Corona Diaries – Month 14

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The calendar says we are in May 2021. We are still in the pandemic. And while here in Germany things are finally looking up a bit there are other parts of the world that are diving deeper in. Having another wave to battle. I am not sure I long I will keep going with this series. For today though I feel there is a bit of progress to report and so here it is the Corona dairies – month 14.

Number of days at home? Current situation.

Well, not strictly just at home at the moment. I have squeezed in a workation. So I wasn’t home for a week. It was amazing. But other than this we are still at home. Not seeing anyone really. However we have been driving to the lakes a couple of times already to get some fresh air. It was good. But no shopping other than groceries and drugstores. Some doctors appointments. Not using the public transport. Not venturing to far. And no vacation on the horizon.

How is the political situation?

I am not keeping track really. However it looks like campaigning is starting here for upcoming elections in fall. So everyone wants to make summer vacations possible and allowing more of social life. I think starting next week restaurant patios are opening up again. Some of the hotels start re-open too. I am sure pretty soon all restrictions will be lifted. Lets just hope it doesn’t backfire.

How is the work situation?

No real change. Still working from the home office at all times. However maybe there is trip to Hamburg in the book soon. Contract lasts till end of June as of now. I do have a full schedule and I can not complain. I am grateful daily for money coming in and for most the tasks being fun. I keep on learning new things too.

How is the mood?

It is a bit shaky. On some days I feel really down and I can feel the weight of the last 14 months. The missed friends, the social gatherings the second time canceled family reunion. The people who are letting me know they are in town and I (we) turning them down as we are still in social distancing mode.

And then the progress. Most of my family has had at least one vaccination. I was over the moon when I was able to get an appointment thanks to my work at the Port of Hamburg and them being put in priority group 3. Compared to last month report there has happened a lot.

Any favorite moments?

  • a vaccination shot
  • a week of workation at my parents country home.
  • a stroll in the park with my best friend – first time seeing her since December
  • a clean balcony and warm weather to read outside
  • a cup of good coffee I splurged on
  • a couple good laughs with the husband
  • a compliment at work
  • a meeting with my new online bookclub hosted by @heybooklovers

What was the worst moment?

Before the good news of having a vaccination appointment the hopelessness of ever getting said appointment. It looked like everyone was able to get a shot but me. Which of course was not true. And once I had the shot I felt guilty for getting one and not have other people go first who might have needed it more.

On mothers day I talked to my mom and I had a bit of a breakdown. It just felt all so pointless and no progress ahead. And I miss hugging my loved ones.

What is stressful right now?

Not knowing how to behave. Should you ease back to a more social life or stay a bit longer in social distancing? Will certain people be in danger if you start meeting again? Will there be a two class society – one part being vaccinated and one part not? And when is the right time to try to live with the virus in a more normal way. We all know it will not go away. We also all know it’s probably just the first virus of many hitting us in the coming decades…

Any makes/DIYs this month?

Not sure there was much creativity but let see what I can list

  • baked a couple times
  • planted my balcony
  • went looking for wild herbs and remedies
  • continued my #the100dayproject

What’s for lunch/dinner?

More cooking, more ordering in

  • fish fingers / salmon with cucumber salad and mashed potatoes
  • potatoes in the skin with quark and linseed oil
  • wild herb risotto (which tasted awful unfortunately)
  • homemade burgers
  • salads in many shapes and variations with grilled cheese and pizza rolls
  • pizza
  • hot dogs
  • Asian take out
  • Sushi take out
  • Kebab take out
  • pasta with pesto
  • noodle salad with “Frikadelle” (a form of a meat patty)
  • another round of Saxonian Quarkkeulchen
  • homemade cannelloni with vegan ground beef

So much for this months. How has it been with the virus where you live? Anything to talk about or is it done and over?

Take care and stay safe


2 thoughts on “Corona Diaries – Month 14

  1. I am so, so happy you got your first shot. Woohoo! It definitely is a huge relief, isn’t it? But I feel you on the whole “not knowing how to behave”- thing. I haven’t really figured out what the new normal normal is going to look like… but I am still pretty cautious when I am out and about and only feel safe meeting with people who are also vaccinated.
    Life is supposed to “open up” here in California in mid-June. I am curious how that’s going to go.

    You’re food list makes my mouth water. I am currently doing the smoothie cleanse and I definitely can’t wait to have real coffee again and some pasta LOL

    1. Yes things start opening up now here specially restaurants and Biergartens. Not sure how I feel about it because the situation in clinics is still dramatic. But I guess we need to find a way to keep on living and not putting everything on hold. All the best with your cleanse.

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