Winter Bucket List 2018

I have said it before and I do so again: For me winter starts with Advent. Screw the metrological calendar and the date December 21. Lets start right now and compile a Winter Bucket List. They are fun. But be before we dive head on in lets have a quick look on my fall list and how I did there.

  1. Making apple sauce. with my friend and it was fun
  2. Sewing a maxi skirt. A picture of me wearing it ended up on this blogpost.
  3. Make a tassel necklace. Do you want to see a picture?
  4. Try a new pumpkin recipe.
  5. Drink lots of tea.
  6. Read even more books. Read about my favorite books 2018 here & here.
  7. Taking walks in the park and cemetery and observe the leaves changing. See here.
  8. Go mushroom picking.
  9. Celebrate my mothers 60th birthday.
  10. Participating in a charity. Here is my blogpost about the experience.
  11. Going to BLOGST a blogging conference. Read about my experience and what I learnt about networking here.
  12. Work on my craft lab. Well, this is semi done I’d say. Not as far as I would like but you can see progress. However I won’t manage my yearly goal I am afraid.
  13. Making a floral arrangement for Sunday of the Dead. I made two arrangements however only for my grandparents grave.
  14. Sitting on the balcony listening to the rain.
  15. Reading more blogs and commenting. Definitely did that and commented almost daily.
  16. ✔ Enjoying a spa day with myself.

Wow I did not expect to have this much crossed of my list. craftaliciousme seeking creative life winter list 2018

Now lets get on with the most happiest season of the years WINTER

  1. Read a Christmas Book
    suggestions welcome, could be a classic too. If I can’t find a new one I might just re-read a Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.
  2. Spread Random Acts of Kindness
    It’s been on my list last year but it doesn’t hurt to re-activate: smiling to the cashier, meeting the postman half way, let an old lady in front of the line in the post office, etc. something like that.
  3. Ice Skating
    another one that keeps re-appearing on my list but it just hasn’t been cold enough to go on the lake. And no I don’t do ice rinks. This girl doesn’t like going in circles…
  4. Christmas Movies
    I’ve got 5 weeks to watch them all. Already put some on the watchlist. Suggestions welcome.
  5. Cancel all appointments in December
    Last year I read on someones blog that she never schedules doctors appointments or any “friends” meet-up in December. Because why, if you haven’t got time to do so all year why squeeze it in last minute. So I won’t do it. Instead have already planned it in January. If people ask to meet who are not too close – next year. Only things I do is stuff I like – spa days, hair cut, etc.
  6. Planning next years Christmas
    Mr. 🖤 and I want to spend a snowy Christmas in Lapland and trying to convince my family to join for two years now. Cabins are booked early so if we want to make it happen we need to book like right now.
  7. Taking a photo walk
    I love being out and seeing things when I have camera in hand. Somehow the view is different and I start hunting pretty scenes. The focus shifts.
  8. Crafting
    I want to sew, make jewellery and paint. But I set a goal to only use materials I have already at hand and not buy new stuff. It’s kind of cleaning up and making something pretty.
  9. Christmas Concert
    I would love to go to a concert maybe even the Christmas Oratorio. Maybe I can get my Mom to join.
  10. Celebrate Dads 60th
    It’s going to be a big celebration with it’s annual tradition.
  11. Find a word 2019
    I love to Unravel my Year and then set goals for the new one. For many years now I do so by setting a Word of the Year. Who else is doing that?

I am excited for the last month of 2018 however also a bit sad as it means I have only 4 more weeks to get everything done I set out to achieve in 2018. Now let me know if you compiled a winter list so I can steal a few items.

Happy December,


10 Things you don’t know about me Part IV

Hello you, hello November,

last year has been my first time participating in NaBloMo and it was such a fun experience. I was quite exhausted in the end but as they say “creativity breeds creativity” and so I ended up with a head full of more ideas and articles to share. I’d like to tap into that creative energy again, join in the fun of the community and maybe get to know more awesome blogs to read on the way. Maybe you are new here then this first post is perfect for (check out part 1, part 2, part 3). If you stop by often – thank you it’s much appreciated.


But let’s spill a few random facts about me:

1. I’ve tattooed someone.

Actually it was a permanent make up which is the same procedure as tattooing just with slightly different equipment. So yes I did eyebrows, eyeliner and lips. It was one of the most fascinating and funniest things I ever did and I actually am quite talented. It was part of on boarding at work. In my next life I might choose a different career.

