Corona Diaries – Week 8


This whole corona things just feels old… Everything is same same but different but than lots is going on. Life seems to slip back to “normal” with new habits that are taking shape. I really don’t know how to feel about it all. Well, gathering my thoughts by answering my own little questionnaire:

Number of days at home?

55 days – however I have to admit last week didn’t quiet feel like staying at home so much. I went as always grocery shopping. And I had my first business meeting in person since March. The husband was going to the office on Monday and Tuesday too as they try to establish some sort of office routine again.

How is the political situation?

So face masks are mandatory in public transport and shops. Besides that a few new rules are taking place here in Berlin: all shops are open again, more classes start in schools again. More to come in the following weeks.

How is the work situation?

I was busy most the week. Also I had a received a contract for a new project just to realize during the kick-off meeting that they actually thought I can provide skills I most defiantly don’t have in this depths. It was a misunderstanding on their side as I was open about my skills. Unfortunately it was a very unpleasant meeting. One person made me look like a fool because I couldn’t answer the questions he asked. Apparently he just wanted to demonstrate my lack of knowledge in that area. Finally said I can’t do that and I never said I could. Then he left the meeting to write multiple text messages saying I can’t do the job. Really unpleasant experience.

How is the mood?

I am ambivalent. I can see all the rules being relaxed and people start getting back to pre-corona life. However I feel it’s false security and somewhat denial to just keep on as before. On the other hand I can feel the need to be more outside and had a couple thoughts about seeing friends and family. And obviously I don’t want to continue this state for the entire year. So I don’t really know what to feel right now.

Any favorite moments?

  • relaxed hours with the husband
  • reading in the morning
  • learning about the little sparrow that sits on my window sill every morning 8.30am
  • FaceTime with my sister & the kids

What was the worst moment?

That unpleasant business meeting. A rather depressing doctors appointment.

What is stressful right now?

Feeling like I need a new project contract now that one fell through.
A decision I suddenly need to make – and I am not quiet sure I really need to but I am not knowledgeable enough to really know. Arrrgh.

Any makes/DIYs this week?

I worked on a new shirt. Didn’t have much time so sometimes only one seam but little steps will get me there.

What’s for lunch/dinner?

  • Pesto Pasta
  • his: fish fingers | hers: grilled salmon | both: mashed potatoes and cucumber salad
  • his: pizza | hers: salad with veal
  • his: potato salad with wiener | hers: potatoes and quark with linseed oil
  • grilled cheese sandwiches with apple wedges
  • Omelette

I have to admit I am pondering how long I will keep the weekly reports because quite honestly, this will be somehow the new reality for some time to come – the shopping with masks. The not shaking hands and hugging when you see people. The distance you try to keep to others. And I can’t write the same things every week. Maybe I switch to monthly updates? What you think?

Take care and stay safe


2 thoughts on “Corona Diaries – Week 8

  1. Ugh, I am sorry about the misunderstanding regarding your work project. It sucks if someone else makes you look like a fool in front of people. Very unprofessional.
    I’ve heard that restrictions are being lifted in Germany and I think that this will go okay… I mean the lockdown was really just to buy everybody time to get ready when things open up and case numbers rise again (which is expected), but hopefully they won’t be dramatic and overwhelm the healthcare system.

    As for these updates; I purposefully haven’t done a weekly update because I knew it was going to be difficult to keep up if this was going on for longer.. I think you could switch to a monthly update or even just write an update, when there’s nothing new to report!

    1. You were so smart not to make it a weekly thing. However it felt right at the moment so I am ok with it. Yes the work thing was a real unpleasant situation but at least I got paid for that one wasted hour.

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