At the Moment {Schreibzeit #5}

I’m a bit behind the topics Bine has announced for the Schreibzeit but here we go with a fun one…

at the moment

… At this moment:

.I think: Why can’t every day be sunny, happy and love filled. Why is it, that one has always fight to for just doing the job and having to proof oneself? I really don’t like being questioned when there’s no reason for it.

.I like: my new ice cream maker I just got for my birthday. So excited to give it a try.

.I don’t like: a lot currently, unfortunately. Life seems very energy draining at the moment and I hope it will get better.

.I feel: great and happy but tired today but somehow dread the workday as I fear this happy feeling will vanish.

.I wear: my only designer piece I bought myself. It’s a Lena Hoscheck high waist skirt and a bright pink top and actually some high heels. I feel indestructible. Edit: not so much after wearing the shoes a l l  d a y  l o n g . . . 

.I need: a vacation. Any vacation. But if time, money and circumstances wouldn’t matter I would want to sit in the Idaho mountains in the sunshine, feet in the Payette river and just enjoying the silence. It’s my happy place and I need some piece of mind.

.I’m annoyed by: certain people at work but I am even more annoyed by myself for being annoyed.

.I want: Happiness, more quality time with hubby, a perfect and done apartment, a shorter commute to work and about 6 more hours in a day

.I hear: country. Ups! I just blurted out my secret guilty pleasure. I am not that much into music and usually go with mainstream pop, R&B and HipHop but lately it’s all crap out there. Or maybe I am just getting old and can’t relate anymore. But country makes me calm and I can work really good with it.

.I’m making: not enough. I have a ton of ideas but they rarely leave the idea status. But last weekend I was in course for Japanese calligraphy and it was great to be doing nothing else than dipping your brush into ink and write.

.I eat: cake and burgers it seems like. I like it but it could be healthier.

.I drink: homemade lemonade. I just love summertime when I switch from tea to lemonade or iced tea.

.I smell: sometimes too much during my commute and I wonder how one person can smell this at 8am. Other than that my peonies a colleague gave me.

.I miss: life. Sounds weird I know. But as I wrote last months I feel like I am hustling through the day not having enough time to appreciate. Writing this, I remember my word of the year is appreciation!

.I regret: Being moody and easily annoyed. Is there a way to work through it? Please tell!

.I dream: of a happy long and adventurous life with hubby. I wouldn’t mind being my own boss but haven’t figured with what exactly.

.I think: I’ve got a couple busy weeks ahead but it could all be worse.

What is your “At the moment” looking like? Share and join.

Happy life living,


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