For years I was actually really practical. I bought the sam socks in big backs – mainly black a few white ones and once I went crazy with blues. The advantage only having 3 kinds of sock in the drawer is obviously. Never looking for the matching pair. If one sock has a hole throw it out because the other one will fit with any spare sock. This system was working for years. I mean it’s pretty smart, right?

Polka dot socks collections craftaliicousme seeking creative life

But as I mentioned for some reason it got a bit boring. However I stayed true to my main style theme. My wardrobe contains only a selection of colors – that hasn’t changed in the last five years. I have many shades of blacks and grey. I do own a good selection of blues and coral shades and also whites. And my socks are actually still black and grey – now they just have polka dots and stripes and sparkles. Sparkling socks are perfect for days that need celebration. Polka dot sock are a good companion when I feel playful or need some cheer up. And stripes… Stripes are always a good choice.

Do you have any quirks when it come to socks? Or maybe style in general. Are you going only with a certain color scheme? Or patterns?

While I like my socks to look fun I wouldn’t say I am an addict. I do not follow brands or instagram accounts that are dedicated to happy feet and fun socks. I didn’t even know that was a thing hence a community out there. But I guess nowadays you can find like minded people with every quirk there is.

Right now I wouldn’t mind some bluish socks with polka dots though.

Happy toe wiggling



DIY envelopes made of recycled paper calendar pages and wrapping paper templates as download on blog

If you follow me on Instagram you have probably seen how I come up with fun DIY envelopes to spruce up snail mail. While they are not as fancy as back in my teenage days it is still a lot of fun to see what I can come up with. Finding a fancy envelope in the mail box always makes me smile. I love the anticipation until I finally get to open it and read the careful written words from loved one. And it so much fun spreading the cheer to other mail boxes.


2020 I think I am done with you

2020 I think I am done with you

Remember the time right around now last year? We were excited about 2020. We were doing reviews on how our last decade was and made plans what the new decade will look like. We were all excited about 2020 because see how beautiful it looks when writing. So neat, so innocent, so perfect… 2020 I think I am done with you. You did not keep your promise and yesterday I decided I don’t need you anymore.

Dear 2020… you start to annoy me. You make me feel like it is February and yet when I look at the calendar it says November. Where did the time go? What did I spent those month with? I hate wasting time. It is so inefficient. Don’t get me wrong I love my “nothing” time but I choose to waste it. Now you are taking control and the seconds, minutes, hours and days just slip by.

Dear 2020… you show the worst in mankind. So many egocentrics. So many crazy people. So many people who use this pandemic to place their twisted political believes. This scares me. It destabilizes societies and open up ways to believes we would otherwise have energy to battle. But we do not. We are trying to survive. Literally.

Dear 2020… you don’t give us a break. It just started all over again. Lockdowns, frustrations, financial anxiety, keeping distance, not seeing friends, not hugging loved ones.

Dear 2020… you make fun of me. My word of the year was moxie. Yes I see the irony. All those exciting things I wanted to do. All those projects to tackle. All this things to cross off my list. I tried. I don’t care you are laughing. But you know, it is not very nice. Have a look around to 2019 or 2018 they were mean but they were also nice.

Dear 2020… you bring out boredom. But not in the good way. Those days where I start to annoy myself. It is one of the unproductive kinds of boredom. Where you just want to go to bed at 7 pm because you are just so done with everything. I have had enough of those days already. Not even a book can swep me away.

Dear 2020… thank you for not being as terrible as you could be. Thank you for my healthy family. Thank you for a job that pays money. Thank you for a lovely home. Thank you for the husband. Thank you for still laughing in this house despite everything.

Dear 2020… lets part soon and keep each other in our memories but let’s just be friends for a phase in life and not make it a permanent relationship. 2020 I think I am done with you and you have given me your everything. And if you have more to give please don’t.

Bye Bye


eBook organization – helpful tips and tricks

eBook organization – helpful tips and tricks craftaliciousme seeking creative life

After we talked about snatching up those eBook deals it’s time to get some organization done. I didn’t start this right away. After a while I realized I am having a ton of books on my kindle but can’t really find what I am looking for. Or what I am in the mood for. Today I share my eBook organization with you – there might some helpful tips and tricks in here that you can adapt. Let’s get started:


A gift for someone I don’t know – Operation Christmas Child

operation christmas child craftaliciousme seeking creative life

Remember when I was a Christmas Elf? I had decided to do a bit of volunteer work and my sister joined me for the past two years. While we were helping out in the Christmas workshop the first year we already decided to do it an annual tradition. So late September we agreed on a date that was working for both of us and we signed up for another shift at the workshop. This year I have a bit more time to get my gift for someone I don’t know. Luckily I kept some notes the past years and they did help in deciding what to shop this year.