2. I don’t like Pizza.

So if people suggest lets go to an Italian place assuming it’s a safe choice it#s usually the bottom of my list. Because rarely they can do a good risotto and I can do pasta on my own. Pizza is just not my preferred choice. I have it maybe once a year.

3. I don’t like making presents.

Picking up something specially when running on a deadline just overwhelms me. I hate it and makes me annoyed. I always feel I will get the wrong this but I am also not chill enough to tell people to return it if they don’t like it. So do the best thing possible – for me – and whine long enough and Mr. ♥ is taking care of it.

4. I take of my wedding band every time I get home.

Yep true. I only wear it when leaving the house. Hubby does it too. Why? Well we are at home and we know who we belong to here, right? Also I don’t want to ruin it when cooking, cleaning and crafting.

5. My first kiss was a bet by some teenage boys.

Obviously I wasn’t aware until I saw a crowd cheering us on. And as for stereotypes he was Italian, his name was Paulo, I was on summer camp and we were on the beach.

craftaliciousme seeking creative loving photography

6. Always had the same mobile phone number.

For the last 18 years since 2000. Also never had a contract always prepaid. True story. And yes I started very late with the mobile business.

7. I always break the egg yolk in my sunny side up eggs.

There is nothing worse than “living eggs”. If there are in anyway still slimy I will puke. So I will break the yolk to be sure it will be done.

8. My super power of choice would be time travel.

Imagine all the history you could experience. All the things to learn. People to meet. All the events to witness. What would yours be?

9. You almost always find me with cozy socks in bed.

It’s cozy. I like it. End of story.

10. I have dedicated pens for dedicated notebooks.

If I don’t have the right pen I might not write it down or rather use a separate piece of paper and copy it in later. Or just don’t write at all. And yes i do have too many pens and too many notebooks.

Alright, now let me know one thing about you!




This little series is kinda fun and so i figured after part I in 2014, part II in 2016 its time for another one. So let me re-introduce myself:

1. I have read Anne Franks Diary six time during my teens.

It was just very captivating for me. And I really want to visit the house they lived in Amsterdam. However I have not managed to go there. My first job ever was actually being a tour guide in the Anne Frank house in Berlin. And I had the chance to meet some of the people who survived and were mentioned in the books.

2. I am really annoyed when people talk about Christmas when it’s actually only Advent.

I mean come on! Its not that tough. Same thing goes for Easter. It is not called Easter Saturday but Holy Saturday (Karsamstag). We not yet celebrating.

3. I have never finished a bottle of nail polish.

Does anyone ever?!

4. I’m the biggest looser in gift wrapping.

I’d say I am pretty good when it come to DIY and handy work BUT I really can’t wrap presents. I need a whole roll of tape and people always laugh when they have to open them… Anyhow I like looking at pretty packages so check out my Pinterest board.

5. New Year’s Eve is the worst day of the year.

I hide, I don’t go outside, I am scared. While New Years is the best day, all is calm so much promise, everything is possible!


6. I don’t comb my hair.

My hair is so straight there really is no point in doing so. Maybe I do it twice a year but thats about it. If it is a bit tangled I just wash it and it comes out fine. However I do need conditioner. Oh and I hate blow drying my hair. I really don’t see the point in it. Makes it look messy or even straighter.

7. When I was young I wanted to become an archeologist and an astronaut.

But than people told me the needed skills weren’t my strong suits.

8. I am a color person.

I think in color and shapes but I don’t think I have synesthesia. However I really don’t feel any connection to yellow. And while I love greens in nature I would never really buy any green interior or clothing stuff.

9. I’ve always had a severe respect for dogs leaning towards fear.

I purposely tried to loose it during my stay in the U.S where almost everyone had hunting dogs and my host family had a German shepherd. Unfortunately when I felt comfortable around dogs and started to like them I got bitten by dog on a leash going for my neck. Now it’s actually worse then before specially when there is rash movement.

10. I make my own advent wreath.

For the last 15 years or so I have been doing at least one advent wreath. It is my own personal tradition. And I challenge myself to come up with new ideas and use materials that are not too common. I have my inspiration board. And since I write my blog I try to document all my creations.

Well, that is it for now. Will you share a tidbit of you with me?

