10 Things I Want To Do In September

Hello September, here you are. You came around a bit faster than anticipated but I like having you around. I’ve plans what we will do:


I’d love to be outside a bit more and enjoy the cold summer air. Maybe have a walk through the nearby cemetery.


See and actually realize the change of season. I want to appreciate nature a bit more and be awed by it. More often I hassle from one errand to the next being totally occupied with something else.


Try out a new cake recipe. It’s my mom’s birthday and she always liked cakes a bit different. Back 15 years ago when hardly anyone knew about carrot cake it was her favorite. A couple years ago she got one with red beets. I am thinking avocado or zucchini for this year. Any suggestions?


Have less migraines. August had me one too many times feeling bad. Maybe now with a little less heat it will be better. And I also need to integrate a few relaxing moments. So #2 comes in handy.

10 Things I Want To Do In September


Sew something for myself. I’ve got a billion projects on my mind. Mabe that long sleeve where the fabric is laying around for 5 years now? Or the new denim bag? Or now that the weather gets colder some PJ pants….


Still struggling with one of my new year goals so I figured I walk more ways. I had a test run last week when I walked half way home from a doctors appointment. I plan on walking once a week (for starters) parts of my bus ride from work. It’s a 5 km stretch and I could switch it up. I’ve seen there is a park parallel to the route the bus is taking.


Make a chestnut necklace for my friends kid. Just because she would love it. Meeting here on Monday so better find a chestnut tree.


Make the first dish with pumpkin. Last year I’ve came across an awesome risotto. But I also keep thinking about the butternut pasta. Or maybe try out pumpkin gnoccis.


I want to dye my hair. Ever since I stumbled across Sarah’s blog the thought stuck with me. And right now my hair is the longest it will ever get. If I don’t like it I just cut it and ism done with it. I actually was set to do so last weekend but the highlighting didn’t work out.


Go to the sauna and start the season. I want to go more often but I never manage. Need to find a partner in crime. Any nice places in Berlin I should check out?

Well that’s my list. Do you have plans for September? Share them, I might steal one.

7 thoughts on “10 Things I Want To Do In September

  1. Man kann auch ein leckeres Pumpkin bread machen… genau das richtige für die herbstliche Jahreszeit :)

    Hoffe deine Migräne verzieht sich.. sowas mag ich ja gar nicht.

  2. Huii…
    Vielleicht solltest du die Haare erst tönen, wenn du nicht sicher bist, ob dir die Farbe hinterher gefällt… Es gibt mittlerweile auch Tönungen, die recht schnell rausgewaschen sind. Oder vllt. Haarkreide so zum Testen? Bei Amazon gibt es ein sehr günstiges und gutes Set, das wir letztens für meine Schwester gekauft hatten.

    Wenn du die Kette fertig hast => Fotooooo!!! :)
    Hab eine tolle Woche…

    1. Och das passt schon. Nur ich glaube sie sind nicht hell genug. Ich versuchs einfach bei Gelegenheit. Wie gesagt wann’s bescheiden aussieht kann ich ja alles abschneiden…
      Und die Kette hab ich natürlich noch nicht gemacht aber wollte das just jetzt vorm TV mal in Angriff nehmen ;-)

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