Inspirational Blogs

Here you find some blogs I love browsing for new ideas, projects and inspiration.

Life & Such Things.

theinbetweenismine {english}
San is German and moved to the US – her blog is a picture of her life: expat stories, random everyday life, creative projects and a pinch of serious topics.

waseigenes {german}
I like Bines blog a lot and it is one of the few I read way before I actually started. She gives you all the insights of her business, struggles and deeper thoughts. I love it.

asimplergrace {english}
Lecy is writing about lots of different topics – creativity, passion, heartfelt stories. She is a freelance writer so it’s her jam. Also she reads a ton and it’s never wrong to get some book inspiration.

mirisjahrbuch {german}
I like Miri’s Blog – honest, direct and authentic voice. A great variety of DIY, recipes and decoration.

DIY & Creative Input.

kreativfieber {german}
Lot’s and lot’s of DIY and mostly baking recipes. Not to fancy and quickly done. Who doesn’t like?!

dramaqueenatwork {german}
So many DIY projects and all so lovely photographed. I am always amazed where Barbara finds the time to do all that.

filizity {german}
Lot’s of DIY & recipe inspiration to find mixed with a bit of fashion.

zwoste {german}
I am in love with Sandra’s style and her ideas. And also her writing is so different and unique.

I’ll update every once in a while when I come across new stuff or when I feel like I need a change.