Snowy Winter Walk

Every one of you who has read more than one post here knows I am winter crazy.

So it should not surprise that I am beyond excited when I see the tiniest snowflake.

fluffy plant

A couple weekends ago I woke up and snowflakes were dancing in the air. After having a quick coffee I grabbed my camera and went to the park.

snowy stair patternMy mission: catching the untampered winter wonderland. Unfortunately I was not the only one with this idea. The park was filled with morning joggers, dog walkers and excited kids sledding down every available rise in the ground.

greenery and blueI craved for some quietness and alone time but obviously that wasn’t going to happen… the perks of living in a city.

Snowy BenchAnyhow I went some lonelier pathes, and came a across a few birds feeding on seeds someone had left.

Feeding Sparrows in SnowI am usually not so much into birds and animals but I found it interesting and challenging to try to snap a good picture. It was tough. These are my best shots.

feeding great tit in snow

After two hours or so the park became even busier, my stomach louder and my feet colder so I headed back home for breakfast.


I want to repeat my snow walk in the park on a weekday hoping for more solitude. So please snow, come and delight us again.

Have you taken a snowy winter walk? What’s your favorite place to go?

Happy snow wandering


Park life #1 – 2017 Photo Project

2017 is already a few days old. All the goals have been set and the christmas candy ate. And on a whim I decided to add another photo project to my list.

This will be my second attempt at Tabea’s 12tel Blick. In 2014 I gave it up after three months. So this year I am hoping I’ll follow through.

I decided on a series about park life. The idea struck me after watching a class at creative life last fall. Back in fall I tried to spent at least two hours in the park. Now with winter around and more to do I don’t take es much time for a walk as I would like. So this project comes in handy.

My first picture is this view:

park life january

The second one is a different area of the park:

park life january

The pictures have been taking 20 minutes apart. It started to snow and I thought it quite amazing how different it was.

Looking forward to taking the rest of the months throughout the year. Now let me know which view I should continue. I am not sure and don’t feel like doing both.

Happy Monday,


Cocooning in winter time :: BIWYFI #1

Every since I started this blog I tried to improve my photography skills and go on little photo excursions to do so. I decide that I will pick one photo challenge a year and try to stick with it. In my first blogging year it was “Color me Happy” and I managed to submit my humble post every month. Last year I desperately failed with the 12tel Blick Challange or lets say I was not so inspired with my choice of challenge.

So this year I am trying to commit to Nic’s renewed Beauty is where you find it Challenge. I believe for me it’s easier to have a topic I can think of and come up with ideas on how I want to convert it into a photo.

So when I heard January’s topic was cocooning this picture popped up in my head:

Cocooning BIWYFI #1

For me cocooning is always about blankets and wool socks, preferably a fire cracking somewhere or being in a sauna or something like that.

Cocooning BIWYFI #1

Maybe sipping a hot chocolate or some hot apple cider.

Cocooning BIWYFI #1

What is your association when thinking of cocooning?

Happy snuggles,


PS: Thank you to Mr. ♥ for being my foot model.

10 Weird Seeds I’ve discovered on a fall walk in the park

We are right into the middle of fall even though my mind is racing toward winter, advent and christmas. Oh I’ve got so much stuff planned….

BUT IT IS STILL FALL! So I am trying to soak up a few fall moments and enjoy the fresher air (sometimes smelling like snow flakes) and the brighter colors and walk through life with open eyes.

That is when I came across really crazy weird seeds and fruits.

As I have no clue (mostly) of what they are it’s gonna be just numbers. But if you know more than I let me know!


weird fall seed





#3 oh, I know this one: beechnut




weird fall seed


#5 yeah me another one: larch pine cones

larch pine cones



weird fall seed


#7 ok this one is easy: hazelnut



#8 alright now that is kindergarten: chestnut




weired fall seed


#10 well this one is technical no seed but I love the picture and I got real dirty taking it so it has a right to be shown here.

mushroom in fall


Have you taken any fall walks? Let me know where I can see some pictures.

Have a great day, Tobia

My Berlin – let’s take a walk


The other day I was running errands and had a few appointements. However, in-between there was a bit over an hour time and I figured I get my camera out and take a walk. Are you coming a long?

Berlin SoHo

Berlin in green

Berlin appartements

Berlin Gipshöfe

When I have the time and the right mood I suddenly see so many new things on those old corners. Are you sometimes just walk through your hometown and seeing things you’ve past about a quadrillion times? Will you show me? I’ll head over to Annette’s “Juni Sinneblicke“.

Have a great day,

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