10 TV Shows I am currently watching

Going through this blog I realized I have never really mentioned what I do most nights and on my weekends. Lots of people spend every minute of there free time running around meeting people and doing stuff. I and specially we prefer a cozy night on our couch getting carried away with the latest TV show. We’ve got a broad collection of DVDs too and a whole seperate Expedit for TV shows. And now that there is Netflix and Amazone Prime its even easier (and cheaper) to engage in this hobby.

10 tv shows to watch

So as of now I’ve listed our current watch list of TV shows:

1. Once upon a time

Just got done watching season 3 over Christmas and now waiting for season 4. Just loving how the stories, tales and legends are all tangled up and whenever a new character enters the screen you immediately wonder what fairy tale character that might be. It also made me realize that I don’t know all the stories woven into the show hence my goal to read up on some classics.

2. Castle

This is a great show for week nights. Interesting and fun to entertain you for some time but not too tough too stop watching when its time to go to bed. However I do think the first couple seasons were better. We are currently watching Season 4.

3. House

Don’t you just have to hate-love Dr. House? Such an a** but so brilliant? The stories are just like riddles and we always try to be brilliant ourself and start guessing the disease… Still it’s not too engaging and you can just turn off when you need to get going. Always a good thing.

4. Bones

This show appeals to me due to the archaeologic and scientific approach. I mean I did want to become an archeologist! I also think there are some cool characters in the show. And hello David Boreanaz?! Do I need to say more?

5. New Girl

Doesn’t this one just makes you smile? She is sooo goofy and adorable. It’s kinda like a jump start to easy and happy times. And there are some great dialogues hidden, really.

6. Broke Girls

Perfect episodes of 20 minutes if you have some extra time to spare/ waste. Not very challenging and not really anything to miss if you do something else besides watching. So we are currently in the midst of season 2.

7. Fringe

Well this one is a tough one currently. We are stuck with season 5 (I think). It’s just getting a bit weird. I mean it’s been strange and freaky from the beginning but somehow it’s just a bit too much right now. That’s way we are taking somewhat of a break with Fringe currently.

8. Sherlock

This one we actually stumbled upon after watching the pilot of elementary and then telling a friend about it who just handed us season 1. What we then watched in one weekend and started season 2 right away. So now it’s waiting for season 4.

9. Vampire Dairies

When we started VD we we were just getting done with Angel and Buffy and were all into the vampire thing. And True Blood wasn’t available. So we started. And it was great – in the beginning. Now we are at season 5 and it’s not so appealing anymore. I don’t know why I guess I just need to get back into the mood.

10. Greys Anatomy

I know everyone is just such a great fan of this show. I however am a bit ambivalent towards this one. I really really hate the main character – from minute one. This doesn’t change – ever. I preferred the spin off Private Practice much more. Probably the reason why we are still not done with this one – need to start Season 10.

Well, that’s it for now. Do you have any suggestions? What should we be watching next? What do we need to see? Let me know.

Happy watching,


Edit: And right when I was done writing we started watching S.H.I.E.L.D. Hello Joss, can you please hurry up shooting the next season?!

Edit: and in case you wonder where I have spent all my time already check out my list of tv shows I’ve watched…