Easy Avocado Dying at home

easy diy avocado dying color samples craftaliciousme seeking creative life

Dying with natural colors is nothing new to me. Every year our Easter eggs are done with onion skins in a deep warm reddish brown color. I love them. I also remember my mother dying clothes with black tea back in the day. Coming across a lovely pinkish shade on Pinterest I was hooked. When I discovered that my white dress shirts had some rose colored stains matching the natural dye color of avocado I had a reason to try. Here is my take on easy avocado dying at home.

First of I ate quite a few avocados. I read in one tutorial that skins and pits can be frozen until needed. That is how I did it. Another lady suggested keeping them in a jar covered with water.

I have not taken any progress photos as I was too lazy and I did it at night. But Louise has done a great job so check out her tutorial as I followed it rather closely.


DIY Jewelry Display – My Ikea Hack using The Stockholm Tray

I think the idea to make a DIY jewelry display is in my mind since I signed up for Pinterest in 20xx. Ok, maybe that was a bit overly dramatic but it is close. I always new I wanted to make some sort of hanging display for my earrings but didn’t quite know what I wanted or needed. I had a many ideas I walked through in my head but I never took steps to actually make them. As Mr. ♡ decided to throw out this newly bought IKEA Stockholm Tray because it didn’t quite fit in his office I snatched it up. After a few more months cluttering the apartment I finally went to work.

craftaliciousme seeking creative life DIY jewelry display

Last summer I spent a day in the wood workshop with my dad. I had a couple projects I wanted to work on. It was good to have some guidance.
Here is how I went about it:

Materials you need für your DIY jewelry display

  • wooden tray
  • wooden round stick in similar wood
  • drill with matching heads
  • sanding paper
  • paint if needed
  • carpenters rule, pencil

Unfortunately for you I was so caught up in the moment I didn’t really take step by step photos. I tried to explain what I did though.

  1. I had a huge mind block when it cam to measuring where to but my rods. Still have. Can’t grab the concept here even though my dad tried to explain multiple times (he graduated with a maths and physics diploma back in the day). I don’t understand how it works apparently my mind isn’t capable. Basically I did not measure.
    Here is what you need to do: figure out where to put the first rod. It should be one in the middle section. Drill a hole but make sure not to go all the way through. Repeat on the other side. Now measure the distance. This is the length of your first stick. Due to some mathematical theory/law/whatever it will always be level.
  2. Now you only need to use a distance meter to measure where to drill the next hole. Repeat until you are done.
  3. As for the studs I simply drilled some wholes in a slat. I didn’t do a very precise job but I am ok with that. It was a bit more effort to make them fit into the ledge as I could simply drill some holes.
  4. Once done sand down a bit and simply click the rods and slats into place.
  5. I decided to paint it all white as the jewelry pops more with a clean background.
  6. You are done. Now the fun part – hanging, sorting and displaying jewelry.

I am really surprised how many I accumulated over time as I didn’t expect to own that many studs. So I already ran out of space even though I got rid o f a few.

On another note I realized I used to wear a lot of purple as I own so many in that color but hardly wear them anymore. Over all I have 81 earrings – 27 handmade by me and 7 more handmade ones from markets or by friends.

I love that I can see them all on display now and can choose in the morning which ones to wear. It’s much easier to reach for some forgotten gems.

I am really happy how this turnt out. And also I was able to cross of #56 and #61 of my 100-things-in-1001-days-list.

Do you own a DIY jewelry display or how do you keep your accessories? I am always looking for fun inspiration so feel free to share.

Happy crafting


Homemade Coffee Cinnamon Scrub { RECYCLE QUICK TIP #13 }

craftaliciousme seeking creative life homemade cinnamon coffee scrub

Do you like coffee in the morning? I certainly do. If you are a coffee lover you will love this homemade coffee cinnamon scrub. It’s like having coffee under the shower. And lets be honest that’s one invention we could use…

Besides tasting amazing coffee is also said to have a few benefits when it comes to beauty and skin care. Studies by a new Danish biorefinary have shown, that only 1% of coffees bioactive compounds of coffee have been taking advantage of when brewing it. Meaning the caffein is diluted but the rest is just going to waste. Seriously what a waste? They re-purpose the left over coffee grounds so they can be used in cosmetic products and the food industry. So interesting.

It’s not new that coffee is used in anti-cellulites products. The coffeid acid may boost collagen which is helping the skin to look fresh and healthy and stores water. So it comes as no surprise that coffee asl exfoliate scrub is pretty awesome.

But let’s get to making some homemade coffee cinnamon scrub so you can experience all this yourself. Here is what you need:

  • 1/2 ground coffee – you can recycle your used coffee
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 5 tbs olive oil
  • 3 tbs jojoba oil
  • 4 tbs almond oil
  1. Let coffee dry a bit when using recycled coffee.
  2. Mix oils.
  3. In separate bowl mix sugar and coffee grinds.
  4. Mix together and put into jar.
  5. Enjoy scrub.

So simple isn’t it? I really don’t know why I ever bothered to by scrubs and peelings. And since I am mixing it myself I actually use it more often too. Have you ever done any skin care products at home? I am always pondering going more in depth here but you need so many ingredients. Well not for all as you can see at the vegan bath bombs I did. But facial cream…

Not much of a coffee lover you might find the Avocado Sugar Scrub more to your liking.

Happy beautifying


Scented Wall Hanging { RECYCLE QUICK TIP #11 }

scented christmas decoration hanging

My favorite season is slowly but steadily coming closer and today I want to share a quick and easy tutorial with you. It’s a Scented Wall Hanging made of orange peel. Because now is the time to eat lots of vitamins and so we’ve got peels to recycle. And it is a good way to slowly start decoration for Advent without overdoing it.

All you need for this craft idea is some oranges or mandarines, a cookie cutter of your preference and some yarn.

Instructions are just that easy:

  1. Eat your oranges and saves the peel.
  2. Get out your cookie cutter and cut away.
  3. Thread them together. I did pairs of three. Then I strung them on a wooden piece.

scented christmas decoration

Well and that is about it. Easy and fun little crafting for in-between on a rainy afternoon.

If you like crafts with recycled materials my little eerie “Recycling Quick Tip” might be fun to check out. And if you have any fun and easy craft ideas let me know in the comments please.

Happy recycling,


What To Do with old Calendars { RECYCLE QUICK TIP #10 }

Hello there,

I just realized it’s been ages since my last recycle quick tip.

Last year I was lucky to win one of Annette’s calendars. Well 2016 is over and I really thought the calendar was too cute to just hand it over to the trash bin. So: What to do with old calendars? I asked myself.

What to do with old calendars

While I was writing down my goals – one being to write birthday cards to every person this year as I have been doing back in 2015 – an idea struck me.

Why not make postcards…

Well the how to is too easy but still here it is:

  1. find an old postcard for measurements
  2. get out a craft knife and cutting mat
  3. Figure out what part of the calendar you want to use
  4. cut away What to do with old calendars
  5. draw the backside – remember to meet legal requirements, you don’t want your card to be returned to you.
    Here you find German requirements.
  6. write postcard and make someone happy

What to do with old calendars

Well that’s what I did with my calendar. I also have a couple nice photo calendars which will be put into frames.

What your you doing with old calendars? Let me know in the comments.

Happy Wednesday,


I’ll be adding this quick DIY to Herzblutprojekte and Wow me Wednesday. Go check them out to find more inspiration!