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I finally did it. It took me only a total of eight years. To find my new favorite spot? No, that is only the final result. It took me eight years to finish my “craft lab” aka my now home office. The first time I talked about this space here was back in 2013. I was writing my blog in German back then. My thinking process about the color scheme is one of the most visited posts.

In one of my previous NaBloPoMo postings I talked about the fear of a blank space and why I think I can not tackle this project. The project of having a blank room and can do basically anything. I had put this task on my to-do list. On my yearly intentions list and even on my 1000 in 101 bucket list. This year I gave it another go. Probably because of Covid and I was staring at the chaos during my video calls. So I finally fixed the ugly corner.

Initially my room was supposed to be part guest room and part craft lab/home office. And looked for month years to find a sleeping couch that was small enough to fit in the tight space but big enough that people could comfortable sleep on it. I could decide. I looked at those sleeping chairs. But they were all ugly. And then one day Mr. ♡ ask why I not just get a reading chair. In all the 16 years we have lived in this apartment we had exactly one person sleep here. My godchild. She is so petit she fits on our regular couch and has never complained sleeping there.

So now that I got “permission” th whole process started anew. But now I new I can create a reading nook. After figuring our what kind of book shelves I want it was easier to decide on my reading chair. I had all that more or less researched by February 2021. But we were in lockdown and I didn’t feel like ordering a chair that I had never sat in. So I waited. Until summer when you. didn’t need any more tests to show to enter a store. That first weekend I was on a mission. I researched I what furniture stores my favorite chairs where in and I chased the husband across town. Lucky me he loves interior shopping.

It was a good thing I didn’t order. Because my favorite one that I almost bought because I couldn’t wait was the ugliest one and most uncomfortable one of them all.

I ended up choosing the one on the right. Luckily it is an even lighter grey than pictured. When I ordern in summer I knew It will be delivered close to December. Luckily it. came two weeks earlier.

Once I knew the delivery date I tried to get rid of some more junk that piled up. Things to sell. Things to craft. Things I don’t know about. While I managed to get a few items out the door I have to admit that I pushed the remaining stuff to the other side of the room. What I did nt think about is when I sit in the chair I actually see the chaos now.

new favorte spot chaos

So to be really honest here. It will take me more than eight years. This is not the final result. It is more or less done when it come to furniture though. Maybe a lamp and a side table but then I am happy. Everything else is cleaning, sorting and decoration. And just when I am close we are thinking about moving.

But I can say that the majority of the blogposts in November have been created in this chair. I have read some pages here. I have brainstormed for work in this chair (yeah because now my tax lady says we can put it in for office furniture). It is comfy. Bonus: Mr. ♡ has come visiting me more in my room too.

new favorte spot blogging

For today though I need to get out of my chair. The gift for my Secret Santa Mug Swap partner needs to be wrapped. I need to write a card and I have to wrap everything up for my annual volunteering work at “Operation Christmas Child” which I attend again with my sister and which will happen tomorrow. You will read about this weekend and I also share would I put in the boxes this year. I packed three.

Until then I leave you with a question: Did you ever experience a similar dilemma. Wanting to do something but being your own roadblock and not able to figure out how to make something happen? Like me with this room? I’d love to hear your story and how you overcame.

Happy Friday


8 thoughts on “My new favorite Spot

  1. I LOVE your nook. Love the chair, love the shelves, love how you’ve arranged the books. It looks fabulous.
    I find decorating (at least on a budget and without any handy skills) takes a really long time. I have to get to know a space first and am constantly tweaking. One of my favourite things to do is look at home design inspiration, but will admit without spending a lot of money/hiring someone, it can take a frustratingly long time to finish. Yesterday we found a lamp for $3.99 at a thrift store so I could finish styling our minimalist wooden hutch. It looks great, but it just took a lot longer because I didn’t want to pay $70 for a new lamp!

    That is so wonderful you volunteer for Operation Christmas Child. We handed in two boxes this year (we always have the kids do one box for a child of the same demographic – e.g. Levi did a boy in the 5-9 category). My nieces in the US were able to work at a big prep event for this and even were featured in a promotional video for Samaritan’s Purse. I wish we could do things like this, but at this point have to be contented with just preparing a box!

    Oh – and that chair. It looks like exactly what I want for the corner of my bedroom. Looks like a cozy (and comfortable) spot to work or just relax and read.
    Elisabeth recently posted…Casual Friday + A Great Big Birthday RecapMy Profile

    1. Yes I agree you need to get to know the space. I needs to feel right of you know what I mean. How cool you found a lamp for such a great price. Makes you appreciate it even more, right? It now has a story too.
      I love that you have your kids put a box together. I would too if I had kids. It was a great day again. Very tired now. More to come.

  2. I can very much relate to this post, Tobia. I often have “blank slate paralysis” as I call it… I have a gazillion ideas and inspiration but seem to not be able to decide on something and get started. I had this when we lived in our house (where I had an extra bed room – sigh! – and there was so much I wanted to do around the house that I never got around to, because I couldn’t seem to get started and make decisions. I usually just tackle ‘small’ changes that are easier to do.

    Having said that, I love what you did with this corner in your office… and I am especially thrilled that you love it and are using it quite a bit.
    San recently posted…26: No Food WasteMy Profile

    1. Thank you San. I am a bit happy I am not alone in this feeling and that you actually have a name for it. It can get so overwhelming. But I am really happy it is done and even if we move I can enjoy it until then. This becomes my go-to spot in the evening to read and write and be alone while the husband watches a Lakers game or plays some game.

  3. My problem is I’m just not good at decorating. I guess you would say I’m not a visual person. i can appreciate other people’s spaces- like I love this reading nook!- but I can’t seem to envision things in my own house. I’m also envious that you have space for a reading nook! I can’t seem to find a spot for it in my house.
    Enjoy your cozy corner!

    1. I am a very visual person but it seems like I can’t help myself envision things. I want to make it perfect and then I can’t execute. So this is a milestone for me. However in our household my husband is much more the interior designer than I am. I know I am very spoilt to have that nook. Maybe one day you’ll find a space for yourself too.

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