10 things you don’t know about me :: part VIII

10 things about me standing at the see looking out

Yeahhhh, I was anticipating this month since November 30th of last year. Because November is NaBloPoMo – meaning I am planning to blog daily throughout the month of November. I am not sure how far I will make it this year as life is a bit unsteady as of now but here is to starting. And as tradition has it I am starting with a 10 things you don’t know about me post. I admit it is not getting easier to find things my long time readers haven’t heard about – and that I am willing to share on the internet. But here it is.

1. I did a cartwheels on roller blades.

For some time in my early teens I was obsessed with roller blades. I was able to ice skate early in my life before school for sure and I was always sad that it was a seasonal sport. So when roller blades became a thing it was something I needed to have. And I have lived in these things. I took care of them oiling and greasing and switching out the wheels so that they would wear out equally. And I tried to to do all sorts of tricks and moves. The farthest I got was doing cartwheels in skates. First time I did I hit the ground – of course. Because you land on wheels and there is a lot of momentum… But I managed eventually to stay upright. I also always wanted to go to a skate park and hit the ramps but I was scared. Mainly because of all the cool boys and the large groups hanging out. And being a girl – there just weren’t any… So I never did. I still have the skates. And maybe its time to get them out again.


10 Things to do when working from home

10 things to do when working from home craftaliciousme seeking creative life

This month marks my 4th anniversary of being a freelance marketing consultant. I usually forget all about this but with so many people working from home I was reminded I am doing this 4 years now. And I am sure even post-pandemic we will have more flexibility with working from our own apartments and houses. So I sat myself down and thinking about what I learned so far. Here are my 10 things to do when working from home:


10 Things to spread some kindness

10 things to spread kindness craftaliciousme seeking creative life Charlie Chaplin at window craftaliciousme seeking creative life

This year has taken a toll on us. Some of us have been a bit luckier in handling changes and some had to struggle. Some day more some days less. So I believe we should be spreading some kindness these days and give each other a break. I mean who needs to encounter grumpy people while running errands in an already stressful time? Who needs to be pushed around more when already fulfilling a job that is tough these days. Who knows what friends and family really go through on a daily basis trying to handle everything life and 2020 has thrown at us. So I made a list with 10 things to spread some kindness because we sure can use a lot of it today, tomorrow and in general in this world we live in.


10 things you don’t know about me :: part VI

mirror selfie in motorcycle mirror for post 10 things you dont know about me

It is November again. Time for the annual NaBloPoMo and I will again (try) to participate. And as tradition has it I will start the daily posting with “10 things you don’t know about me”. So everyone is stumbling in here today might get to know me.

1. I love canned pea soup.

A soup lover through and through – that’s me- I eat them in all shades and variations. A really good “Eintopf” aka stew is high on my list. However making them takes time. I am often too lazy. I discovered this brand at my local grocery store that makes the best canned pea soup. It can be eaten unheated and still tastes great. I have never cooked pea soup myself but I don’t need to. Ha!


10 things you don’t know about me :: part v

Today marks the start of yet another attempt in doing a whole months of blogging. Also known as NaBloPoMo. It will be my third time doing it (read about 2017 and 2018). It’s always fun to come across new blogs, engage more and spent more time writing. So if you want to join let me know. And as tradition has it I kick of my NaBloPo month with a fun post about 10 things you don’t know about me. Here we go:

1. I am voice conscious

Meaning if I can’t listen to a voice I can not bear to be in it’s vicinity – if I can help it. It makes me aggressive and unpleasant to be a round. This is one reason why I never watched Sex in the City. For the life of me I can not listen to Sarah Jessica Parker. Same thing with Meredith from Grey’s Anatomy. Also a couple podcast are just not for me even though the content would be so interesting.

2. I fell off a chair lift

Unfortunately this is no joke. It was my second or third year skiing and the first time using a chairlift. Before that I’ve only used platter lifts. I was nervous how to get on or even off. So was my mom who was riding with me. I ended up only sitting on the edge and once the ascent started I was lifted of the ground , well I dropped. It was already high like two or three meters. Lucky for me there was a snow pile so it was a soft landing. But it took me a couple years to give it another try. Later on I managed to take chairlifts with a snowboard. So I guess no matter how deep you fall always get a back up.

3. I always open my mail right away

Most likely you’ll find me ripping open envelopes while walking up to my apartment. Unless it’s some very important mail. Like a letter from a person and I really want to have time reading. The other thing I don’t open is invoice mail that arrives monthly. Other then that I need to know what it says right away. Curious much… Might be!

4. I can’t wear beanies, hats or such things

While I often love the look unfortunately I always look like I am just coming from chemotherapy. However I do look pretty good with glasses – don’t need any though.

5. I find everything with zombies rather annoying

Once I realize a movie has zombies in I am bored. It’s just stupid. I find aliens much more believable. Or any sort of super hero, wizard or magical creature. Or vampires – well you could argue they are some sort of zombies … but at least they usually look good.

6. I snuggle my hot water bottle most nights

Yep, true thing. I actually have scars from hugging it too tight and burning myself during the night. But it’s so cozy and warm…

7. I  have never stayed in a hospital.

Lucky me I’ve never needed to stay in a hospital over night. Not saying I haven’t spent a night in a hospital but it was sitting beside a bed. I honestly hope I didn’t jinx it by writing it down.

8. I only eat salted popcorn

There used to be a time when I had no idea salty popcorn excists. That was pre-1999. Then I took a trip to the U.S. to spent an exchange year. First time having popcorn I was utterly confused as it was salty. After the initial shock of not eating what you expect I never went back to sugared popcorn. Unfortunately it still isn’t much common in Germany.

9. I recognize people by their hair

I guess everyone has some sort of key features to differentiate people when meeting them for the first time. For me it’s hair. I usually know how it looks and what style it was. So when we would meet a second time and in between a color change happened or just ponytail to open style … uhhh I might not recognize you again. Sorry…

10. I don’t peel potatoes

I remember a lunch with my grandparents and my grandma didn’t take of the peel from her potatoes. When I asked her why she explained you could eat it and during the time of war they always did. So for me it was a challenge to give it a try. I was pre-school back then I think. I believed I did something cool by not peeling them anymore. Ever since then I resist peeling potatoes. It’s just boring and such a waste of time. And it really doesn’t taste that different.

Well, that’s it for this year. If you liked this kind of post you might be interested to read part I, part II, part III and part IV version of this post. I’d also love to hear one fun fact about you in the comments. Looking forward meeting you.