Very Chewy Pecan Brownies { Brownie Quest }

Hey there,

That I am a chocoholic is no secret. That I love me some brownies isn’t either since I started the brownie quest. The brownies were much needed the morning after I was laid off work. And not even I can eat an entire pan on my own and they were sitting on the counter for three days with temperatures high in the 30ies. The last bite was still so moist and yummy! I say that’s making it a contender and a reason to pass on this recipe!

chewy pecan brownies

What you need for those Chewy Pecan Brownies:

♥ 200 g dark chocolate
♥ 250 g butter
♥ 300 g sugar
♥ 4 eggs
♥ 125 g flour
♥ 1/2 tsp baking powder
♥ 45 g cocoa
♥ a handful pecans, shredded

very chewy pecan brownies

1. Preheat oven to 160°C

2. Melt butter and chocolate and let cool.

3. Combine remaining ingredients and mix well. Add chocolate butter and nuts.

4. Fill dough in a greased or with baking paper lined pan (20×20 cm).

5. Bake for about 30-35 minutes.

So what is your favorite brownie recipe? Lets hear it!

Happy baking,


Healthy Zucchini Brownie { Brownie Quest }

zucchini brownie

Remember my brownie quest? I am close…
Well I bet you can always find another interesting recipe but this one is yummy. I’ve read lately quite a few recipes with banana, avocado or zucchini in them and always wondered how they taste. So when my cousin threw her birthday party I had an excuse to try out something new. I used this recipe.

I am a dough eater! I just love going into the bowl and scraping and licking every tiny bit of dough out of it. Back when I was a kid my mom used to give me the bowl and it was the best part of backing. Nothing really changed except now I can dip my spoon into the dough before. Gotta see if all ingredients are in there, right?

zucchini brownieSo when I tasted this dough I wasn’t really euphoric. You could clearly taste the zucchini. Duh… But it tasted a bit too healthy. I mean come on it’s a brownie! So I was really surprised when I had the first bite of the baked brownie.

And let me tell ya: I just loved it. So soft and moist. And so chocolaty. It’s a really good combination… And then the fudge frosting…. ohhhh my gooooodness. Yum. I could have eaten the entire batch. Without cake.

zucchini brownie

So I will definitely make this one again. Maybe throw in some coconut or make a winter version with nutmeg and cinnamon. Or a spring version with raspberries, or….. You see where I am going with this?! Oh well I keep on dreaming of this brownie. Because there is none left. Nowhere. How sad…

Cheers, Tobia

Cream Cheese Raspberry Brownies {Brownie Quest}

I love brownies. What’s not to love about them? There is chocolate, the dough is juicy and if you are lucky there is some more chocolate in the frosting. Ever since I spent my year in the States I am on a brownie quest. I’ve not found my perfect recipe. I admit I’m not baking brownies all the time since I am quite alone with my chocolate cravings around here. But once in a while I remember to try out a new recipe.

Just a few days ago I stumbled across a recipe: raspberry brownie with cream cheese. Edit: I just read that the original recipe is from Cynthia Barcomi and can be found in her new book “Let’s bake”.

Cynthia Barcomi raspberry cream cheese brownie

I’ll be honest. It is not the perfect recipe. However this brownie is good. I might make it again. I was not too impressed with the dough – too dry for me. The taste is yummy though. What I really liked was the cream cheese. It has a nice taste and consistency and is different from others I’ve tried. But in the end it is the combination of chocolate, cream cheese and the sour raspberries.

Cynthia Barcomi raspberry cream cheese brownie

If you have the perfect recipe let me know.
I’ll be going and have the last piece of the raspberry brownie now.

Cynthia Barcomi raspberry cream cheese brownie


Have a wonderful Sunday, Tobia

Frühlingshafte Cake Pop Pralinen

Eigentlich wollte ich ja einen Kuchen backen der eine Überraschung im Inneren hat. Da gibt es unheimlich viele Inspirationen die im Web umherschwirren. Nur um einige zu nennen schaut mal hier und hier und hier und hier.

Der Plan war ein kleines rotes Geschenk als Kern zu machen. Blöderweise hat sich die Farbe beim Backen an der Oberfläche gesammelt, so dass ich dann einen wundervollen Ombre-Cake hatte – aber DAS war ja nun nicht so geplant. Also musste ich kurzer Hand improvisieren und habe noch einmal Cake Pops gemacht. Da ich diese aber nach Münster transportieren musste, habe ich die Stiele weggelassen und einfach Pralinen daraus gemacht.

Und man merkt es wird Frühling und bunt…. *wie schön*

p23_cake pop praline_b2


Die Farben passen so richtig toll zu meiner Frühlingsstimmung. Was so ein bisschen Sonne doch ausmachen kann.

p23_cake pop praline_b3

Wie die Verpackung entstanden ist, verrate ich euch ein andermal.

p23_cake pop praline_b4

Gerade eben habe ich schon wieder ein super leckeres Cake-Pop Rezept entdeckt. Hüpft mal rüber zu Miss Blueberrymuffin. Das steht auf alle Fälle auf der Want-To-Backliste ganz weit oben….