When there is nothing…

I never really thought it’s going to happen to me. When I read all those posts about writers block and missing motivation about blogging I really couldn’t relate. But now looking at my very rare posting habit I wonder if I might have underestimated this…


It is not that I have nothing to say. My list of possible blogposts and ideas is long. It might not grow as fast as some other times but it is still growing. So I don’t have a problem there. At least not yet.

I rather lack motivation in putting it together. There was supposed to be going up a blogpost on my 2. Anniversary about Finnish food. I wanted to create a tradition in putting up a Finnish recipe every year… I actually made the recipe and took the pictures. And I had them edited in time. But there where no words. I am missing my words.

This post is my very humble try to get back into spilling words. Back into communication with you. I know its just babbling so far.

I have a theory… When you have very routine jobs and tasks during the day it is either you will be more creative in the evening to find some balance. BUT I dispose that it could also pull you deeper into this lack of creativity. I Think I read in the book “The Creative Habit” that creativity is a muscle that needs to be trained. If you don’t do it, its harder to get back to it. It could be compared to exercising physically. I find this thought interesting. And I feel it. It seems kinda what is happening to me currently.

It feels like life just flows around me while I am sitting on a log watching everything passing, being part of the world but at the same time so distant. Everyone out there knowing this feeling? It’s not that I am depressed or unaware. It just is. And it is a weird feeling. And I know I could snap out of it every second. But then it is also quite nice to not care.

Funny thoughts… But writing them down and sharing is my first step in writing again. So come back because I intend to post my Finnish recipe this Sunday. Remind me if I miss out.

Happy Friday everyone,


2 thoughts on “When there is nothing…

  1. I know EXACTLY what you’re talking about… sometimes I have a gazillion things I want to write about and no time to sit down and do it (when life gets busy), although I want to write so badly. Then, when I finally have time, I sometimes don’t feel like sitting down to write. And the longer you don’t post anything, the harder it is to get back to it.

    I aim to post 2-3x a week and what helps me to keep at it is when I take a few minutes (on my lunch break, for example) and start to draft a post. It’s always easier to go back to something that you started than to sit down a write a whole post in one sitting from scratch.

    I hope you find your mojo again. :)

  2. Hey San,
    I know… one you got our of your routine its touch to get back. I used to write lots of drafts during my daily 2,5 h commute time but since I got a new job there is just no time… I could keep up with 2-3 posts a week but at 1-2 would be nice. Hopefully I will get back to it.
    Happy Sunday, Tobia
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