Printable LineArt Calendar 2022 {Freebie}

free printable lineart calendar craftaliciousme

This was a long time in the making and I am so happy I finally finished the printable lineart calendar 2022. It is my way of thanking all you lovely online friends for stopping by on this blog and commenting, reading and following along. I really appreciate it. I really love writing here. And it is a wonderful thing that you seem to like it enough to stop by and read. If you are new here please feel welcome. Maybe you stay a while. I’d love that.

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Handmade Christmas Cards – 4 Ideas

handmade christmas cards

I have written about my love for writing Christmas cards a few times on this blog. But I do not think I ever mentioned that it is always handmade Christmas cards I am sending out. It all started in 2001 I think. Well, maybe not started but when I got more serious and consistent with it. Christmas cards and the family newsletters have a tradition in my family. After I came back from my year I the U.S. I felt like I wanted to stay in touch with a few more people not just the godparents, gavotte aunts and grandparents. Hence the handmade Christmas cards production started.

The first cards were inspired by the common US senior pictures. And so I pursaded my little sister to go out and take some photos of me. I remember vividly the first one that we took. I was in a tree or leaning in one in a red coat and my sister took photos. Pedestrians were looking strange. This was a time pre-selfie and influencer. I felt so stupid hopping around in front the camera but I wanted my friends across the ocean to have a photo of me. And I knew my grandparents would like it too. I continued this practice for many years. I think the last one photo of this handmade version was taken by my husband. Later though I started to feel too old, too conscious, too unhappy with myself to send anymore photos of me. And that is when I started to craft handmade Christmas cards.

Handmade Garland Christmas Cards

handmade christmas cards garland

These cards are really fun and I have used this style for many occasions not only for Christmas but also for birthdays and celebrations. It is all about the paper you use. I usually recycle old Kleenex boxes for that. They come with a pretty pattern and the cardboard is sturdy but still workable with my punch. I admit I often buy the ones with the best prints and according to what kind of garland I want to create.

The mai thing to do here is to punch the triangles. If you do not have a punch you can go ahead and cut by had either using succors or a cutter but I recommend a punch. Once you have it you will use it for everything. I wrote a post o how to make the garland already.

Once your garland is done and about 1-2 meters long you can are basically done. Get your blank card – that may also be made from recycled packaging – and write your text. When you are done, close the card and wrap around the garland. I fix it in the back with some matching washi tape.

Needed materials:

Sewed Christmas Tree Card

I love this little idea I came up in 2020. Can you take a guess what kind of paper I am using here? I bet you don’t figure it out.

Ok, I tell you. It’s the paper bags from Amazon fresh delivery. Yes during the pandemic we have cording our food through amazon. Could do better but it is very convenient.

Anyway as for creation of this handmade version of a Christmas card you need a sewing machine. It made be a good project for beginners too or even older kids. But first you need to cut yourself a triangle that fits your cards. leave about 1-2 cm of space on the bottom and on top. Cut your triangles from the paper. Thread your yarn to the machine and figure out what kind of stitch you want to use. I have tried a few different ones but ended up using the very common one. It found it looked best.

Another thing I have figured out is that sewing from top to bottom actually looks better than from left to right. I wanted to have my thread/lights going around the Christmas tree initially but the edges never really looked good and I didn’t like it. So up and down I went. Doing it this way also also left me with the ends. On top they make a perfect star and on the bottom with a knot they work as a stump. I was happy how they turned out.

Needed materials:

Christmas Cards with Art Work

handmade christmas cards artwork

If you follow along for a bit you know I try to participated in the annual 100 day project. I have chapleted a few drawing challenges such as #100daysofcraftaliciouspattern and or the #100daysatcraftaliciousdrops. The ink drops also used as my Christmas card. When I had it all hung up at my wall and had admired for a bit I wondered what to do with all the little pieces of art. I am not that renowned that anyone would buy them. HA. But maybe someone found them fun enough to look at for a bit. And so this Christmas card was born. It is a really simple thing too once you have the art work. Just stick the photo corners on your blank card, assemble the art work and voila. Done.

This might also be a good idea if you have kids and the “produce” a tonne of pictures and your fridge door is already covered. You could recycle that and make others smile. If the pieces are too big you could choose a fun square and cut. I think that would also be a fun activity to do together. But then I don’t have kids and maybe they fid it boring.

Needed materials

Triangle Christmas Tree Card

handmade christmas cards winter forest

I am so happy how they turned out. I recycled some old cards from 2015 which I printed. Unfortunately only after I had them sent to lots of people and even tried to sell at Dawanda (used to be the German Etsy version) my dad pointed out the spelling errors. I ended up with hundreds of cards I felt I couldn’t throw out. So I stored them for many years – and still do. As I said hundred…

Until 2019 when I figured I use them in my Christmas cards. Again my best friend here was my little triangle punch. It’s a wonderful activity while watching the latest Christmas movie. It’s mindless multitasking. Once you have all your little triangles is just a matter of puzzling and glueing. I tried to think of a winter forest when I arranged my little Christmas trees. I think this is still one of my favorite cards so far.

Needed materials:

As you can see I always try to re-use materials already at hand when it come to creating my Christmas cards. If you look closely lots of papers, wrappings and packaging material is actually pretty. I try to put them in new shape and make it festive. What material have you been using for creative ideas? And if you have some more ideas for Christmas cards let me know. I am still pondering ideas for this years version.

Happy Christmas card crafting


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Modern natural Wreath with acorn hats

natural modern wreath with acorn hats craftaliciousme seeking creative life

Welcome to my annual wreath celebration. I just checked and it is my elevens wreath idea I share on this blog. So I have done a lot of new interpretations within the last years. After last years recycling idea I felt more natural this time around. That is why a modern natural wreath with acorn hats was created in some hours of labor.

When I was walking in the park in fall I kept coming across the acorns. You all probably know that the hats keep on falling off even when you manage to find an intact one. As kid it always bothered me. Of course you can glue them back on but it is not the same somehow. Anyhow I had a closer look at the hats and found they are a beauty in themselves. So I collected a few and carried them in my pocket. Through the next days I kept touching them and sometime I came up with the idea that they should be the star in this years natural wreath.



DIY envelopes made of recycled paper calendar pages and wrapping paper templates as download on blog

If you follow me on Instagram you have probably seen how I come up with fun DIY envelopes to spruce up snail mail. While they are not as fancy as back in my teenage days it is still a lot of fun to see what I can come up with. Finding a fancy envelope in the mail box always makes me smile. I love the anticipation until I finally get to open it and read the careful written words from loved one. And it so much fun spreading the cheer to other mail boxes.


DIY Gift Tags and Mini-Garlands { RECYCLE QUICK TIP #13 }

DIY Gift Tags and Mini-Garlands hands holding garland with blossoms

I have an ongoing mini-series where I share quick and easy DIY tips with materials you most likely have at home. I call them Recycle Quick Tip and today I want to share how to make DIY gift tags and mini-garlands from packaging material.

What material to use for DIY gift tags and mini-garlands

Well you can basically use everything you can find. The material should be a bit more sturdy than a magazine page. I often use paper packaging from: