February Celebrations – Monthly Recap

celebrating January craftaliciousme seeking creative life

Just typing the title feels wrong when you look at the last few days and what is happening in Ukraine. How can I celebrate? How can we be happy? How can we carry on? Not sure but we will somehow. And maybe to keep living is especially important and that we keep on celebrating and enjoying life. Here is my attempt of February celebrations and the monthly recap.


January Celebrations – Monthly Recap

celebrating January craftaliciousme seeking creative life

How has the first month of 2022 already flown by? How was it for you? Still trying to ease in or already stomping your way through projects goals and life? For me 2022 took off in high speed. Job projects kept me on my toes. The hunt for a new home is getting serious. The health is off to a rocky start. But I am feeling good and able to keep the balls up in the air – for now. Let’s hope it stays that way. Let’s dive into January Celebrations.

I plan on celebrating my way through this year as it is fitting for my word of the year. I decided to still keep my goals and intentions post but spice it up a bit. Having intentions for the upcoming month is very helpful to keep track on were I want to end. up by the end of the month. It is not really a to-do list (some things are though) but more guiding me to the right direction. I don’t stress about not having it all done but I do believe if I only take on step to fulfilling a certain thing I am one step closer. I may still be lightyears off from achieving but yeah I am moving and not on a standstill.


My new favorite Spot

new favorite spot reading corner craftaliciousme seeking creative life

I finally did it. It took me only a total of eight years. To find my new favorite spot? No, that is only the final result. It took me eight years to finish my “craft lab” aka my now home office. The first time I talked about this space here was back in 2013. I was writing my blog in German back then. My thinking process about the color scheme is one of the most visited posts.

In one of my previous NaBloPoMo postings I talked about the fear of a blank space and why I think I can not tackle this project. The project of having a blank room and can do basically anything. I had put this task on my to-do list. On my yearly intentions list and even on my 1000 in 101 bucket list. This year I gave it another go. Probably because of Covid and I was staring at the chaos every.single.day. during my video calls. So I finally fixed the ugly corner.


Change and moving forward

change and moving forward skyline over Berlin with fall foliage

So this post is going to be some rambling. I have no idea what I am going to write for the next minutes and where it will take us. But I have the feeling there are some thought in my mind that need some structure. And it usually helps if I write it down. In a journal, a letter or on this blog. I have done so with my post about blank spaces. This one feels connected. Today I want to talk about change and moving forward.

Previously I have mentioned here that I lived in the same apartment for the past 16 years. And that change might be in the future. We have been thinking about moving and looking for another place to live a few times over the years. For me it never really was all that serious. It was ok. I had a few things that bothered me but they haven’t been too annoying. And the comfort zone is really comfortable when you think about it.


Clearing my mind – strategies

clearing my mind sunset over airfield craftaliciousme seeking creative life

In yesterdays post I ended with me having a tough nights sleep. I usually fall asleep really quick – like in minutes if not seconds. But last night I was awake for over 45 minutes. That rarely happens. What happens more often is that I wake up numerous times during the night. Or I wake up around 4.30/5am and then can’t really get back to sleep. Last night all of that happened and let me tell you it was not a pleasant morning. I was restless. I was anxious and I really couldn’t pin point what was going on. Time for clearing my mind.