In 2015 I wrote down my routine for a random day in my life. I figured why not go ahead and do the same for 2016. It will be fun to go back and compare the years in a little while.

Nowhere to run nowhere to hide

So here it is:

7.10 somehow I am already awake even though I could sleep a bit longer. So I grab my phone and surf through Instagram, Facebook and Co., check some emails and just waste time.

7.30 the alarm goes off. Now I wanna stay in bed.

7.35/40 getting up, hitting the bathroom.

8.00 Making coffee, grabbing my journal and taking 10 minutes on the balcony to reflect yesterday.

8.10 chores, hanging laundry, unloading the dish washer, tidying up the living room or sometime doing quick emails or some online shopping.

8.25 high time to get going.

8.35 leaving the house, grabbing trash or a package on the way out.

8.38 biking to work – something I really start to appreciate.

9.00 hello work, hello colleagues, but first tea/water.

9.10 check emails and social media accounts, make a to-do list and plan the day.

9.45 uhhh now coffee and maybe a quick meeting with my boss about what’s gonna happen today.

10-12.30 work on projects, last minute stuff or whatever. Currently I’m working on lots of brand strategy and communication strategies for a coffee brand. Fun!

12.30 thinking and discussing lunch options, maybe having a quick dance party or a chat with our care taker who stops by to bring us goodies from is garden (strawberries anyone?).

12.45 caught up in some more work.

13.30 didn’t we plan on lunch? Grabbing a salat and sitting on the hospital campus or hitting one of the many cute bistros/cafés around the neighborhood.

Charité Campus Berlin

14.30 project work, discussions, phone calls … Just work.

17.00 it’s getting a bit more relaxed at work and we listen and sing and sometimes dance.

17.30 just getting this one thing done.

18.15 oh look work is over, clean up office kitchen and off I go.

18.30 grocery shopping.

19.00 relax on the balcony, meet friends or watch soccer (like right now, it’s European Soccer Championship!).

20.30 dinner time.

22.30 tired, better get ready for bed.

23.00 in bed, scrolling social media and maybe reading.

23.30 asleep.

Compared to last year life has slowed down considerably. My commute time is basically gone. I ride my bike to work and it takes me 15 min one way. That’s basically nothing. On the other hand you can tell that those 2 hours in the train were effective time as I used to write my blog posts there. Has been quite here lately. So I guess a new routine needs to be established.

Anyhow. I feel better with it.

Will you share a day in your life? I would love to read about your routines.

Happy living,


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