A stroll through my neighborhood catching fall vibes

stroll through the neighborhood catching fall vibes

Today I take you a long one of my – admittedly rare – morning walks. Every time I manage to get my coffee into the thermos, but on boots and a coat and head out I feel so much better starting the day. Still I don’t do it often enough. Laziness wins, my hot water bottle, a book and myself cuddle up on the couch and suddenly its close to 9 am and I am needed at my send.

I am still working on finding the best spots in my new neighborhood. But I think I am coming up with a regular little rout and it takes me along some pretty little tiny houses. I have mentioned them before on this blog when talking about my vacation at home and exploring outside the doorstep but I haven’t really shown any photos. So here we go, let’s stroll through my neighborhood catching fall vibes while we are at it.

Heading out of the house I have to cross one of two bridges to get to the lovely little dirt road where those tiny houses sit. Today I take the fancy red bridge.

stroll in the neighborhood sechserbrück

I quickly head to the left onto the peak of the peninsula to have peek at the lake.

stroll through the neighborhood

Right after the bridge there is tiny dirt road to the right. That is were I turn in now. And immediately you think you landed in hobbit land. Houses are tiny and quirky here.

stroll through the neighborhood catching fall vibes yellow house

I love the bright color of this yellow house. It is one of the bigger ones with a garage.

Then there is this rather simple one but during the summer the rose bushes are adding another pop of color.

stroll through the neighborhood tiny houses

I stroll on sipping my coffee and come across this gem. I call it the tiny mansion.

stroll through the neighborhood tiny mansion

Dosen this one look so regal in a tiny version. Like a bit of Ancient Greek with those columns?

On I go and sitting between kayak and sailing clubs I discover this one.

stroll through the neighborhood catching fall vibes tiny house

It is inner of the newer ones – or at least renovated. I love the simplicity and the blue bench. Always a good choice combining white and blue.

And the we stumble upon this hidden gem and probably my favorite.

stroll through the neighborhood catching fall vibes blue house

It is so quirky and individual. I always feel a bit bad peeking in and staring so I only snatch quick shots from the side.

Here is the summer version of that house.

stroll through the neighborhood blue house in summer

And a peek across the canal to the backside.

stroll through the neighborhood blue house back

It is not only that the house is in blue, white and pops of pink that are obviously my favorites but I love that it is constant in its appearance. It’s just so quirky.

Time to head back by crossing that little canal and then another three bridges to get back to my house.

stroll through the neighborhood catching fall vibes canal

If you enjoyed this stroll around the neighborhood you may also enjoy my previous walks in 2014, 2018 and 2021 in a different neighborhood.

What is your favorite little house?

Happy strolling


14 thoughts on “A stroll through my neighborhood catching fall vibes

    1. The bridge is fun especially when the setting sun hits it. I count that.
      Getting a walk in right in the morning is the best. I try to establish abbot to walk – like commuting to the office – it’s tough.

  1. I love the little bit of ancient Greek house. I feel like it looks like it’s from a storybook!
    I have a dog and that means that no matter what the weather, the temperature, or season, the first thing I do every day is go for a walk. It really does wake me up faster and get my juices flowing and I feel like a morning walk should be a must for everyone!

    1. Yes that house of fun too. It is so fun to see what people make of their home. I bet that does make you wake up. I would be too lazy to get up every.single.day though

  2. THE RED BRIDGE. AWWW! I love it. You really live in a nice neighborhood… and all the quaint little colored houses. Thanks os much for taking us along on your morning walk!

    1. This. neighborhood is becoming really great and of course I still discover all the little places. Now I just need to have more morning walks.

  3. I loved coming along with you on your walk! How fun was that? You have some really cute houses along your walking path. I especially love the little blue house.

    1. It is so nice to discover the quirky little corners of a new neighborhood. I wish I would do that walk daily but unfortunately right now I am not. The blue one is fun. I need to go have a look now that we had some snow. I bet it shows another layer of cuteness.

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