Hello 2014 * Time for those resolutions

new year resolutions

Sparkle Sparkle glitter glitter.

I hope you welcomed the new year accordingly. I decided – despise all my hatred for New Years Eve – I give it a bit more effort this time. Don’t want the new year to be cranky with me for not paying my respect. Didn’t work for 2013…  So I burned a sparkler and hope it is sufficient.

First lets have a look at those resolutions from 2013:

#1 Ha done! Read about my recap here.
#2 I really can’t remember if I read one book at all? But counting those numerous blogs I read it’s probably bookS. So it count’s right?
#3 Mhm I had a few but let’s be honest, not enough. I did gain weight again this year.
#4 I was more creative this year. I cooked more new recipes, I crafted more – usually the quick things and I was taking more pictures.
#5 I did go to a class. It wasn’t on sewing but on pattern making. Are you interested on more info? It was really interesting and I got a book about it for Christmas.
#6 Right in the middle of this one and working on those snow balls.

new year resolutions

♥ I am hoping for a magical winter wedding and that our weekend turns out how we imagine it.

♥ I need to take care of myself more. This concerns healths – I need to loose weight. Seriously! I don’t feel good and thats not just because of the latest eating marathons. Maybe I find a sport I actually like and which doesn’t require going somewhere or spending big bucks on it…

♥ I want to be nicer. I can get bitchy sometimes and it doesn’t suits me and only hurts people I care about.

♥ I don’t want to think about my job future! Last year really kinda killed me there. Eleven months of applications, self doubt, rejection, questioning everything and everyone and making me indifferent is really not good for self-confidence. So I really hope the new job works out.

♥ I really really want to open a Dawanda or Etsy Shop and I hope I finally gather all my guts to do so. I’ve got a billion projects I start for my future label but maybe I first should set the ground work. I’ve got the trade license already now I need to get the tax stuff going.

♥ I want to keep being creative. Sew more (finally tackle this dream dress), make more jewelry and keep on taking photos.

♥ I want to try out new recipes. Mostly from my Pinterest board yummy cakes & sweets but that does collide with my #2 resolution. Yikes. So I guess I start with the yummy food, yummy salad or yummy soup board. Let’s do three recipe from each board! That makes nine healthy ones and three sinful ones…

♥ I want to work on my blog layout. Shortly after I started, I realized what I want to change. I am overwhelmed with the technical stuff, I need to look into that deeper but I also know it will stress me. But I am more bothered by the looks of my blog because it doesn’t feel like me.

♥ I want to keep my blog as a space to collect my creative inspiration, projects I’ve finished, collection of things I like. Of course I am happy about everyone reading along and I sometimes wish for more “success”. But there is a fine line between doing it for me or selling myself. And I started for me.

I am looking forward to your visits this year. Leave a comment – it makes me happy. Let me know what you want to read about, what you do not like, what could be better.

Happy New Year. Have a great one, Tobia

4 thoughts on “Hello 2014 * Time for those resolutions

  1. oh, you really should open an Etsy shop! You make so many lovely things!

    Happy New Year Tobia! Maybe you can add “going to Visit Elisa in Zurich” to your New Year’s Resolutions ;-)

    1. Yes I should do that. Never been to Zurich. Only planned functions there… So it’s about time, huh
      And thank you for the support. After the wedding I’ll get into the shop opening.

  2. Wow, das nenne ich mal eine Liste! Aber, sie gefällt mir sehr gut und
    ich drücke Dir alle Daumen, dass Du jeden einzelnen Punkt Ende 2014
    abhaken kannst!

    Danke, dass Du mitgemacht hast #shortstories!
    Liebe Grüße, Bine

    1. Hey Bine,
      vielen Dank für deine lieben Worte. Ja die Liste ist lang, fast schon einschüchternd. Aber eben auch eine Guideline für unterwegs.
      Ich freu mich das du hier vorbeischaust.
      Liebe Grüße, Tobia

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