Forest inspired moss wreath {advent wreath ideas}

moss wreath inspiration


well today I show you my wreath of 2009 – my moss wreath!

Usually I start to collect my advent wreath ideas around October. The whole wreath mania started about 10 years ago. I was invited to an incentive where I learned how to a tie a fir wreath. Ever since I’ve made my own unique advent wreath. A few years I had a traditional wreath and just decorated it differently.

traditional advent wreath

But than I wanted to be more creative and started experimenting with different supplies and ideas. So I came up with moss. I have seen some moss wreaths on the internet and at our florist.

moss wreath

 photo credit: wreath made of moss rocks by Sharon, moss wreath with ribbon made by Leah 

Then one night at my grandmas backyard, while walking over the lawn, I had this squishy feeling beneath my feet. I was walking on moss. And my idea was born.

moss wreath

I cut a huge tiny square right out of the lawn. I had two pieces which nearly covered the entire form I used. I didn’t want to puzzle smaller pieces. I like the clean look. I put it on the radiator to dry. Make sure it is really dry. When I worked with mine it wasn’t and it made gluing tough.

moss wreath

I don’t have really good pictures because in 2009 I never would have thought to show my moss wreath on the internet yet alone on my very own blog. So sorry for the crappy look today. 

Anyway. I love it. It has been in my house, my parents and this year I’m giving it to my friend for the season. What are you doing with the wreath you make? Does it end up in the trash after the season? Or do you have a swapping party with friends?

Looking forward to you comments. Love Tobia

PS. This post is submitted to November’s color me happy challenge over at waseigenes.

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Getting ready for Christmas { advent wreath ideas }

advent wreath

Ohhh I am so excited and I start with a confession: I am loving the advent and christmas season. There is nothing better than this time of year. It is getting dark early, the light is mystical, candles will be lit, church bells seem to toll louder. I have a hot cocoa or tea by my side, a good book or movie and a blanket to keep me comfy. I just love it. And just when I start to enjoy its all over again. So no wonder when I have to put away my decorations I am already looking forward to the next season. Crazy huh?

And that is way I start a little mini series. It’s all about advent wreath ideas and inspiration. And I hope when the 1. Advent is coming around you are all inspired and ready to start the season. Until then I will get in touch with Mr. Linky and we can all add our creations. Are you up for it?

Let’s start out with the nature inspired advent wreath ideas.

advent wreath woodphoto credit: Randi from dukesandduchesses made this wonderful log wreath

Doesn’t this one just wanna make you start a fire and make some s’mores?  Well for me it does. I might need to go and get some twigs on my next walk through the park. And while I’m at it I should gather some pinecones too.

advent wreath pinecone

photo credit: Janet over at Today’s Fabulous Finds has raided her Grandma’s backyard to make this pinecone wreath.

Those two were not yet so christmasy (it’s not a word, is it?!). You can make those wreaths as fall decoration and then just add a touch of glamour and sparkling and voila christmas. For the busy people among us… Now two with a more seasonal touch.

advent wreath white pinecones

 photo credit: Xenia has made a regular pinecone wreath her own by adding sparkles & color

I like the elegant look of white and red. Reminds me of Snow White. The next one really speaks to me

advent wreath nuts
photo credit: Ute is blogging on Benbino and shares a lot of ideas

My grandparents have two huge walnut trees in their backyard. Honestly you just can’t eat so many walnuts. Ever. So this might be an idea to use the older ones which don’t taste that great anymore. Good thing I am planning a visit.

Need more ideas? Check out my Pinterest board Wreaths all year round.

Looking forward to my next wreath post. It’s gonna be very green. Excited? Sure I am!

Love Tobia

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Mein erster Fotowettbewerb – Adventskranz

Weihnachten ist ja nu mittlerweile schon eine ganze Ecke vorbei.
Aber ich ♥LIEBE♥ diese Saison, daher gibts noch einmal Bilder.

Ich habe im Dezember bei der Living at Home den Adventskranz-Fotowettbewerb entdeckt.
Da kam es ganz gelegen, dass auf meiner To-Do Liste von 2012 stand: 1 Foto beim Fotowettbewerb einreichen. Sozusagen gleich doppelt glücklich ;-)

Naja, eigentlich dreifach. Ich habe zwar nicht gewonnen aber ich wurde im Newsletter erwähnt − schau mal bei den weiteren 25. Ohhhhh war ich stolz und das Grinsen ging gar nicht mehr aus dem Gesicht. Ich habe kurzerhand die Nr. 18 zu meiner neuen Glückszahl erkoren.

Adventskranz aus dem Walde

WHITE ◊ color me happy ◊

muffin paper wreath white silver

Im vergangene Jahr ist meine Kamera eine wenig stiefmütterlich behandelt worden. Als ich dann über die Foto-Challenge “color me happy” von Bine & Andrea gestolpert bin, war sofort klar – ich bin dabei. Endlich ein Grund die Kamera häufiger in die Hand zu nehmen.jan_color me happy_b3

WEISS ist das Thema im Januar. Nun das ist weniger schwierig ist doch in meiner Wohnung eine Menge weiß vertreten. Hier ein paar Impressionen meines diesjährigen Adventskranzes.

jan_color me happy_b1 Könnt ihr erkennen was ich aus der Küche entwendet habe? Ja genau: Cupcake & Muffinförmen.

jan_color me happy_b2

Ich habe die Ränder mit Silberspray besprüht so das es ein wenig nach glitzerndem Schnee ausschaut.

Ab und An hab ich noch ein bisschen mehr Silber hinzugefügt.

Zuerst hatte ich graue Kerzen darauf aber ganz in weiß war er dann doch am Schönsten.


Aber nun ist es Zeit das Weihnachte-Deko-Zeug wieder zu verstauen. Habt ihr eures schon weggeräumt?