Life as a married couple :: Year 1

Tomorrow its our one year wedding anniversary. One year. It’s seems so long ago but yet the time passes way too fast. I have to admit nothing really changed but then all has changed… Does that even make sense?

Well being a couple for 8,5 years before getting married kinda gave us enough strength, knowledge and composure not to freak out when times are a bit rough or the way we would like them to be.

wedding bands

I have to admit I didn’t imagine my first year quite like it has turned out. But than I didn’t really have any ideal scheme of our year as newly weds. There have been times I felt lonely the past year. Work has been plenty for both of us but Mr. ♥ worked for a third person. We knew what was coming – living with it though is rough.

I had romantic plans of us getting a picture of every season during our first year (as I had seen on Pinterest) – take a guess, didn’t happen, we didn’t take any romantic trips together besides our honeymoon.

But still it was a great year! I know we can trust each other. I know in the end of the day it’s us we take care off. So what have I figured out so far:

1. Love is shown in the little things and not necessarily in grand gestures.

2. Saying “I am sorry” sucks but saying it, is often all it takes.

3. Laughing together is the best thing that can happen. Specially in tense situations. But the goofy ones are my fav.

4. Having a couch day is equalling happiness.

5. Sometimes it helps to set a date to actually make time for each other. We used to do date nights and I hope we can reintroduce into our schedule.

What have you learnt in your marriage so far? What will I have to look forward too? Let me know.

Oh and tomorrow on our actual anniversary I invite you for cake. Yep that’s me cake for all.

Happy Anniversary,



PS: photo made by the great wedding photographer Anja Schneemann