DIY Jewelry Display – My Ikea Hack using The Stockholm Tray

craftaliciousme seeking creative life DIY jewelry display

I think the idea to make a DIY jewelry display is in my mind since I signed up for Pinterest in 20xx. Ok, maybe that was a bit overly dramatic but it is close. I always new I wanted to make some sort of hanging display for my earrings but didn’t quite know what I wanted or needed. I had a many ideas I walked through in my head but I never took steps to actually make them. As Mr. ♡ decided to throw out this newly bought IKEA Stockholm Tray because it didn’t quite fit in his office I snatched it up. After a few more months cluttering the apartment I finally went to work.


French Knitted Necklace :: My new Fall Necklace

It is time for a DIY on the blog. It’s not that I haven’t done any crafting, painting or diying lately. It just didn’t end up on the blog.

But I made this french knitted fall necklace and I am already in love with this style and I anticipate a few more coming.

french knitted necklace with stars
As a kid I was doing this craft for hours. I was the queen of french knitted robes. All my stuffed animals had leashes, I made little pouches, coasters and what not. And I remember I always got frustrated of limited possibilities. Only robes… boring.

But lately I had the urge to do this craft again and what can I say. Hooked. Just like back then. I have quite a few wool sausages laying around already. I have more some ideas of what else to make.

But today I want to show you my blue necklace I made. (The how to of french knitting can be watched best on YouTube.)

I always wondered how it looks when you end up knitting beads into the robes. Well I tried and it is fairly simple.

I stringed a bunch of star beads onto my thread before I started knitting. If you know approximately how many beads you will be needing it is easier because you can just do this before starting. Otherwise you would have to unravel your entire ball of thread.

blue french knitted necklace

Then I just placed them randomly and kept knitting as if they weren’t there. However I only used 3 out of my 4 thingies (what is it called? Teeth? Lips? You know what I mean). I think otherwise it would have been a bit tight.

french knitted necklace

In the end I just tied my three robes together. Added a chain and glued it all into the end piece. And done I was. Now I will add this to RUMS. Will I see you there?

Happy crafting,



Hello There,

Remember me? Yeah, I still exist and since I haven’t been too chatty lately I figured I give you an update of my last week. And it’s been a while since I had my last little happiness review – featuring one of my most loved pictures by the way… Yes, go and check it out.

Last week has been lots of fun.

Monday started of with my third class in jewelry making – like the real stuff with flames and tools. I finished this ring and even though I don’t like gold I have been wearing it. It’s been a practice piece to try all the different techniques. I have a ton of ideas now but the workshop is only three more times…. ahhh the pressure is on!

handmade crown ring

Have you heard about CreativeLive? No? You NEED to check it out. It’s a website with online classes for the creative. You can buy the classes and download or be lucky enough to have time to watch the free classes when broadcasted. Due to time difference it’s not that easy for us Europeans but it’s possible. Specially on the weekend. I have been watching the free classes all week long from photography to building an Etsy store front to organizational tips. I am hooked. Who is with me?

And while watching I had an really creative afternoon on Thursday and made lots of new jewelry pieces. Remember my lace necklace? I had dyed a bit more of the lace back then but never got around to making something out of it. Oh and I was on a roll. Only stopped because I was missing the right beads to go with them in the end.

handmade lace earings

Those were my happy moments. What have been yours?

Happy weekend,


Jewelry Finds in my archive

It all started with jewelry. This getting back to being more creative. My former work colleague now friend Nicole invited me to a jewelry making session back in 2005 or so and ever since than my stack of beads, wires, ribbons and co just starts increasing.

A bit ago I went through my photo archive and was really amazed even shocked on ow many things I have done over the last years. And even though I don’t wanna seem cocky I am actually quite impressed with myself.

beaded necklaces

And since this blog doesn’t really show much of the jewelry addiction of my real life I figured I share a few pictures today.

beaded bracelets

I mainly do earrings. I feel naked when I forget my earrings before I leave the house.

beaded earrings

These are ones of the early beginnings hence the terrible pictures. sorry. But I got better:

long beaded earrings

Those earrings are my favs. I wear them like every other day.

But then I got enough of beads for a while and started experimenting with cold porcelain for a change.

cold porcelain necklaces

And if you like what you see you might wanna hop over to my Dawanda Shop and check out my stuff there.

jewelry dawanda craftaliciousme

Some pieces made it to Dawanda. But would you like to see something specific in the shop? Let me know I would love to get some hint.

Happy shopping,



What to do with your bridal bouquet?!

Wedding preparations are so fun and exhilarating but I am pretty sure you don’t plan what to do afterwards besides maybe go on a honeymoon or paying bills.

So pretty soon you’ll wonder: what am I gonna do with my bridal bouquet. Well look no further I’ve got the perfect way to preserve it.

What to do with your bridal bouquet?

The story behind

You will carry all those memories with you – in shape of a fancy necklace. I do for sure. In my wedding planning I know quite early how my bridal bouquet was gonna look like. It was either calla lilies or white peonies. When I decided on the peonies I just had to find the perfect little flower shop in a city I didn’t know and that is a bit too traditional for my taste when it comes to flower arrangement. But somehow I found Mrs John and when walking back to the train station looking for another shop but saw some candles in tiny dark alley which were so inviting that I decided I want to go in and get a feel. Just entering I knew that gone be it. She is doing my flowers.
So when I told her I wanted peonies she tried to move mountains to get me some. Unfortunately they did not deliver and 3 days prior to the wedding I had no idea how my bridal bouquet should look like or what to do because we had to take what she bought already. If someone told me I would marry in carnations I would have yelled: never! You must know I hate carnations because I think of them as communist flowers – but mainly the red ones. And I found this really cool idea of a carnation snowball. And that’s what I ended up. Nothing I would change only maybe a bit of color at the edge of the bouquet because than you actually see it in front of the dress.

carnation bridal boquet

But anyways, you wanted to hear about the tutorial. Well I am a bit into jewelry making and so it was pretty clear to me what I’ll do with my bouquet afterwards.

Step 1 – preparation

bridal boquet to beads preparation

You can either do this with fresh flowers or with your dried bouquet – opens whole new possibilities doesn’t it?! I wanted to do mine with fresh but was sent on a surprise honeymoon.

Pick all the flower petals from your bouquet leaving a skeleton of the greens. This can be quite a meditative task.

Step 2 – cook

Yep throw them all in a big pot and add destilled water until covered.

bridal boquet to necklace

Step 3 – blend and filter

Now through the whole gooey thing into a blender and go crazy. Once that is done take a fine mesh cotton clothes and filter out the water. The flower dough should be really dry with a consistency of cookie dough.

bridal boquet coooking

Step 4 – making beads

Now comes the fun part. Form little beads and stick them on your tooth pick. They really shrink! About 50%. I didn’t believe but it’s true. Let them dry. Best for several days (or in my case weeks). Unfortunately I forget to take a picture of the fresh beads.

beads of bridal boquet

Step 5 – get creative

I read that all flowers kinda turn some shade of brown when you cook them. Specially white ones have no color on their own to bring in. So I knew I was going to paint mine. But I still wanted to see the real bouquet. So I dip dyed my beads. Since they are not waterproof I also coated them with transparent paint. After that I made jewelry.

necklace out of bridal boquet

I like what I have turned my bridal bouquet into. Now it’s you turn!

Here is what you need:
– flowers
– destilled water
– tooth picks
– paint (optional)
– clear varnish

You can also read up more on this topic here.

Please share, I would love to collect other bridal bouquet turned jewelry.

Happy bead cooking,



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