Monthly Thoughts #1

Last year I was setting goals at every start of the month. When December came around I was a bit tired of it. While I loved taking every month into consideration on how I wanna spend it I felt like it was too overwhelming and in the end superficial. Now in January I just lived without anything to hold myself accountable too and I somehow missed my monthly goal setting. So I came up with a new monthly challenge for myself. You are welcome to join in and write down your thoughts.


What I learned:

Life is all about surprises. You think you know someone and then suddenly a certain situation reveals a new side of this person. Nothing bad, nothing good just totally different and it sheds a new light on the whole relationship and how you see the actions of this person. Did you ever have the feeling to see a person for the first time even though you know each other for years and years? Its a funny feeling.

If in your gut you know a situation is bad it most likely is. I had a bad feeling about my current job from the start but now six months later I still can’t convince myself it’s not that bad. I wonder why I put up with it…

What I discovered:

A lot of new TV series. We watched Game of Thrones, The American, Shannara Chronicles and Arrow.

I still don’t really now where I am headed in life. When does it make click? When do you know for sure?

What I couldn’t do:

I wanted to be more understanding and be more patient. Some situations require to have this trait of character and I am having a tough time with it. I am trying though.

What I am proud of:

I knitted a hat in one evening. My mom was much amused as I whispered instructions to myself the entire time.

What I can let go of:

The need to find a new job immediately. Unfortunately not…

What I was curious about:

 Yoga. I know it’s lame. For years I thought I don’t need to follow this trend but curiosity finally caught up with me and I popped in a DVD and gave it a try. I felt good afterwards even though I understand about 10% of it. I am considering taking a course… Maybe Pilates though.

What I lost:

Unfortunately I wanted to lose something I don’t need anymore. In reality I lost my drive the last two month. I needed a break. I needed time to just pass without high goals. I needed time to breath and to pause. Admitting this has taken off some of the pressure to have life figured out. I am hoping next month I will feel more motivated and ready to tackle those life goals, personal challenges and everyday hiccups.

On the other hand I was a bit more practical and got rid of stuff I have stored  for ages always thinking I could do this or that with them. I don’t. And admitting I will not get around to them within the next two years I really don’t need to hold on to those things. When I actually will be able to do them I most likely will have gathered the supplies again or they are available anyways.

So I think I honored my word of the year alright those past two months. Hoping to be picking it up in March.

How do you keep track of your goals?

Happy day to you,


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