Starry Night #24 & A very Merry Christmas * DIY Advent Calendar

Now the waiting has an end!
While I am writing this I listen to “Joy to the World” one of my all time Christmas Favorites!

And today I only have a comfy DIY.

Make yourself a star coffee with Gingerbread Spices!

star coffee

Cut yourself a star out of paper so that you are left with a star hole. Now all you need to do is make your coffee and add milk foam on it. Then place your cutout on top of you mug and sprinkle gingerbread spice (or alternatively cocoa) on top.

You are done.

Now I want to wish you a wonderful Merry Christmas, enjoy some time with your loved ones, eat and be merry.

Merry Christmas



Starry Night #23 * Masking Tape Star * DIY Advent Calendar

masking tape star

Only one more night until Christmas Eve is here. I am excited. I am happy. And I am busy. Bet you are too.

So I figured let’s have a tiny tiny DIY if you still need a bit of color, festive feeling and something nice. Or maybe you are not even celebrating within your own four walls.

This DIY is for you – a Masking Tape Star!

masking tape star

All you need: masking tape

Now find your canvas! That can be door, a cupboard or shelf, maybe a window or even your table.

Make your stars and enjoy how fast and easy you have just decorated.

masking tape star

Have a great day. I hope there are not a lot of errands to run and more time to get into the Christmas groove.

Happy taping, Tobia

Starry Night #22 * Star Accessory * DIY Advent Calendar

star accessory hairclip

Wow … It’s 4.30 am, I cannot sleep sure thing I write a post (really?!). Maybe I can’t sleep because I haven’t written my post yet?! We’ll never know.

Anyway, three Star DIYs left. It’s time to get dressed up – I figured. You are with me?!

Here comes my Star Accessory

star accessory hairclip

You need:
♥ faux leather or any other cloths
♥ a hair clip
♥ nail polish
♥ glue
♥ rhinestones, beads or what ever you prefer

Do you know hair clips being coated in weird rubbery stuff that keeps coming of after certain time? I started painting mine with nail polish when that happens – gives you a whole new possibility of matching your wardrobe.

Anyway, paint your hair clip and let dry. In the meanwhile cut a star or two from your faux leather. I decided to stack two stars and a rhinestone by gluing it with textile glue. Let dry before attaching to your hair clip and … Oh no wait, you’re already done.

star accessory hair clip

So are you still getting stuff organized and errands to cover or are you already in holiday mood?!
I’ll be wrapping presents and will (finally) get down to writing Christmas cards. I know… my oversea’s ones will be late but I might make the national ones. Go me!

What ever you do, enjoy and happy crafting, Tobia


PS: Wondering why this post goes up now? Well I am not that crazy as to get up at 4.30 am to take pictures… HA….

Starry Night #21 * Candle Star * DIY Advent Calendar

Hey everyone,

are you in a Pre-Christmas hustle? I am kinda… all of last week was shopping and errands and organizing and stuff, yesterday was a big cleaning day and today is basically the first day I am doing something fun. I’ll be shortly meeting a friend from Australia for Brunch. Yeah me!

So todays Star DIY will be a really quick one – a Candle Star:

candle star

♥ candles (I used christmas tree candles)
♥ something to put them on ( I used an old box and spruced things up with masking tape. I would have rather used a wooden block but didn’t have one near by… )

Now get out your star shape and start melting wax with one candle and fix unused ones onto your star shape.

Yep, that’s all!

Happy 4th Sunday of Advent, Tobia

candle star

Starry Night #20 * Snowball Star * DIY Advent Calendar

Now this is crazy. Almost a year ago I wrote about how warm it is and that we don’t have any snow yet.

I could do the same but I’ll skip that part. What I did last year was to invent some indoor snow balls. And I did a lot of those snow balls because we used them in our our winter wedding.

And I still have some left. So I figured repurpose!!!!

DIY snowball

Let’s do a Snowball Star!

♥ snowballs → see my tutorial here (cotton pads & glue gun)
♥ glue gun
♥ wire star → see my tutorial here

DIY snowball star

After you have done your wire star tie some nice satin ribbon to it.

Now get glueing! I tried to put a snowball on ever tip and every corner of the star. It almost worked out nicely. Now it has the charm of a kindergarten DIY.

#20_starry night_snowball star

I still love it and it’s hanging at my door.

Have you ever done a craft project with cotton pads? Let me know I’d love new inspiration.

Happy crafting, Tobia