Happy Friday,


10 Things You Don’t Know About Me :: Part II

Two years ago I shared 10 Things You Don’t Know About Me. Are you in for round two? I figured it’s a fun way to introduce myself to my new readers and maybe surprise anyone, you, who is coming over on a regular basis.

1. I am a winter girl.

There used to be a time when I said I like either summer or winter but not really the in-between seasons – even though they have their beauty. Well that changed. Mainly because I developed a mean migraine it comes out most during summer. Now it is mainly winter. Well it would probably be winter, spring, summer, fall. But as I said I love the seasons and wouldn’t want to live anywhere where they don’t exist. Take a guess when I got married.

me at winter

2. I am fascinated by tortoises.

Since I have been 5 years old I dream of having one as a pet. But somehow I don’t believe I could provide a lovely home.

3. I am a non-smoker.

I have never smoked in my life. Not once. I just never had the urge. I am glad I don’t think I missed anything and I saved a ton of money.

4. I don’t like riding backwards.

When riding a train I don’t like sitting backwards. I might get sick but more importantly I don’t want to look into the past. I wanna see the future! Weird? Maybe.

5. I was very athletic and competitive.

I used to play semi professional volleyball for about eight years. I also was a referee for 5 years or so. I stopped when starting to work. I just needed my weekends to recharge and 8-12 hour game days were just tough. I miss it though.

6.  I love apples.

But ever since I had a Pink Lady apple I don’t like the other sorts. It really gets tough when I can not buy them due to the season. Like right now. The closest I would eat is Braeburn.

7. I have a thing for cemeteries.

I love the atmosphere there. It’s so tranquil and full of love.

georgen parochial friedhof berlin

8. I once fell asleep on the lawn in the president’s backyard at Schloss Bellevue.

Fortunately I was not woken up by the security but by a colleague.

9. I am a big dessert fan.

Usually a meal isn’t quite done with a tiny bit of sweet stuff to top it off. Its just not fulfilling. However I don’t ever touch crème brûlée, panna cotta or Bavarian creme. I just hate the consistency. Then I go without dessert.

10. I love to travel.

I have been to 25 countries on 3 continents. I really wish to go to Iceland, New Zealand, Australia, Norway. Well there are more but those are on my travel list the longest.

Well here it was 10 new things you didn’t know about me. Please feel free to share a few things about yourself in the comments or link your post.

Happy day to you,


10 Creative Book Ideas & a Give-Away

It’s about time to make a little list to sent to Santa Clause, right? I usually have a tough time telling people what I wish for when asked.

I love getting books. In my family it was common to get at least one book. In the last couple years however I missed my books. So maybe I have to conciously but them back on the list to get some. Because who can have enough books, right?!

The following lists are all books I own and like (click on the headlines). Maybe an inspiration if you need to be Santa Clause. So lets get started:

1. Der große humboldt Fotolehrgang

I have been looking for a while before I actually decided on this photo course book. And I still believe it is one of the best out there. This book focuses on the technical equipment and the workings of light, aperture, focus and speed rather then the artistic design and com positioning rules. I prepared with this book to take the wedding pictures of my sister and I hear no complains. I especially like that there is a whole chapter of exercises you can take to practice all the different options and get to know your camera.

2. Schmuckgestaltung heute – innovative Materialien und Techniken

This book is my discovery of the recent years. I found it when I signed up for the library after oh so many years. It’s a book talking about all the different materials and techniques of jewelry design. It’s not a real DIY book with step-by-step instructions. While they show the technique on one example its more an inspiration book. I love it because my mind starts going off with ideas. There is a sequel about” textile jewelry design” but I heard it’s not that great. Does anyone woe it?

3. Fang an mit Kork – 35 Einfache DIY-Projekte **

Now this is the third book by my blogging friends Jutta and Maike. And as the first two “Fotowohnsinn” and “Porzellanfieber” it’s another firework of DIY ideas. I specially like that first of all the materials are introduced. Did you know that there is cork fabric? Or cork paper? Now this opens up so many possibilities. The good thing is they have tested it all and give instructions on how to use which material and when. I like that.

My favorite project is probably the belt made of cork fabric with punched stars. But I also like the different boxes and baskets made of cork paper. It makes simple origami so much more sophisticated. And the star tea lights make such warm light I think I need to make some for Christmas. Well you see, lots to discover in this book.

