How much time do you spend on Instagram? There are days when I definitely spend way too much time there. I have a tiny excuse though as I am in charge of two Instagram accounts for clients. But even if I just want to work I get sucked into the rabbit hole. There is just so much inspiration and information. Time for a little update on my favorite Instagram accounts in 2020:

Creyety – it is amazing what you can do with photos when able to work some photoshop magic. I am usually not a fan of manipulated images but this is such an amazing work.

Christoph Kropp | kunstgeschichte_entdecken – if you like art and want to learn about artists, areas and certain vocabulary you need to follow this account. It freshens up my memory of all the things I learnt and it keeps giving new insights to art.

Dominik Lucha |wasihrnichtseht – a very eyeopening account for all of us. Everyday stories from PoC and what they have to endure daily and what effects it has. If you want to learn start, listening here.

Tatjana Zlatkovic | – wonderful and esthetic product photography. Perfect play of light and shadow and colors. Very inspiring and also very calming.

goodnews_movement – this year calls for more positive vibes. This account manages to make me smile more often than not. It sure if fun to share joy and see that there are still human beings in this worlds.

Natascha | lesnoj.veresk – when you look at her photos you feel like you woke up in a fairy tale. Wonderful woods with mushrooms, berries and flowers. It is a real joy to see such nature and it’s gifts. I have no idea what the captions are but the pictures speak for themselves.

Ida | Idakano – if you love Sweden, calm lakes and mountains with a bit of colorful wooden huts you need to have a look at Ida’s account. I love how peaceful everything is in her images.

Renata Krawczyk| Rena.illustration– her inkwork is so very impressing. I can not believe how detailed and fine the lines come along. Another account giving off fairy tale vibes.

Åse Balko | asebalko – amazing patterns made with a pen. Åse takes us on the journey of each piece and it is fun to watch something new develop. So so much patience goes into each piece.

This is my list of favorite instagram accounts 2020. If you wonder what inspired me in previous years have a look: 2019, 2017 and 2016. Now leave one account recommendation as I always need more input.

Happy scrolling and inspiration finding



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