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May is here and somehow that makes me quite happy. May is a nice months. Don’t you agree. I have a few intentions for May. Today though, let’s celebrate May by writing a Currently in May post for Anne’s monthly blog meet up.

The husband as discovered the best ice cream ever call Magnum Double Gold Caramel Billionaire. It is really this good. I can’t quite compare it to any other one I previously had. all the salted caramel versions don’t quite compare. And yesterday I have bought a vegan peanut butter cookie one and it is also so good. I guess the ice cream season is in full swing now. However I have not had the first store bought one this year yet. Looking forward to that.

The parks and the grassy areas again. Last year I picked up my corona hobby of gathering herbs and wild flowers to make tea. I am back at it again with more knowledge and steady enthusiasm. I will write a whole blog post about it.

Just a few weeks back I spend a week at my parents country home. It was a sort of workation. I took time out of the day to ride my bike through meadows and forests, followed the hawks to see where they nest, fed alpacas, stood by a lake and was caught in a hail storm. And I felt very much alive. So good. I hope to repeat it soon. And all while doing it I kept an eye on the ground to learn more about all the plants an floral species.

Have you picked up a new corona hobby. Something a strange maybe? Or something most people can’t quite get into?

A few swapped books in the mail. I have recently been part of an Instagram book swap and I was able to exchange two books. It is really a nice why to get yourself new reading material. Unfortunately I do read so many things on my kindle that I never really have any books to swap that are on demand. I have quite a few classics which I am currently getting rid of. Most of them I wouldn’t want to keep and some are in German but originally written in English so I am trying to swap those.

For my vaccine shot. Slowly, very slowly people are getting vaccinated here in Germany. And after calling every doctor and option I had asking if I could be vaccinated or at least put on a waiting list I managed one spot on a waiting list. Let’s hope it’s my turn soon. It would be the perfect birthday present to be vaccinated in June. On a more brighter note my parents and my husband as well as my brother in law have had a shot. My sister is also just got invited.

Snow. Seriously I was in a video conference on Friday and someone asked me how the weather was in Berlin so I turned around to look outside the window and I do see snowflakes. S.N.O.W.F.L.A.K.E.S! I couldn’t believe my eyes. While I love snow and can not get enough of it, I find it a bit alarming in May. At least in the city. If you are up in the mounts all fine. And even stranger we are awaiting the first high temperatures on Sunday with 24° C.

Other than that we have started a new show called “The 100.” I know so late to the game but it came available on Amazon Prime just now. Anyhow it’s been a long time we’ve been glued to the tv this bad and binge watching ourselves through season after season. What is the last show you did that with?

Now I will keep on reading a bit and hopefully we will be heading to a lake later on for a little walk.

Happy Sunday to you


8 thoughts on “Currently in May

  1. gathering your own herbs for tea – that is an interesting new hobby! Sounds delightful as well as practical. I didn’t pick up a new hobby, but I’ve spent a lot more time baking – especially bread. I’ve gotten pretty good at sourdough! My daughter watches The 100 so I’ve seen some of it.

    Visiting from Currently #42

    1. Haha yes I am not quite sure how I came up with that hobby. Baking sounds fun. And I hear sourdough is something to master. Thank you for stopping by.

  2. Making your own tea sounds so interesting! I look forward to reading a blog post about it.
    Snow (during your spring) is unusual. We had some very warm days and we are going into winter.
    That ice cream sounds amazing.

    1. I am working on the post so stay tuned. Late warm fall days are great to have. I’d invite you for some ice cream if I could

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