4. P.S. – I made this… Ich mach das selbst

This book is the first blogger book I owned. Erica is blogging on PS. I made this… and I think this is her first book. After she explains the tools (she colored them all gold! it looks so cool) she shows projects for jewelry, accessories and fashion. Every project has six pages, one introduction page, one page with a  mood board and then 2-4 pages for instructions. In the end there is a link list for further reference and shopping. I like this inspiration book and for DIY beginners it’s a good start because of the step by step tutorials.

5. Tolle Taschen selbst genäht

This is a book I have probably used most. I think I’ve done 3 or 4 bags. And while I don’t like them all it’s a great way to sew together because most likely everyone will find a pattern. I had a craft afternoon with my godchild and we both made new ones and spent a great day together. I also like that there are a number of accessories and embellishments as well as instructions on how to turn plastic bags into fabric to sew with.

6. Schnittkonstruktion in der Mode – Band 1 Grundschnitt

Another really great basic book. I have taken two courses on pattern design and this was the basis for the course. I believe you can learn pattern design just by this book. While I haven’t done an entire pattern based on my measurements (lazy anyone?!) I have a much better understanding of how to alter things or see in if a bought pattern would fit. I say it’s definitely a win.

7. Natürlich schick gestickt – Deko, Accessoires und mehr

Finding this book in the list is actually funny because I wouldn’t say I am big on stitching. However this book shows some fun projects. Most of all I like that in the beginning of the book you have a section where materials and stitches you need to use are explained.  Every project comes with a little stencil so you can get going right away. Some projects are are easy (notebooks with stitched arrows) while others leave me totally awestruck (tiger on a sweater). One of my advent calendar ideas was inspired by this book.

8. Ein Guter Plan

What discovery this one is. And an adventure…

As always I was looking for a planner. Usually I get my moleskin one and I am happy. But lately I was thinking about starting a happiness diary for 2016. But then two books to carry… And of course blog planning, right? So when I came across this planner my heart took a beat. At first glance it seemed like a combination of all and then stories and articles about happiness and mindfulness and such. And it was a crowd funding project. Nothing I’ve ever done before. When they added a black version I jumped and secured me my very own. You can get yours until December 7, 2015 and they ship before Christmas. Yeahh!

9. Die Kunst, aufzuräumen

This is just one book of a series. I like the idea and I love how he takes simple everyday pictures or well known art pieces and “cleans them up”. It opens a whole new perspective on things. This is just an eye candy book for the end.

10. Persönlicher Kalender & a chance to win your own

First time I heard about “Persönliche Kalender” was in 2013. I loved the concept of getting your own personalized calendar. Back then it seemed a first.

I got mine in 2014 I. The materials and paper are great. I personally thought the design on the pages was a bit childish. I would have loved to be able to change colors in the modules. Since then the calendars have evolved and there are lots of fun covers if you don’t want to upload your own picture. There are continuously being new modules added and the possibilities are so much broader than two years ago. They now even offer wall planners.

Every year they cooperate with an artist who is then designing covers. This year it’s Sofie from Fia Lotta Jansson – a lettering artist. Just in October I had the chance to meet Paula and her team at a lettering workshop with Sofie here in a Berlin. Of course we were working with their notebooks. And I really really love them. The paper is great for lettering. And you can choose between a bunch of page designs like ruled, squared and square dotted or even sheets of music. The dotted is perfect for practicing lettering. And they also offer gadgets like pens, and rulers and such to go with your planner.

The Give-Away

cover persönliche Kalender

And the greatest thing is: I have a little gift for you! Leave a comment about your favorite DIY or creative book and have a chance of winning a 33,90€ voucher to get your own calendar or notebook. Now that’s something, right? And the best thing is: they ship worldwide! The winner will be drawn December 18 at 9pm and will be announced on instagram first so make sure to follow me there. And if you don’t want to wait that long or need to get a present beforehand use the code: L-ETTE-RING and save 10%.

Now please share your recommendations on fun and educating DIY books so I can add some to my list.

Happy gift shopping,



*This post contains affiliate links when you click the headlines. If you buy a book through this link I get a few cents and can get another great book myself. So thank you!

**This book has been sent to me for a review by the Landwirtschaftsverlag. The enthusiasm is all mine.