Change and moving forward

change and moving forward skyline over Berlin with fall foliage

So this post is going to be some rambling. I have no idea what I am going to write for the next minutes and where it will take us. But I have the feeling there are some thought in my mind that need some structure. And it usually helps if I write it down. In a journal, a letter or on this blog. I have done so with my post about blank spaces. This one feels connected. Today I want to talk about change and moving forward.

Previously I have mentioned here that I lived in the same apartment for the past 16 years. And that change might be in the future. We have been thinking about moving and looking for another place to live a few times over the years. For me it never really was all that serious. It was ok. I had a few things that bothered me but they haven’t been too annoying. And the comfort zone is really comfortable when you think about it.


Clearing my mind – strategies

clearing my mind sunset over airfield craftaliciousme seeking creative life

In yesterdays post I ended with me having a tough nights sleep. I usually fall asleep really quick – like in minutes if not seconds. But last night I was awake for over 45 minutes. That rarely happens. What happens more often is that I wake up numerous times during the night. Or I wake up around 4.30/5am and then can’t really get back to sleep. Last night all of that happened and let me tell you it was not a pleasant morning. I was restless. I was anxious and I really couldn’t pin point what was going on. Time for clearing my mind.


Corona Diaries – Month 20

Corona Diaries blue sky craftaliciousme seeking creative life

I haven’t written my corona diaries for quite some time. To be exact for the last 6 months. I just lived more or less in ignorance of the pandemic because it was the new normal. I was finally vaccinated and so were the people around me. It was summer and life was easy. But, we are still in it. Month 20 or 1 year and 8 months of Covid in our lives. And there have been new developments – at least here in Germany. And I feel like this needs documenting. So here it is the Corona dairies – month 20.


Notebook love – a collection

pile of notebook love craftaliciousme seeking creative life

Can you have too many notebooks? I don’t believe you can. And if you say you can – well then you and I need to agree to disagree. Confession: I have a whole drawer full of notebooks and right now it hardly closes. I know first world problems. But the struggle is real. So I have to have a closer look. I figured why not take you along and share my notebook love – a collection that needs to be minimized.


Corona Diaries – Month 14

Corona Diaries blue sky craftaliciousme seeking creative life

The calendar says we are in May 2021. We are still in the pandemic. And while here in Germany things are finally looking up a bit there are other parts of the world that are diving deeper in. Having another wave to battle. I am not sure I long I will keep going with this series. For today though I feel there is a bit of progress to report and so here it is the Corona dairies – month 14.