Happiness Review & CoffeeShares

Another week in the books. Can you believe how this year has flown by? I am a bit amazed, scared, dazzled and surprised. I mean I have had so many plans and now it seems like I won’t get it all done. On the other hand so much has happen in 2018 already.

craftaliciousme seeking creative life Cologne Cathedral blue sky

Cologne & Blogst

Just last weekend was really amazing with me attending the BLOGST conference. So much energy in one room and so much motivation when coming out of it. And then it’s like a little depression when you hit your daily life and realize you need to catch your breath.
But even before I attended the conference I had a two hour window (carefully planned) to finally see the Cologne Cathedral. It was somewhat a lifelong dream and on my bucket list. I am amazed by sacred buildings and looking at the architectural structure just leaves me speechless. I managed to be there with sunset and it was just so beautiful. I can’t show you a photo with the perfect light because I just enjoyed.

Fall Foliage & Light

Speaking of light – this fall is just amazing. So many moments there is such beautiful light. It seems like the foliage is brighter and more colourful, the sunsets are more ruminant. I don’t know if this has something to do with the warmer temperatures we had in October but it sure is so beautiful. The other day I decided to skip the last 2 subway stations and walk home because it was just so gorgeous. Those are moments to cherish and I can not imagine living in a place with no seasons.

craftaliciousme seeking creative life fall foliage with sprinkler Berlin

Christmas Crafting

On another note I relized this week that I am running late with my DIY advent calendar. As in the past years I am participating with 23 fellow crafters in an DIY calendar. We are all making one item 24x and then swipe-swaping around so that in the end everyone receives a full set of a calendar. I have to turn in my packages with #14 by November 16th so I really needed to speed things up a bit. It is a lot of work however it is an even bigger treat when I can open a package everyday in December. So much love and creativity went into it. Have you ever participated in something like that?


I’ve been busing writing blog posts every minute of the day. I like a challenge and here I am doing the daily writing again. I haven’t much pre-planned so I have to come up with something on a daily basis. Also November seems to be a website-kinda month for me. I usually tinker on my blog a bit. Try some new things, try to update stuff, lean some new tech things. It’s always good, but I am soooo slow in all this. I get easily annoyed because I just don’t get it and then I get tired and almost fall asleep at the screen. Anyone else suffering from exhaustion by boredom? However this is probably what my weekend is going to look like. Spending a bit more time writing, reading, tinkering.

While I finish sipping my coffee I will read the #WeekendCoffeeShares and then hop over to Denise.

Happy weekend,



Disclaimer: This post contains links to other Blogs. Due to current (German) law this needs to be labelled advertising. Furthermore I have linked a few of my older articles because I believe you might enjoy them. 

10 thoughts on “Happiness Review & CoffeeShares

  1. Hi Tobia,
    It’s lovely to meet you and my heart skipped a beat with I saw your photo of Koln Cathedral. I was there back in 1992 which was the 50 year celebrations I think of the Battle of Britain or the bombing of Koln. I’m not really sure but there was this display outside the Cathedral which they called: “The Cologne Complaining Wall for Peace” and it talked about how Bomber Harris destroyed much of Cologne. It was very interesting as I’m Australian and I learned a lot.
    I ended up living with a German family in Heidelberg for six months and taking their daughter to school in Kahlsruhe everyday for 6 months. I used to buy German cakes or biscuits at the train station and put on a lot of weight but no regrets.
    I also spent a week in Berlin staying in a former East German student house. The decor was very retro. That’s one way of putting it! I t was an interesting time to be there so soon after reunification.
    Unfortunately, I forgot to post my coffee share this week so here’s the link: https://beyondtheflow.wordpress.com/2018/11/12/weekend-coffee-share-12th-november-2018/
    Best wishes,
    PS One of the kids in the Heidelberg family was called Tabea spelt a little differently.

    1. Hey Rowena, thank you so much for stopping by and sharing the story. It was my first time in Cologne and I only had time to see the Cathedral but I will for sure travel there again. It’s just breathtaking. And I am sure living in Germany was very interesting in the early 90s. So much has changed. Unfortunately I have never been to Australia to share any experience.

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