Happily Ever After { Winter Wedding Special }

winter wedding

The countdown says 7 days, 1 hour, 54 minutes and 49 seconds… And I am not yet nervous. I am ready and I am looking forward to it. Yes. But I do not have this nauseating feeling in my stomach. Am I weird? Is this normal? Will it be different a week from today? I have no idea.

You wonder what I am talking about? I am getting married. In a week. I should be stressed maybe. We have no music for the ceremony yet. I have no idea what coat to wear and I will probably not find one. I should clean the apartment to welcome some guests and I really wanted to go on a quick diet. Oh no honeymoon plans yet either. And a million other projects. Well, most of it will not happen.

Yes, I am getting married. In the middle of winter. And I really really hope it is going to rain on my wedding day. And I really really hope it’s gonna be cold. Because than my biggest wish (next to hearing yes of course) will come true. A snowy and cozy winter wedding in the mountains.

winter country

We always knew it’s gonna be a winter wedding. We knew that way before we ever knew we are getting married. I actually had a little secret folder on my laptop labeled winter wedding where I gathered pictures and ideas (pinterest wasn’t so popular yet). It was secret because I wasn’t so sure about Mr. ♥ opinion on the whole marriage thing… So I was surprised and happy when he popped the question. My response: Are you serious? Of course he was – planning it for almost 2 years.

However despite being very relaxed and not running around like a crazy chick, I will (and already have) been stepping back from blogging a bit. I want to enjoy my wedding. I want to relish our first days as newlyweds. I do not want a plan. I just want to wake up and be happy. And so I figured I throw a little virtual wedding party. I have invited a few friends and they are so sweet and will entertain you.

And I’ve asked them to share their favorite place to travel to and be happy at. Because Mr. ♥ and I sure love to visit knew places. And since his proposal was a movie about the spots we’ve seen together, ending with the question if we should continue our journey it just seems fitting.


Maybe I throw in a sneak peak on some wedding details. We’ll see.
So I am off. Wedding mode on. Cheers, Tobia

7 thoughts on “Happily Ever After { Winter Wedding Special }

  1. I am so happy and excited for you! -5 days!

    Thank you for asking me to entertain your readers, I am looking forward to reading the posts from the rest of the party!

  2. Ich wünsche dir eine gaaaaanz tolle Hochzeit!!! Ist es heute? Mist, ich habe oben nicht aufgepasst… :-)
    Ich bin sehr gespannt auf Fotos und einen kleinen Bericht, über deine bestimmt wundervolle Hochzeit. Inzwischen gehen ich bei dir mal wieder ein bisschen stöbern. :-)

    GLG, Kathleen

  3. Wie wunderbar!!! Die allerherzlichsten Glückwünsche!!! Ich kann das total gut verstehen, ich plane a) gerade meine Hochzeit für nächsten Winter und habe b) im Zuge dessen meinen Blog auf Eis gelegt ;) Besuch mich doch mal bei insti, alles was die Hochzeit betrifft poste ich als little_spidermonkey :)
    Alles Liebe, Steffi

    1. Ich wünsch dir sooooo viel Spaß bei der Planung. Eine Winterhochzeit ist traumhaft. Leider hat bei uns der Schnee gefehlt aber was solls. Insti schau ich mir mal an… Grüße, Tobia

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