Ideas, Inspiration and a To-Do List {The HIVE 2013 Part II}

The Hive 2013 in Berlin The buzz is this way

Hey there,

want to read more about my last weekend at The Hive conference in Berlin where bloggers from Europe met for a busy buzzing weekend. Also read my recap of Saturday.

The Hive 2013 in Berlin, honey comb decoration, green stairs

On Sunday there were fewer sessions but just as interesting:

Blogger networks by Kristen Jassies
→ I didn’t really know what to expect at this keynote so I was positively surprised. Kristen believes that networks will be the bloggers future. They might not even own a blog but blog as authors on plattforms. There is a lot happening there and that’s where you could make money. Networks can increase your site traffic and exposure. And they connect you with other bloggers. Networks provide expert knowledge you can use (contacts to PR agencies, SEO knowledge, etc.) Résumé: Very interesting, some possibilities to grow faster and maybe even make money – unless you don’t want this.

SEO beginners & advanced by George Seebode
→ For me this was the workshop I learned the most. George made a rather uninteresting topic fun and understandable. SEO (search engine optimization) helps you to increase traffic on your blog. Pro: it doesn’t cost a thing! Con: very time consuming. I could write an entire post on this topic. Are you interested?
Résumé: Lot of input, better understanding of topic, basics learned, list of things to-do. Most valuable for me this entire weekend.

SEO Keynote The Hive 2013 in Berlin

Pretty up your blogposts by Janna Krupinski
→ Janna seems a very nice and creative lady. Her key point was that our visual habit has changed and it is not enough anymore to post a picture. You rather need to make it look even better by integrating nice typo, frames or icons. She mentioned a few websites to do this online and which are for free: pixlr or picmonkey.
Résumé: Might need to invest time to pretty up my post. Need to learn more about graphic programs.

Turn your blog into a brand by Kai Petermann
→ Think! Burn! Keep calm! that is how you build a brand according to Kai. Have a concept! Burn for your passion – be brave, be unique, be yourself. Have patience while it grows.
Résumé: One of the weaker keynotes. Summed up the weekend.

The Hive 2013 in Berlin, busines cards on european map
All bloggers could hang their business cards on a sewn burlap map of Europe. Germany was quite crowded.

So you see it was work I did. There were a few keynotes I missed because I was focusing on serious topics to get me started but I really wished I could have listened to Luisa’s keynote on “how to organize your on and offline life” or Jenni’s presentation about “niche blogging”. I missed my mini group with Emily on “how to find great and innovative content”. Did anyone go there? Was it good? There are presentations for download. Some speakers put them on their blog so you might wanna check it out.

The Hive 2013 in Berlin with my cute masking tape notebook

As I have mentioned in my first post about The Hive I was a little concerned about getting to know other people. There are moments where I just feel lost and wonder if anyone wants to talk to me. My concerns were so stupid. I met some nice girls and you really should be checking out their blogs:

♥ Andreea from Stylish Dreams
♥ Bronwyn from Simply for Flying her flight log book was in our goodie bags
♥ Danielle from Danielle abroad
♥ Elise from Globetrotting in Heels
♥ Lauren from Folies du Bonheur who has made the honeycomb decorations
♥ Sharon from Travel meets Food

I guess I was intimidated so I didn’t talk to anyone who’s blog I already read. Well besides Danny from Cozy and Cuddly – I had lunch with her. There will always be next year to connect with more bloggers…

Have a great weekend. I need to relax. Cheers Tobia


9 thoughts on “Ideas, Inspiration and a To-Do List {The HIVE 2013 Part II}

  1. Aw, thanks for the shut-out, sweetie!

    This is a good recap, you have me wishing I had caught the SEO talk, although I find it to be such a boring topic ;-)

    Funny that the bloggers you listed are the ones I mostly hung out with, as well, until Sunday night. They are just lovely, aren’t they?

    And it was such a pleasure to meet you, Tobia! I wish we could have hung out a bit more, but hey, maybe on my next visit to Berlin ;-)

    1. Yes I believe there will be a next time. And SEO is kinda “boring” but I really wanted to understand more so this year was work next year is for fun.

  2. You’re too sweet – thanks for the shout-out! It was great to meet you! And thank you so much for directing Lauren and I to through the metro. Glad you enjoyed the Hive as much as I did :)

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