My winter bucket list 2021

winter bucket list 2021 craftaliciousme seeking creative life

Today when I opened up Instagram my bookclub people from Munich showed the snowflakes dancing. So it is close to winter. I know it officialy starts December 21 but I always feel like December 1 is the day we can say it is winter. Meterologist predict it will be a very cold winter in Germany 2021/22 and I don’t object. I love it. Bring it on. If I can make a wish: let it be freezing cold for a week so all the ice in the lakes freezes all smooth and then add a bit of snow to make the rest of the country look great too. Best winter conditions. Oh I am ready. Can you feel it? Of course I share my winter bucket list for 2021 again.


25 Things about me as a reader

25 things me as a reader craftaliciousme seeking creative life

This post was inspired by my fellow blogger Kate and Stephanie who came up with this fun little post. And I immediately started thinking about what facts described me as a reader. Here it is.

1. The first book I read all by myself was Pippi Longstocking. I was second grade and I vividly remember sitting next to my dad reading while he was reading the papers. When I looked at him I told him he wouldn’t read because his lips weren’t moving and he just pretended. When he told me he was reading with his mind and eye it was mind blowing.


My Christmas Wishlist

christmas wishlist craftaliciousme seeking creative life

This post “September Books” contains affiliate links.

It’s been a minute since I last wrote down a list of things I’d like to receive for Christmas. I usually can’t really name anything. But this year around I kept a file and wrote down a few things I would love to unwrap. Not that the gift thing is the main event on Christmas in my book but it sure is nice to be pampered. And I do love sitting fully stuffed with Christmas dinner and take turns unwrapping. It is always such a nice atmosphere. The candles burning a hot drink at hand. You get the picture. So here are my humble wishes:


What made me stop scrolling lately

made me stop scrolling craftaliciousme seeking creative life

Yesterday I shared my favorite instagram accounts. While their posts most definitely make me stop scrolling there are also other things that let me stop. Think. And maybe click a link and read up on a few more things. I love when the internet is surprising me. When I get a glimpse into a world or a topic I would otherwise never stumble upon. I have collected a few things that made me stop scrolling lately and I want to share with you today:


Notebook love – a collection

pile of notebook love craftaliciousme seeking creative life

Can you have too many notebooks? I don’t believe you can. And if you say you can – well then you and I need to agree to disagree. Confession: I have a whole drawer full of notebooks and right now it hardly closes. I know first world problems. But the struggle is real. So I have to have a closer look. I figured why not take you along and share my notebook love – a collection that needs to be minimized.