eBook deals – how I find my next freebie

eBook deals – how I find my next freebie craftaliciousme seeking creative life

You know I am an avid reader. Have been since my childhood. However in the midst of my life – late teens through my twenties I somewhat forgot that joy. It all started when the husband gifted his old kindle to me. That is when I realized what a wonderful tool an e-reader is. It is also the time I started hunting for those kindle eBook deals. Because suddenly there were books for free at my fingertips. Today I share my secrets on how I find eBook deals online.

First of I use a kindle to read my ebooks. Therefore my ebooks are purchased through Amazon. As I live in Germany I use Amazon DE. I am sure it is similar in your country.

Finding eBook deals online

1. Browsing

I often browse the different lists on amazon for good deals. For some reason some of those lists are really hard to find so I will list them here – quiet selfishly so I have a bookmark myself:

  • Bestseller – this list can be sorted by free book and priced books. If you select ebook (in the sidebar) you can even go deeper into the genres where you find more freebies.
  • daily deals – here you might find free ebooks and also books on sale just for this particular day
  • weekly deals – same as the daily deals but they are valid for the entire month
  • Amazon originals – this list contains deals for books that are published through Amazon
  • use search EN or DE – if you only enter kindle books and search by cheapest you will get a list of all books
  • Amazon classics – if you like classics just search for AmazonClassics that is the publisher for all novels that are free. Sometimes you might check the comments about how the translation is. I have caught up on lots of classics through those freebies.

It might also be a good thing to check the recent publications or the ones coming up. Often those books are for free for a short time to gather quick reviews. Lots of books on my kindle have been acquired this way. Now they often cost 5-15€. However I realized that it is easier to find English titles than German ones when it comes to free ebooks. I think this might have to do with the book prize binding here in Germany.

2. Wish lists

I keep different wish lists in my Amazon account

  • ebooks – a private list for all kindle ebooks I would like to read one of those days
  • kindle unlimited – a private list of all books that are part of the Kindle unlimited subscription*
  • books – book that I really want in an paperback or hardcover version, its a public list hoping someone checks it for gifts

Why I keep different list you may wonder. Regularly I check my ebooks list, sort it by price ascending. This way I see if one of the books I want to read is currently on sale. If so I snatch the deal.

The same thing I do with my kindle unlimited list. If there is a book for free I will get. The unlimited library changes every ones in a while and so I make sure I am able to read a book. When I sign up for one of my unlimited deals I usually sort by priority or highest price to see what books to read first.

3. Newsletters

It might also be a good option to sign up for newsletters. When you adopt the Amazon newsletter you will receive a free ebook monthly. I also signed up for lesen.net Newsletter informing you on ebook deals on Amazon, Thalia and other platforms.

4. Kindle Unlimited

I would also keep checking the kindle unlimited page. There are often deals online where you can get a free month (or two or three) for signing up for this subscription service. It is easy to sign off in your account at any day. I have often used those deals to read through my unlimited wish list. Right now there is a deal for two free month by signing up end of December.

Now after I spilled all my secrets on finding eBook deals online I would love to hear how you manage to come across those freebies.

Also stay tuned for my follow up post on how I organize all those ebooks and how I keep an overview.

Happy deal hunting


*If you start a test subscription through this link I will receive a small amount of money.
This post is not sponsored by any company mentioned here.

2 thoughts on “eBook deals – how I find my next freebie

    1. I wish there was a good ebook library in Germany available. But going to the library to upload the book from a device provided by the library doesn’t really make sense to me. So I am stuck with the Amazon unlimited option for now.

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