Lunch Date with Mr. ♡

lunch date selfie in front of mercedes benz arena Berlin

How can you get excited about changing tires on your car? When you make it a Lunch Date with Mr. ♡. I hate that job of changing tires every 6 months when we need to put on the winter tires and back to summer once. It always feels like 90 minutes of wasted time. You drop off your car at the shop and then need to come back 90 minutes later. There is nothing around in the area. I actually try to refuse doing anything car related as I hardly use it anyways.

But Mr. ♡ manages to convince every so often that it could be fun if I tag along. So happened yesterday. He suggested we use the time in between for a lunch together. And eating out. I can not remember when we have last done that. Oh well maybe during summer vacation. But that is vacation and always feels different.

Since I am working at home I usually have lunch breaks with myself. Now with him being home too – and even more so since the government just announced home office is mandatory until March 2022 – I did get to spend it with someone. But it’s not like when you are in an office. You have colleagues you can spend time with. You have options of what to eat. There is just variety. As I mentioned a few times I get a sandwich and go to the park. Every once in a while (pre-Covid) I scheduled a lunch date with my sister or a friend you was in vacation.

Anyhow so we decided to go for lunch and find a place that is not too crowded so that we felt safe eating out. We had to walk for a while to find something – as I said its in a dead zone that shop when it come to food. But it was nice to actually stroll along the East Side Gallery. We ended up at a big arena area that has been completely rebuild. Lots of new apartment buildings and food choices. We had only been driving by but never ventured in.

We chose a restaurant that was unfortunatly very touristy and the food was not great. I chose a wonderful bowl with fresh veggies but had to send it back because the avocado was so acid tasting and foul. I can eat a lot and am not picky but it was really disgusting. I ended up getting a Schnitzel with fries. The total opposite of what I was craving but at least they couldn’t mess it up too badly. The service was nice though and I really enjoyed the interior. It was very cozy.

But the best thing of lunch time of course was spending it with Mr. ♡ outside of our home. Seeing something new. Being excited about it. I actually dressed up a bit and put on my cashmere sweater and the sparkling earrings. It was just nice. We talked a lot and made pro and cons about moving. Still no real decision. Or maybe we did. I know when he comes back later tonight.

I decided to walk back home which took about another 30 minutes. But it was nice being outside. I took a few pictures on the way. We saw a tele disco. Apparently that’s the new thing. Old phone booths are set up and on a panel on the side you can choose a song, insert money, hop in the booth and the song plays for 2 minutes with disco lights and all. There were people in and they seemed to have lots of fun. We heard the music and their laughter. I think I wanna do this ones Covid is passed and I feel safe in those closed off spaces.

What a wonderful unexpected day. When have you last done something that brought you so much joy even though it’s usually something very mundane?

Happy Thursday everyone


8 thoughts on “Lunch Date with Mr. ♡

  1. i love this! These unexpected days are the best. Maybe you should do something like this every time you get the tires changed (but eat at a different restaurant next time, ha ha.). And I’ve never heard of a tele disco! I wonder if it’s a German thing, or a Big City thing. Maybe they have something like that in NYC.
    Happy Thursday!

    1. That is a good idea. Definitely a different restaurant though. It was the first time we saw a tele disco. When Mr. ♡ talked about it at work the “youth” however said its old news. Guess I am getting old.

  2. I went for a run a few weeks ago and when I came down over the hill from my house I saw the cliffs that are visible across the expanse of water in my town. I love this view from other angles, but almost never appreciate the fact that I see it EVERY SINGLE TIME I walk or drive down our street. Why don’t I look up more often and marvel at that?

    In that moment, on a run down a street I walk/drive down multiple times every day, I just felt so, so happy to have seen this beautiful view and taken note of it. It was almost like seeing it again for the first time.
    Elisabeth recently posted…Favourite Things: I Give Up…A Gift-Guide for KidsMy Profile

    1. That is so beautiful. I can totally relate. How lovely to realize every once in a while how blessed we are and that we can find joy in the little things that surround us. I find that feeling very humbling and at the same time it makes me all fuzzy and happy. Best moments. Id love to see that view.

  3. I love that you were able to make a fun experience out of a boring “chore” (getting tires changed!)… this is the way to go about life right now! I had to chuckle at the “tele disco”, but I guess that’s a way to repurpose old phone booths!

    I’ve gotten really good at paying attention to little things when I am out on my runs… a nice view, coming across animals (turkeys, deer, rabbits, the occasional coyote, squirrels… always squirrels :)).

    1. Yes it’s so important to make the every day life fun. I mean that is we’re we spend most of our time anyways. I am glad you also find ways to experience the little things eland enjoy them.

  4. Sounds like such a fun day. I’m glad you could get a chore done but have a wonderful afternoon at the same time. I’ve never heard of a tele disco before – wow!

    1. It was such a special day in the midst of a pandemic-stay-at-home-lockdown-scenario. Just perfect and very high on my top days of 2021. The tele disco is fun. Next time I test it out.

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