My Christmas Book Collection

my christmas book collection

I have had an other post planned but I don’t feel like writing that. For some reason I feel like talking about books today. I know lot of you reading a long are also avid readers. Last year I talked about 25 things about me as a reader. I enjoyed writing that post. Back then I mentioned that I kind of collect Christmas books. The other day I walked by my book shelf and tipped all the one a bit so I could see them and know what to read in December. So why not share my Christmas Book Collection. Maybe you find some gem you would like to read or gift to someone.


Book Talk October 2022 – What I read

october book talk

October has probably been my busiest month work wise in a a while. So reading really was a challenge at times and then a live savior in other moments. Leaving it all behind and diving into the story. Again audio books became a thing since. I can listen to those while trying to stay in top of household stuff and maybe taking one of the rare morning walks. Glad in the end there is something for the Book Talk October to post.


Book Talk September 2022 – What I read

what i read september

reading in September was hard. I was not able to focus much. I was restless and occupied and anxious. And at the same time I felt like Want to drown in a good book. Leave the world outside. Escape to a place with trials and battles knowing in the end the good will prevail. In the end I found a few books I was able to finish and have a book talk September with. But I also have started three times as many. Only to quit after the first page or so. Mainly because those books I really looked forward to reading and just didn’t want them to be bad because of my current state.


Book Talk August 2022 – What I read

books I read in August

Reading this year doesn’t flow as effortlessly as previous years. That has mainly to do with all the things that occupy my mind or need my attention. When I am finally picking up a book my concentration is not on the book at many times after a few pages (if I am lucky) or even a few sentences I take my phone, write godown that thing for the grocery list, google another and fall down the habit hole of Social media. Or I am just too tired to read when I am finally in bed. However I don’t want to complain. I know I am still reading a lot compared to other people. It is just an observation I have in my own reading habit. But I did read and so I can share my Book Talk August.


Book Talk June & July 2022 – What I read

stack of books I read in June July

I’ve missed out on sharing my book reads in June so get yourself some iced latte and some time. I am back to reading and I have a piled up a few books I want to share today. My Book Talk June & July is filled with lots of four star reads. Apparently I’ve been having a good nose when it comes to picking books lately. Such a great feeling. A bad book really can put a slow to the reading pace, doesn’t it?